Cosmic Awakening Show- Matrix 101 with Paul Wesley

Filed in Cosmic Awakening Show by on March 6, 2015

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Host Michelle Walling talks with Paul Wesley from Philadelphia, Pa. also known as “Truthchaser”. Paul is a Activist, Universalist, and a self-empowerment coach who stresses the importance of love vibration. Our topic is The Matrix 101 where we dissected these topics as well as many more:

-What is the energetic make up of the matrix?

-Who created the matrix and why?

-Your experience with abductions and a hybrid child you have met

-How can we stop abductions?

-We don’t have sunglasses like in the movie “We Live”. How can we best recognize a mind controlled zombie or a hybrid shape shifter that may want to mess with us?

-How to dissolve the matrix

-What was it like to hang out in Mark Passio’s home?

We will take your calls in the second half of the show. Paul’s Facebook page is here, and his you tube page is Princetruthchaser.

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