Breaking The Illusion behind Debt And Borrowing

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illusion of debtBy Amitakh Stanford

The illusion behind money is what keeps people accepting it in exchange for their labour and goods. Esoterically, the shadowy aspect of money lies in the danger of selling one’s “soul” to acquire it. There is also a collective danger when a nation trades its “soul” to gather money.

When nations are in need and accept financial aid from others, they are entering dangerous territory. This is not a world where unconditional charity is generally given. In most cases, the “giver” attaches conditions to the “gifts” offered to the needy. Such worldly gifts contain conditions that benefit the “givers” and not the recipients.

Many nations of the world are wallowing in debt. Many governments, including the United States, are on the brink of bankruptcy. The blank faces planned this a long time ago. They “gave” credit to put nations in debt. This is not that unlike the feudal times. As nations fall further into debt, they wonder how to get out of the hole. The blank faces demand payment in kind or deeds. This is how nations are blackmailed into doing things to try to clear their debts. They become forced slaves of thugs and criminals, and must obey the demands of the blank faces, whose agents act as the “givers” on their behalf.

Undoubtedly, the money system in place today was installed by the blank faces. They set it up, and addicted many nations to credit by enticing them to live beyond their means once they became addicted to credit. As debt bears down on the nations, the blank faces apply more pressure, “giving” even more credit to some whilst forcing others into austerity. Nations either face misery by going without as they try to pay off insurmountable debts, or they are given a “fix” of credit that will subsequently drive them deeper into debt and despair.

The blank faces thrive as the entire world suffers. Many nations are now facing the dilemma of either losing their sovereignty to the blank faces, or engaging in more and more wars for the blank faces. That is the choice facing European nations and the United States – either they fall into the bottomless well of debt, or they must ravage the world with war for the blank faces. The blank faces relish wars because they generate more wealth and power for them.

Since the United States will not heed the warning to salvage its own sovereignty, it is treading the precarious path of being swallowed up. America is a victim in the ruling elite’s scheme to bring down the world economy, a scheme that will result in big profits and rewards for the ruling elite and more power over world affairs.

The American government is pretending to have audited the Federal Reserve Bank. Their recent report still misrepresents the nature of the bank, which is an unaudited, unregulated, untaxed, private, for-profit institution. How could an audit not address profits and losses of the organisation? The deceit is intentional and far reaching. The favoured few of the blank faces collect the profits and American citizens are sinking in unending debt and abuse.

Even if America or other victimised nations tried to escape the dirty blackmail by ridding themselves of credit and debt, they would face strong resistance. It is not the plan of the blank faces to allow an indebted nation to become solvent or to let them off so easily. Debts give the ruling elite and their bosses power over others, so they hold onto debtors and feed them like junkies.

The blank faces created money, and they subsequently devised debt. They artificially create abundances and shortages to fit into their short-term and long-term agendas. There is a hypnotic manipulation behind both money and debt sorcery that can be broken, were people to challenge it. The blank faces suspect that their monetary system is failing because some people are starting to confront their agents and question the integrity of the monetary system. The blank faces fear that when more and more people begin to distrust the monetary system, it will begin to fracture. So, a back-up plan of a precious-metal backed world currency is being considered. If this is adopted, the same mob would retain control and benefit from the currency swap. It will be business as usual, just a different market strategy using a new wrapper and slogan. With the new currency system, they will be just as dishonest as they have been with the old scheme. The same owners with the same intention will commit the same crimes.

One way out of the money/debt trap is to stop supporting the current system, as dramatic as this would be. The blank faces have maliciously ransomed the world in so many ways for far too long. One sure way people can thwart the blank faces is to confront their own fears, and, individually and collectively, cease all non-essential borrowing. Simultaneously, they need to demand that their leaders do the same. As the demand for borrowed money falls, the sorcery behind the money/debt illusion dissipates. As the illusion dissipates, the enslaving chains will be broken.

Undoubtedly, the effect of diminished borrowing will be radical and revolutionary. If borrowing were to stop, all prices would drastically fall. In the short term, it will be difficult, but once the hurdle is crossed, things will work out for the better. The upheaval is unavoidable if the slaves want to be free of their masters’ chains.

The alternative is to remain in the blank faces’ trap, which will guarantee the endless cycle of borrowing, debt, despair, wars and continued exploitation. America has been caught in this cycle for nearly a century. The American government has been sucked of its wealth by the blank-face agency – the Federal Reserve Bank. The FRB is an enormously profitable, private enterprise that has addicted Congress and the Presidency to endless borrowing, to the extent that the addicts are ruining the nation’s credit, and will ruin the whole country if they are not stopped immediately.

America’s Federal Reserve Bank is not the only privately-owned parasitic central bank in the world. The Federal Reserve Bank, the American government and the media deliberately confuse the issue of ownership of the bank. They are quick to confuse ownership of the main bank by bringing up the issue that the 12 Federal Reserve regional outlets have shareholders, and that they are uniquely government/private organisations. This is not the point. The main concern is not who owns the 12 regional outlets, which only receive a trickle of the profits compared to the river seized by the main FRB. It is the ownership of the main branch that matters, because that is where the outrageous profits are generated.

The head office of the Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned, with a modicum of oversight given to the government by its appointment of the board of governors. The board of governors does not have access to the real books of the Federal Reserve Bank. It must rely on reports given to it, which it digests and gives to the Congress. Who would trust information issued by a secretive body that has layers and layers of protection designed to obscure and deceive the public and the government? To reiterate, the FRB is not the only dodgy, privately-owned central bank that deceives the public regarding its ownership whilst enriching its owners. The whole monetary system involves high-stakes scamming of the people.

The Federal Reserve has officially reported that it paid nearly all of its profits, some $23 billion, to the government. One has to accept the fidelity of the FRB to believe this number. However, the FRB also reported that it is holding approximately $1.7 trillion in government securities. Assuming a 3% yield, that would earn $51 billion in interest each year. Also, when those certificates are sold for cash by the FRB, the yield will be $1.7 trillion for a single year! Moreover, the FRB does nothing to earn either the interest or the principal of the government securities except print currency and manage the money. Therefore, it has made trillions, not billions of dollars, for its owners. The government and the media intentionally confuse and mislead the public into thinking the FRB is a public institution. Honest reporting would expose it as an unregulated and unaudited bank that operates outside the law for the benefit of its private owners, at the expense of the government and the people of America.

The public are being defrauded into thinking that the Federal Reserve Bank is a department of government, accountable to Congress, with its profits belonging to the government. The FRB has drained America to the point of breaking it for almost a century. Dismantle the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank and America will be half-way down the road to fiscal correction. Leave that central bank in place, and ruin is assured.

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford

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