Houses That Heal, Grow Their Own Food, And Produce Their Own Energy

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by Michelle Walling,
Staff writer,

Fernando Vossa of Searl Magnetics is one of the forerunners of free energy and healing technologies that will be soon available to the world through open sourcing. Many things are occurring on the planet at this time that will allow for these inventions to now come forth to finally put an end to all of the major conveniences of living that have been stifled by the American petrodollar. The HAIAH home project is just one of many of Fernando’s projects.

Cities that were in existence 5,000-10,000 years ago were built around energy generators that not only provided power for homes but also had the capability to help humans live in a human body for much longer than we are living today, at least a thousand years or more.

What if we were able to integrate free energy with housing, where we had unlimited energy that works with the geometric structure of a home to keep the body regenerating itself? We would no longer experience the aging that we experience today. How would you like it if that house also grew your food for you, and rain was drawn to the house to water the garden just when your plants required it?

Houses That Heal, Grow Their Own Food, And Produce Their Own Energy

Fernando Vossa is designing such a house. He uses “bio-mimicry” or the imitation of biology, or nature itself. As noted in my article How Crystals Can Heal Fukushima, we learned about the natural healing ability of crystals in healing water completely of any radiation. This is an examples of Earth’s regeneration ability and this premise can be represented in a home design that can once again bring spirituality and science together in a harmonious way in order to have advanced technology on the planet.

Another amazing invention of Fernando’s is the Sonic Reiki healing treatment that uses sound and light geometry to bring the music vibrations that were recorded inside the Great Pyramid into the body.

Here is an interview Hope Moore of Fix The World, did with Fernando about these subjects and more. Sonic Reiki is at the 25:00 mark and the HAIAH home project is at the 30:00 mark.

When will this technology be available to the planet? When YOU, humanity decide to step up to the plate and support such endeavors. There are many ways to support in order to be a part of the future of the world. You can share this article and talk to your friends and families about the possibilities of free energy and how it will integrate into society. Germany is already rolling their salt water powered car at the end of this year called the Quantino. There are videos like this one and many more that can be shown as evidence that this is real and now is the time to support such efforts without fear of retribution by those who were keeping the planet from a sustainable way of living:

Here is an interview that I did with Fernando Vossa on BMSS Radio (Bodymindsoulspirit radio) on Conscious Creation And Sustainable Living, where we discuss more about Searl Magnetics and Free Energy:

Check Out Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with in5d on BlogTalkRadio

And finally, here is the most recent show I did with Fernando on my Cosmic Awakening Show which hits on all of the topics of Spiritual Awakening 101:

Check Out Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with in5d on BlogTalkRadio

I am eagerly supporting Fernando Vossa, Searl Magnetics, and the many other projects that Fernando tirelessly dedicates his energy to. If YOU heard the call and would like to be a part of any of the projects you have seen in this article, feel free to contact me through my Facebook page here, or through any of my websites and affiliate websites.

To learn more about Fernando’s Center of Mass Creation, check out this Facebook Page.
About the author:
Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, webmaster, writer, and and Radio Host on In5d radio’s The Cosmic Awakening Show. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. Michelle has joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, and as a contributing author for Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model. All of Michelle Walling’s articles and radio appearances can be found on her database Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked through her website The truth about the holographic nature of the matrix and how we are going to dissolve it can be explored on her website Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here.

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