Is The Mirror Lying? Star Trek Video: The Menagerie

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By Michele Walling, CHLC

In one of the most interesting videos I have found lately, the original series Star Trek gives a soft disclosure of the illusionary hologram we are said to exist in. It triggered a thought within me that perhaps much of what we are seeing and experiencing is more of an illusion that we realize.

As I have shown through the website, there is a very convincing theory that humanity is enslaved in a prison matrix holographic illusion. The reason for this is so that a group of ET’s can not only claim the entire planet but also they found the human body to fit the needs of their physical incarnation desires.

The Original Star Trek Episode “The Menagerie” suggests that a race of beings that live inside the planet Talos IV. This sounds very similar to the fabled Telosians of the inner earth.

This episode raised some serious questions within my mind such as…..what if the reflection of us we see in the mirror is really an illusion? Do we really look younger, older, uglier, more beautiful, skinnier, fatter, etc? What if there is an overlay on the planet that contains concrete, buildings, electrical lines, etc. that do not really exist in order to limit our happiness and cognitive abilities?

In the show, Captain Pike uses a laser gun to try to blast a hole into his prison cell. He thinks it didn’t work, until the Grey Telosioan lifted the illusion covering up the hole. What if the Annunaki, Dracos, etc. are living inside the planet running the big computer program that we are living in, and they think it is for our own good? Are we being tested like lab rats? Are they still trying to decide what the best version of a human body would be like? Did we really sign up for this?

What if we are experiencing a computer simulation that truly teaches you what you want and do not want without having to taint the organic creation?

I like to question everything, and my imagination is pretty vast. Things are coming to a head on this planet with war, planned population control, and a propped up financial system that must collapse one way or another. At the same time humans are waking up and are saying that they have had enough of all of this and are demanding a change. If there really is an illusion covering up the real paradise here on Earth, then I am ready for it to dissolve. Once it dissolves, the strife that we experienced will become a memory and will be studied by many other humans on many other planets.

The premise of this movie is also about starting a new human race in order to populate the outside of the planet. Let’s just say for instance that is what occurred on planet Earth, with the first Adam and Eve. What could have gone wrong to cause where we are now? Are humans really that primitive or were we tricked with an illusion within an illusion by another race who wanted control of the planet?

You’ll have to watch things unfold on the planet to find out! I see changes that are monumental with people realizing something is really off! As Captain Pike demonstrated, we all have the free will choice to decide how we want to better the human race on this planet and many others.

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