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By Carlos Tavares
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They are called the “Mud Shadows” or Flyers by the shaman teacher Don Juan in Carlos Castaneda’s work. Called the “Beings of the likeness, shadow creatures” in the Nag Hammadi scrolls of the Gnostics, these entities known also as “Archons”. These are inorganic creatures, meaning that they do not have physical bodies in our “material frequency”, who feed off the energy, life-force, emotions and vital energy of humans and other “material” creatures.

Normally only certain Shamans are able to view them as they are in higher frequency than that at which we vibrate at. People taking LSD and DMT in hallucinogenic drugs also report seeing these creatures. Carlos Castaneda waited to the very end to talk more about this, in his last of eleven books, “The Active Side of Infinity”, what was termed by the Shamans the “Topic of Topics”, the Predators. So obviously the initiate had to have evolved to a certain point of knowingness before this was ever revealed to them!

In the Nag Hammadi scriptures they mention that “Archon” also means “Ruler”, so we should not call them Archons as this in and of itself is already giving them power over you!

My encounters with these creatures first happened a few years back. I had been doing a lot of energy work, regularly pushing my Kundalini energy up my spine into the higher seals. Also worth mentioning is that I have been focusing and creating that “I am a multi-dimensional being and pioneer in contact”. That was one of my intents and still is, a route to expand myself out of this limited physical reality. I did not have many specifics on whom or what I would encounter, friendly or malevolent, I just wanted a greater reality. My interest in ETs and UFOs is what started this all, way back when I was in high school and had my first sighting. So dimensional entities was just one more step in my expansion and awareness.

The interesting thing is that with a lot of my stuff I first get the actual experience and only later, sometimes years later, get more information and the knowledge on specific subjects.

I awoke one night and all of a sudden had this immense fear and at the same time saw and sensed this “dark blob”, like a giant amoeba creature coming right through my wall and door next to my bed. The door was closed, but this thing moved in as if there were no physical barriers.

I like to have my room very dark when I sleep, so I have always had block-out on the curtains, so that not even moonlight or starlight comes in (for maximum Melatonin flow in my brain). So it was pitch black (although that darkness is more “greyish” and “pixelated”, close your eyes tight and cover them with your hand and you will see this) and I could not even have seen my hand in front of me if I held it up. This creature was however even darker than dark, like deep thick black ink, moving in with no form, but ever changing, like a giant 3D amoeba, reaching from the floor to the ceiling. I lay there in fear not knowing quite what to do but then remembered what I have learned about visualizing a blue five pointed star and expanding my own energy for protection. What ever it was it was like pure evil, for lack of a better term. I then turned and switched the light on and it was gone and I eventually fell asleep, although there was still a trace of residual dark energy even with the light on!

That was my first encounter and I contemplated all that had happened and my reaction and actions, and started to formulate a better strategy if it returned. I certainly was not going to sheepishly take this so lightly again. When I had visualized the energy expanding in me from the fourth seal, which is above the three lower seals which are in duality, that seem to have helped. So I would use this again, this time with more power and confidence. I also realized that if it was feeding off my fear that I could use this to my own advantage. As I am Lord of my own energy I can command it where to go. So the idea is that the more fear that is created in you, the more powerful you become by redirecting this fear back to yourself and making yourself extremely powerful and at the same time knowing that your spirit is eternal and immortal. Much like when you corner a frightened animal, as you continue to close in on it the more frightened it becomes, but if you continue to approach the animal further, it becomes more dangerous and eventually will attack or bite you and can even kill you, depending on its size and strength. Same principle, but in this case with this entity you do not allow it to steal away your energy as fear. You keep it all feeding back to your own power.

A few weeks later I got another visit. Looking back this almost seems like some type of initiation that I had to go through. This time, unlike the first time I immediately knew what was happening and now recognized this thing. I applied the above mentioned strategy and had much less fear than previously. I did not attack this creature but focused on myself to expand and shine from within, knowing that it could not destroy me. This is all happening while I am still lying down on my bed, fully awake as before. I then again turned the light on and it was gone. After a short while I turned the light off and drifted to sleep, this time with a greater sense of power and accomplishment and much less fear.

The “shadow” did visit me one more time, after we had moved to our present home. There was little fear and I was almost happy for another encounter to polish and perfect my technique, but it was soon gone and not much of a highlight.

Now the question, did I start to see these things because they were trying to created a greater fear feast to consume, so they actually appeared whereas normally they would feed invisibly; or because of my work in increasing energy where I was starting to perceive a greater range of frequencies; or was this sent to me to help me empower myself, some type of initiation? The answer could also be all of the above?!

stargateFor those wanting a visual of what these “shadows” look like watch StarGate Atlantis, season one, disk one, episode three called “Hide and Seek”. Here is a picture of it but you will get a better idea with moving film. Funny enough they also called it “the shadow”. A creature captured by the ancients to help them understand ascension, which then escaped and started feeding off of all the energy coming from their generators. Of course the real thing is much darker, pure blackness!

