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By Bradley Loves

Before I get deeply into why the “New Age” is a Psyop…, which is literally a “Harry Potter” novel in and of itself…., I want to continue with the building blocks of creating reality, and just WHO IT WAS that had this knowledge in the first place.


Even though people think that ATOMS and MOLECULES are the building blocks of reality…, molecules CAN BE CHANGED!

Masaru Emoto, an very brilliant Japanese Scientist, discovered that single molecules of water could be photographed if they were flash frozen…, and then put under a micro-scope.
In his web-page located here:

We are able to find out just a little bit about his work…, INCLUDING ACTUAL PICTURES OF TINY WATER MOLECULES!

He used water to show us just how SENSITIVE the elements are to BOTH VIBRATION AND SOUND.

Here is a photo of a single molecule of water after hearing and being AFFECTED BY THE MUSICAL SONG – EDELWEISS

Now, here is a single molecule of water after hearing and being affected by HEAVY METAL MUSIC…

Here is a single molecule of water after hearing the WORD: TRUTH


Here is a single molecule of water after hearing the WORDS: YOU DISGUST ME


Molecules are simply supposed to be made up of ATOMS! In fact water is nothing more than H2O…., two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

3 ATOMS…, come together to “form” a molecule…, AND YET…, we are being shown here that SOUND (music) and VIBRATION (words) can literally CHANGE THE SHAPE AND THE FORM OF THE MOLECULE RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR VERY EYES!

We have been TAUGHT that atoms and molecules are the BUILDING BLOCKS OF REALITY! And yet…, just one good or bad WORD CAN CHANGE ALL THAT!

What this is showing us is that REALITY can be changed right in front of our very eyes as well!


What we have always believed…., and what we have always been TAUGHT IS A TOTAL LIE!

ATOMS AND MOLECULES are not the building blocks of REALITY!

VIBRATION AND FREQUENCY are the building blocks of reality…, and the two CYMATICS VIDEOS are living proof that frequencies create GEOMETRIC SHAPES AND PATTERNS.

All geometric shapes and patterns are the building blocks of the FABRIC OF REALITY which can be changed with as much as a SHIFT IN THE AMBIENT FREQUENCY SURROUNDING THE GEOMETRIC SHAPES! If you watch the two Cymatics videos (from part 1) again and again…, you are seeing REALITY CHANGING IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES!

The Ancient Mystery Schools were started and continued to teach the SPIRITUAL ADEPTS the ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE of how to use the primal forces of sound, frequency and vibration to literally MANIPULATE MATTER!

These Schools were very selective and private and entrance was given ONLY TO THOSE WHO could be trusted to use this information for the benefit of HUMANITY!


It has been said that the one they called: ISU, EASU, JESU (Jesus) was trained at the famous Egyptian Mystery Schools…, and perhaps…, even made a trip to IRELAND during his missing 18 years from 12 years to 30 years old.

(As it is suggested that the EGYPTIAN MYSTERY SCHOOLS actually started in IRELAND and even those schools were simply later versions of the ANCIENT MAGIC SCHOOLS of both ATLANTIS and LEMURIA)

If the one they call Esau or Isu actually did exist.., and I do believe that he may have…, he would have been nothing more than a very “enlightened” soul who at an early age learned the SECRET ANCIENT TRADITIONS of both magic and matter manipulation from the Mystery Schools that he attended in both Ireland and EGYPT.

This person certainly NEVER INTENDED to start a WORLD RELIGION! Nor did he EVER INTEND TO BE WORSHIPED! That was something that was thrown onto him by ROME who actually wanted to start a NEW WORLD RELIGION DEDICATED TO LUCIFER AND ALSO TO RITUAL BLOOD SACRIFICE!

This is something that those Alien forces – Anunnaki and Reptilian – who already had their eyes on the EARTH – were scheming toward and wanted to make manifest as the predominant REALITY on the surface of the Planet!

However, changing the Earth from this:


To this:


was going to take some TIME!
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