How will the U.S. Dollar Be Reset?

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By Michelle Walling, CHLC

I appreciate the efforts of Foster and Kimberly Gamble  in bringing “Thrive” to the world to help explain the tyranny of the Illuminati pyramid structure that has been controlling the planet. I recently watched another video by the Gambles in which they shared their insider information about the impending reset of the U.S. dollar. Since I have learned to question everything, I asked myself why they put this video out.

Here is the video by Foster and Kimberley Gamble I was having the thoughts about:

The main thing question that kept coming into my mind was “Why don’t I have a say in this?” It seems like father Foster and mother Kimberley are “schooling” us as to the way it’s going to be, and I don’t feel comfortable with that. Gold rich Uncle China and the BRICS have a whole new system already planned and here are the options they are giving the poor U.S. people who have been victims of their government: A. total collapse of the U.S. economy where strife and suffering will occur or B. after bringing the U.S. down, the other countries are negotiating for taking over the control of the planet and they are going to be as humane as possible, and everything is going to be o.k. because it is better than plan A.

I understand and agree that the rest of the world is not going to let the corporation called the United States of America run the world anymore. The U.S. dollar is a fractional disaster that has been the only currency that is accepted and traded all over the world and is backed by nothing. However, I am feeling that the solution being worked out is just another system of the Illuminati which controls all of the countries, and is simply a slick shift of power from one puppeteer to another. While I agree that the U.S. tyranny over the world has to come down, I really would like to have a say in how things are restructured as a citizen of this planet.

If this plan was benevolent and in the best interest for humanity, why are we not hearing public service announcements on foreign television? We get channels from all over the world here in the U.S. Why isn’t their plan in full transparency, explaining everything to the citizens of the world? As long as there is still secrecy on the planet, I do not trust any plans that are created behind closed doors “for our own good”. Granted the Gambles are doing this service for humanity in getting the information out there, the soft sell approach to something that I do not fully understand is not sitting well with me.

It kind of made me feel like a child sitting in school being programmed. Even though I may not have the financial and world insider knowledge of many other people on the planet, I do know that everyone should be equal and it is time for humanity to be free from any hierarchical monetary system.

I do know that our children should not have to focus on which slave job they will choose in order to have their own place to live and feed themselves and their family as the number one priority after graduating high school or college. The immense pressure humans feel to survive is an illusion based on a piece of paper that is printed freely just so we can forever be chasing it and giving one half of it back when we finally catch it. It is a drain of energy and is distracting us from who we really are.

I would be willing to endure a total GLOBAL collapse if it meant that people did not have to suffer. The problem arises when there is no food available at their local market. When the system collapses, no one gets paid which means trucks can’t deliver. Because of this, perhaps there does have to be an adjustment period where money still does exist until we can phase it out of our lives. I feel that trading in hard assets like gold and silver coins would be a good start. Another idea would be to re-value the things we purchase.

Gregg Prescott and I were talking about how we would imagine re-valuation of the dollar when it collapses. If one day the value of a dollar crashed and it was worth a fraction of the face value, say 10 cents, then the majority of the U.S. would definitely suffer because it would take an exponential amount of dollars just to buy a loaf of bread that was still $2.50. Gregg mentioned that reversing the inflationary aspect of the dollar in respect to the goods you are buying would reset things quite nicely. For example, if a gallon of milk costs $4.00 now it would revert back to the price of 25 cents. A $150,000 house would cost $10,000, or a brand new mid sized car would cost $2,000. This would certainly help those who may have a little money socked away, and it would keep the U.S. economy going where people would not lose their jobs.

However what we would really like is to instantly move out of a monetary system. Unfortunately the majority of people on the planet have not come into full consciousness enough to implement a collective plan yet. I do think that a global collapse could certainly be a trigger for waking up to the fact that the way we live is considered slavery of the majority for the benefit of the few.

The best thing that could come out of the takedown of the United States is if it would expose the fraudulent banking system to the masses. Many unsuspecting, mind controlled Americans have faithfully been mesmerized by the tell-a-lie-vision their whole lives. The truth will shock them to such an extent that they will no longer trust anything they hear on television. Perhaps it will wake them enough to want to have a say in how they want to co-exist on this planet in a fair and respectful manner with everyone else.

My main concern is humanitarian efforts to keep the suffering to a minimum until a system voted in by conscious and awake humans can be implemented. The good news is that tyranny is dissolving. The bad news is that we are not fully informed of the truth behind the back up plans. If we are not fully informed, we are powerless to make an responsible, free willed decision. We are caught in a whirlwind of a power struggle tornado that is out of control. If we could just see that we are billions and the prison guards are only hundreds, we would walk right out of this prison!

The only way to fix this mess is for complete open communication which allows humanity as a whole to work together to not only vote for what they would like to see but to be the ones to create these solutions as well. This cannot be achieved until a certain percentage of the population becomes conscious enough to rationally think through things.

It is not worth waiting for this to happen before bringing the fraudulent U.S. economy down. But on the other hand, individual consciousness is rising rapidly and we just may be able to meet in the middle somehow. I am willing to gamble on change right here, right now, but I demand the truth and I think most people would agree. Anything and everything is possible in this illusion and once we realize just how powerful we are, there will be no stopping what we can create on this planet in the best interests of all of humanity.

Here is a video by Gregg that introduces “What the world needs right now”:


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