After any fearful situation and the adrenalin has worn off we find ourselves exhausted and drained. But drained of what? Our energy must go somewhere!

So if these creatures are purposefully creating situations that release large amounts of energy, we can quickly see how this could be used on a much larger scale to create massive feeding grounds by them manipulating situations that lead to wars and other massive releases of energy. Now imagine the feeding frenzy at events like 911!!!!

Not Just Feeding on Fear

Energy can be expressed in many ways. In our human bodies the type of energy relates to where in the body it is associated with regard to our seven seals and specific emotions. The raw energy being the kundalini energy, curled up like a serpent at our first seal, base of the spine, normally released as an orgasm, but with the potential to activate the higher seals. In our first seal, the groin area, the original intent for the release of this energy was to create offspring. So where does that energy go when not used to create a child but simply for body pleasure, because in general that is all people know how to do when their kundalini starts to move and they get amorous. Having the deeper knowledge it would be a good time to focus on creating and empowering what you desire while in this state.

Most people however will just go with their animal instincts and waste it. I am not saying that we must stop having sex, but at least to be aware of this concept. So then that energy must go somewhere ethereally? And there you have another way that these energy vampires can feed. We see this planet sinking more and more into the lower seals, where pornography and sex seem to be everywhere and encouraged. Well there you have it! You are feeding them, getting a little pleasure but in reality losing some more of your vital force that could have gone to empowering yourself in many other ways. Think what a feast they must have on Valentines Day!!!!

What happens when you become angry and have an argument or outburst at someone? You too feel drained afterwards and this would be another way for them to feats!

We should be particularly careful not to frequent places where these and all sorts of other energy vampires hang out, including human energy vampires. Places like bars where I would think that there are hundreds of these energy suckers. When you use alcohol or drugs you become an easy target for these things, not only to drain your energy and attach themselves but also of course to make you amorous, to ‘collect’ later. Also it is much easier to manipulate your mind and get you to do their bidding and implant thoughts and ideas that are not yours, while you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

What does not kill you makes you stronger!

About a year and half ago I had a major energy drain like nothing I have ever experienced. At the time there was no major reason for me to be depressed but for some reason I sunk deeper and deeper into the abyss. It was even much, much worse than when I experienced what people call the dark night of the soul as they start to awaken and are seeking something more, when the old world or reality has nothing more to offer them. This lasted for a period of about five weeks. Nothing gave me pleasure, it was a massive effort to do the smallest of tasks, and even eating, walking, breathing seemed difficult. Not even sleep helped. I felt my energy going day by day to the point where I felt that my “flame” was almost gone.

It took tremendous effort to very slowly over many more weeks and months pull myself out of this state and slowly my energy started to come back with every focus and meditation, which were all so difficult to do and I just didn’t care and at times I knew it would be just so easy to let go. I forced myself better. But it was too close! Well I am still here and I do not know what happened but can only speculate that something tried to take me out by draining all my life-force. This episode happened after my three encounters with the shadows. I do not know if they are related. Maybe I was seen as a threat to them? Yet another lesson and what does not kill you certainly makes you stronger. This could also have been something totally different, even some turning point. In honesty I don’t know what this was all about!

A Full Actual Inter-Dimensional Attack

So things kind of eventually normalized after my “energy drain” episode until a few weeks ago. I was in deep sleep when all of a sudden I was instantly fully awake and every bit of my being on heightened alert. Moments later I could sense the presence of a being not far from my bed. This was weird and certainly not like before. I knew 100% that it was there, pure knowingness, but it was just outside of the range of not only my normal senses but also my deeper senses of perception, if that makes sense. I also deeply just knew that it had malicious intent. Somehow it seemed that whatever it was it must have fear or was fear itself for it to be hiding like that, where I could not get to it or even clearly perceive it.

Suddenly from this area in space it attacked me, it was like it took a swing at me. I perceived something like a hand or claw coming at me. I actually physically (although this could have been ethereal, because I do not know on what frequency my mind was working at that point) felt this thing come right through my chest cavity. One quick strike and that was it. I was seriously pissed-off and now sitting up in my bed shouted at it and was ready to go after it. But instantly it was gone and funny enough straight away it was so peaceful again. Not like with my shadow encounters where there was a residual fear, heaviness left in the room afterwards. This time it was all calm. I seemed all in one piece and had no pain and actually soon switched my light off which I had turned on after sitting up and shouting at the thing. I was at peace and about to full asleep when I made myself sit up again, switched the light on again and wrote my experience down because I certainly did not want to lose any detail. And that was that, or so I thought!

