Why Won’t My Family Listen To Me?

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by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer, In5D.com

Have you tried with no avail to talk to your family about your awakening and the awareness that comes with it about what is really happening on the planet? If so, the majority of you were probably met with blank stares, yawns, anger, or ridicule. There is a reason for this, and there seems to be only one solution that will help it.

You see the signs of inevitable change

The stark realities have presented themselves, and you are fully aware of the dangers of having your money in the banks (if you have any money left at all). You see the evidence tied to fracking wells that are causing earthquakes and instability along the fault lines in the U.S.. You are aware of the dangers of GMO food causing leaky gut, IBS, and other gastrointestinal diseases. You are aware that fluoride and metals are added to the tap water in order to weigh the body down and that these metals that can serve as receivers to harmful emf frequencies.

You are aware that the BP oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico was never capped and continues to leak today. Likewise, you know that the Fukushima reactor in Japan continues to leak out radiation that is brought to the U.S. by the oceans and the jet stream. You know what a chemtrail is and why they are spraying our skies.

You are aware that radio band frequencies are emitted through our electrical appliances, televisions, wall outlets, and cell phones that are harmful and that hit the subliminal part of our brains with waves that zap us out of being in the present conscious moment, which is the most damaging of all.

You also know that it is all a part of an elaborate plan in the final stages of an attempt to depopulate the planet. The goal is a one world government, finance, religion, and overall control by a small number of negative beings that wish to keep control of the planet.

The reaction from your family members

The reaction from your family members

There are various ways your family may take this information as you try to convince them that Earth is destined for a completely different reality which will free humanity. One of the most common reactions is the blank stare, along with disbelief that any of this is actually coming out of your mouth. Another reaction I have experienced is anger and frustration. It can even get to the point where an ultimatum is made where they ask you not to talk about it at all. Fear of the unknown can cause the ego to jump to defenses that are there for survival protection.

In a few cases there may be an open reception to his information, and the family dynamic can move toward working together with unique solutions that can make the family more comfortable with the changes such as community gardening, living without excess material possessions or clutter, or being aware of how you treat each other in order to bring harmony, peace, and love to the world on a micro level. Most of the time, however, these issues are way out of touch with a person’s individual view of things in their reality.

Rather than try to force these things upon your family, be the one who does the research and stays prepared. As the shit hits the fan, it really won’t matter if you were right or not and there won’t be any need to say “I told you so”. What you are witnessing is the scheme of conformity that was carefully planned and implemented over thousands of years in order to keep people within a certain frequency that makes them compliant and programmable.

Two catalysts for change

Some of you have been awake since you were born, but most of you had the “aha” moment like I did. The latter can think back to when they were asleep as well and you can remember what it was like to be asleep. There seems to be something that triggers a person into questioning everything and not too much is going to change a person’s thoughts that until that happens. There are two things that seem to help, though, and that is extreme fear or extreme love.

Extreme fear encompasses all of our root needs for survival, depression, confusion, and this turns into an overall incapacity to be happy no matter what happens. This has a lot to do with processing energies from past lives as well as our soul’s last efforts to get us to wake up. Circumstances present themselves that bring things to a breaking point such as loss, as in losing a loved one or your job. It could even manifest into a fire which destroys all of your material possessions, or a similar disaster to your home that causes you to be displaced. One of the most common things that occurs is health problems and life changing diseases.

When a person ridicules another, most of the time it is a reflection of the fear that person holds within themselves. It could be the fear of change, the fear of being embarrassed about being under a subliminal spell, or the fear of themselves. This is why loving yourself becomes one of the top keys to overcoming fear.

Extreme love can also open the doors to awakening as someone lives in their heart and is expanded even further such as meeting someone special in a romantic relationship or the birth of a child. Other examples are caring for someone who is dying or supporting animals that have been abandoned or abused. The passion that comes from the heart inevitably allows for the higher self to be able to reach the conscious self in order to lead a person to clues. This takes them to the material they need to read or to the people that they need to meet which will provide the information needed to be well informed. Taking time to love yourself to the extreme also fits into this category as something that will be returned with an energy exchange by seeing things manifest into your life that are eye openers.

Levels of awakening

Keep in mind that there are also levels of awakening (climbing Jacob’s ladder) designed to keep one from going completely insane. It is important to have respect for another’s level of awakening because we all truly see things differently due to our own unique perspective. This could be due to the knowledge carried over from past lives, number of incarnations, social environment, and belief systems.

Some people may not have intended to reach a certain level of awakening or may not ever awaken at all. On a soul level, the soul knows what the decision was before coming into this lifetime. If someone had planned to awaken, their soul will do everything possible to put the opportunity in front of them. There should be no judgment toward an individual’s path or resilience toward being successful in being awakened. However with that being said, a large number of people on the planet did plan to awaken and are having a really hard time being on the Earth but not of it.

It will take proof to awaken the rest

Those who incarnated with full memory of who they are along with memories of some past life recall are definitely here to help humanity prepare for the upcoming surprises that will shock the rest out of the spell that currently has a hold on them. They will do this by being the calm in the storm and being present and available for questions and suggestions. These people along with the newly awakened will not get anywhere with the asleep people by shouting from the rooftops about their past lives or about the changes to come on the planet. Doing so currently brings the threat of being doped up or locked up, as the programming runs subliminally and efficiently. The best way to speak your mind today is to connect with like minded people in support of everyone so that when the time comes to help, we will all have the groups and support systems we need to handle what is coming.

It is my hope that something big happens to wake the people up to the core. I do not wish for bad things to happen, but humanity inherently has to have proof before they will believe. Most of my family gets “their truth” from the news or from what they have learned in school, or they have Googled some of the topics that I have mentioned only to find the opposite of what I was saying. For me, it’s not about being right or about getting even for the way I have been judged. Nor is it about justification for moving away from the majority of the people in my family that I no longer resonate with. What is about for me is that I am passionate about allowing humanity to be able to make an informed decision on how they want to live their lives once they realize they have been slaves in compliance, and I plan to be there for them when this realization comes to fruition.

Hold your ground quietly and patiently

If you are like me, you would like to get this show on the road and move toward a successful awakening and the removal of the matrix that holds everything harmful to our existence! Sometimes I feel like if it doesn’t happen soon, I don’t want to stay here. But the truth is that it may have to get bizarre in order to bring people out of their slumber, and it will happen when it is supposed to happen. I would be certainly disappointed if I were to leave before I accomplished what I came here to do.

Some of us are so sure that we are here to make a difference that we may try to force this information upon the ones we love for their own good. The savior part of you may think that you have a duty to “save” your family by trying to get them to see the truth. Rest assured that there is a miraculous plan to combat the drone plan of subservience, domination, and control that will cause an uprising of humanity.

Everyone who chose to awaken will be successful in their own time, and only then will the blockage of the truth be removed forever.

The main reason I am sharing this article with you is that I have learned my lesson from this and I hope to keep you from going as far as I did. I had to distance myself from the very core group that would provide the unconditional love that is also needed to change the planet. Although we may want to stand our ground and say that we need to be who we are and stand in that power, it cannot come at the expense of hurting others. We must be very careful not to cast judgement to those who are at a different level of awakening. Test the water and if it is too cold, don’t go in. Find a happy medium and know that one day soon there will be undeniable proof that something is indeed happening and you will be the one that holds the ground together beneath your loved one’s feet.

About the author: Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, writer, and webmaster.. She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive.  Michelle Walling’s cosmic writing website is CosmicStarseeds.com. Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked on the website MichelleWalling.com. Michelle is the creator of howtoexitthematrix.com. Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here.

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