A few days ago some of us were doing what we call a discipline, a type of meditation, where it was seen that I had in one of my etheric bodies what looked like some kind of tube attached to blades all stuck in my chest. These I am thankful were removed but straight after the session I felt terrible and for two days I had chest and other bodily pains, my energy felt like crap and I had headaches. All I can say is it must have been like when you have an actual knife stuck in you and you remove it, the removing is sometimes more painful and it may take a while for you to recuperate, in this case whichever of my etheric or spiritual bodies had been damaged, it needed same time to heal. I however did not seem to notice this before in my material body. So how many of the other aches and pains we have, sometimes unexplainably are not so-called poison arrows or actual wounds in one of our other spiritual bodies which “this” body feels as pain or discomfort!? From our multi-layered war in consciousness!!!!!


Drawing of etheric body removed

I had just wanted to carry on and not deal with these things, but I was finding it more difficult to create things for myself, what people would term normal things, even though I was spending more time and effort in focus, using the techniques I had been taught in consciousness and energy to create my reality, things were manifesting slower. There was this massive battle in my head because I knew that I create my own reality so was I manifesting “less” for myself? Could it be that these entities where interfering and trying to de-rail or slow me down? At the same time I knew I myself had encouraged and created these experiences, so was this all part of my greater experience, my manifestations? If I could not go backwards then it seems the only way through was to go in deeper. All the way through this rabbit hole to the other side where I will be totally free, totally empowered, having conquered myself!

Most of the time we are not even aware of what is happening

I would think that these things generally keep on feeding on you in small portions where you are not really aware of what is happening, just feeling tired often. One night while I was working in another country in the middle of the bush my partner decided to visit me by means of Out of Body experience. I was sleeping in a tent. When she entered the tent in her Astral Body she saw me lying sleeping but on top of my head was this creature with a long pointed beak-like head, like a praying-mantis doing something to or inside my head. The creature sensed her presence and looked in her direction. She got such a fright that she was instantly back in her body. She phoned me straight after and I confirmed with her the position I was sleeping in. The thing is that I did not feel anything wrong and do not know what this entity was doing to me.

Many different parasites in all lower realms


Here is a picture sent to me by a friend of a lady they know when she was just a child, maybe thirty years ago. Look carefully at her reflection. Somehow the camera was able to capture the image of the parasite feeding on her head, and then also the reptilian behind her! To this day she is not a happy person and suffers from lack of energy. It is interesting however that this thing looks very similar to a tic and other “real parasites” that we find in our material reality/frequency.

So as we say with spiritual reference “as above so below, as within so without”, we can then take some of the species of creatures that we know of materially on this planet by reversing the process, in a fractal way, and speculate that there must be many, many species as well, in the other spiritual frequencies but that are inter-dimensional, feeding off our other frequency bodies but having real side effects with this our human material body.

I would say that there are many different types of parasites and beings who take advantage of us, manipulate and control us with the advantage that they can hide in different frequencies. After all we are at the bottom of the spiritual food chain here. There is no hell, we are in the seventh level of reality away from Point Zero or Source. The nice thing at the very least is that we cannot descend any lower and the only things now is to start to evolve back to God Source, ascending frequency by frequency.

Today, the second day of writing this I have headaches and pains in the back of my neck. It is not like one main headache but almost like several smaller headaches, almost as if I have been “bitten” in different places. I have noticed this quite a bit when writing on related matters. This would also include what feels like pressure build-up in the head. The neck I would think is one of the main points of attachment for these “suckers” via which they draw their energies. This gives a new meaning (or maybe old meaning!) to the term “pain in the neck”. Certainly it would seem that they do not want to be revealed!

Our Power of Creation

Some say that we are creating all of this in our minds, which I disagree with because especially with regard to the shadows, they are always reported more or less the same. Also it stands to reason studying nature and seeing just how diverse and extremely common parasites are here, that too they should exist in other realms. From our spiritual knowledge we have learned that we have seven spiritual or frequency bodies, all in one. Wherever you focus in the present determines which body you are experiencing and using. For example I am writing this now in my physical body, called the Hertzian Body. When we have an out of body experience we use one of the other higher frequency bodies to “travel in”. When we start to think like this it becomes mind blowing just how many species and creatures there could possibly be in all of the frequencies, in all of the greater creation!

Having said that we have not even begun to know the true immense power of our minds. In “orb” photography for example we sometimes capture weird pictures of strange looking things, sometimes around people, when that person is in deep focus, sometimes they are so powerfully visualizing something that the plasma energy around them starts to form the very shape of what they are thinking.


Here is an example of a plasma taking form, created either by a person or other entities from the unseen. We can however rule this out as any form of “shadows” as generally speaking the people doing this are in a very high frequency joyous mode when creating these. These plasma forms are also “smokey like”, not “intense black like”, but never the less an example of manifested thought, which I wanted to share as an example. (Picture Credit RSE)

Example of a mind manifestation which does have a resemblance to the Shadows

When Al Bielek, Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols were interviewed and talked about the infamous Philadelphia experiment and Phoenix Project at Montauk, they mention at one point that they created a beast that does resemble our “shadow” creature. Apparently they had a control chair where a person in that chair basically operated the time machine using his own power of thought and creation, and was boosted by machines to amplify the results. The one time a massive dark black beast was created by the “operator”, maybe deliberately to sabotage the project which was getting out of hand and had torn a rift in time and space of forty years long (1943-1983), thus allowing beings from another reality to enter ours. This thing started devouring everything, even parts of the buildings and they could not shut it down. In the end they had to destroy some of the equipment to make it stop then disappear. So some things are possible to be created by our minds, especially with the help of massive generators in this case.

But in the end I would think that the shadows are somehow “natural” in a way, although not of our frequency, and maybe not even of our own universe of frequencies, originating elsewhere and now running rampage in our world as other have said??????


We should not confuse what these “shadows” are doing, with the Abduction by the Greys. These are two distinctly different situations with very different characteristics, methods and symptoms, but that is another story altogether.

We are living in a very complex and diverse reality with so many layers to it. The more we find out the more we realize just how little we know. This subject of energy and psychic vampirism is extremely commonplace once you start to know about it and not just from inter-dimensional creatures but also widely practiced amongst our fellow humans. Draining energies and consciousness from others unconsciously and also deliberately by skilled human energy vampires is more common than what most would like to believe. As I said we are at the bottom of the spiritual/frequency food chain so we are a feast for all and only when you start to awaken do you start to realize this.

Most will immediately look away and not delve further into this matter, but ignorance, denial and sheepish behavior will not get us out of this situation. Their are many different life-forms utilizing humanity as a resource for energy, a slave resource, a genetics pool, a source of actual meat/food protein, a species to hunt and God knows what else, they all will obviously not want us to awaken and discover what is happening. They will do what they can to suppress our evolution in any and all ways, but in the end they will lose us as a resource, and as a cosmic law when a species starts to really awaken spiritually the rules change and we must be allowed to expand and this is where and when we have allies from higher dimensions that will assist us, including aspects of our very own spiritual bodies.

We need a much stronger attitude and approach. When you remove a tick off of your dog, you kill it, because if you don’t it will simply climb back on and continue feeding on its blood. Same thing here – let’s stand up and instead of “turning the other cheek” as religions teach us, let us rather cut off the head of these beasts once and for all. Because in the end it will always be in the nature of the beast to feed!

They are doing many things to suppress us. With regards to some of these ETs they would use technologies and even their own power of mind to scramble our frequency signals, making it difficult for us to remember things, to concentrate, to visualize, to change our emotional moods, even try and make us sick, also suppressing our spiritual powers of remote-viewing, out of body travel and all what people would just call our latent super-natural abilities, which generally lie dormant within us.
If they are unable to target you directly then they will target the people around you to cause chaos, ridiculous arguments and situations to distract you. When we suspect such things it is better to take neutral grounds and just watch the situation or drama without getting involved, from you higher spirit’s perspective, or just walk away!

At the same time our sun, planet and solar system is going through massive changes and there is a lot of new energies/information coming in, all for the better, for our liberation, expansion and freedom! The veils are dropping and we are only scratching the surface of all the weird and wonderful that we are about to see. So with all the solar flares and other cosmic energies coming in and people sorting out all there personal sagas plus all the unseen forces at play, some with and some against us, things can be expected to get very confusing and crazy. When things get too chaotic always take some time out for yourself, relax in nature or a quiet place, “just be” and observe, no attachments, no emotions, connect with nature and your spirit!

If we take the understanding that there are seven major realms of frequency, like the Egyptians knew of as the seven heavens, then for each level we have a spiritual body to experience that level. So if we are at present in the seventh, lowest and densest frequency, at the bottom, we as a complex multi-dimensional being can tap into our very own aspects of our higher selves for assistance and strength. Maybe the lesson here is to do it yourself, empower yourself, learn for yourself, protect yourself and not ask for some external deity or angel or whatever other new age savior to do it. To do it for oneself, the initiation, the quantum leap to spiritual freedom to gain that golden pearl of wisdom!

Empower ourselves with knowledge and action break free and thrive!

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