The Message- Part Four- GLOBAL DOMINATION

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world creation

By Bradley Loves

In the grand scheme of “reality creating”…, the Illuminati has made great strides.  Having “stolen” the Ancient Knowledge from those “pesky priests” who refused to give it up…, they are now well on their way to GLOBAL DOMINATION.

Even in the days of Babylon and Egypt…, due to the presense of the “mystery schools”…, there were always “adepts” who would put on “public displays” of what to the common man could only be seen as “MAGIC”.

The “CREATION” of what appears to be matter out of thin air…, is simply the knowledge of frequency. The understanding that certain words and phrases when placed in a certain order…, (because they are vibrational) will in fact cause the “elements” to reshape and reform was part of the training that was being given in such schools.

This is why I keep posting and reposting the Cymatics Videos. It is the very foundation of what people need to understand. Sound or frequency causes matter to reshape and reform itself!  Through sacred geometry and sound…, actual shapes and objects can be made to  manifest.

If it were 2 or 3 thousand years ago…, what is happening in those Cymatics videos would be considered MAGIC!

The pictures of frozen water molecules on Masaro Emoto’s website helps us to understand that not only does music have  the ability to geometrically reshape matter, but something as simple as the spoken word has the ability to reshape matter as well!

Having this type of Knowledge in their possession, it is, and has been the Illuminati’s goal to actually HI-JACK our reality…, and to reshape it…, and remould it from what it once was…, into something totally different.

This is why I keep referring to these men and women who do really bad things from  “behind the curtain” as MAGICIANS!  It is due to the fact that they are using the OLD WORLD AND ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE OF “MAGIC” against us…, in order to totally and completely transform and “transmute” what we used to have as our reality.

MIND-KONTROL (MK) is just the first and foremost tool in the magicians tool box. There are hundreds of other tools being employed as well.

By controlling what we “think”…, they are able to control what we SAY!  This is very necessary because it becomes as simple as the VIBRATION OF OUR WORDS AND PHRASES that actually change things around us.

Just like “magic spells” … our words and phrases go out into the ether’s and then cause tiny particles of “matter” to changes, shift and morph…, all around us…, until “THAT WHICH WE HAVE SPOKEN” comes into existence.

So in ORDER to control what we are going to say…., they first have to control HOW WE THINK and ULTIMATELY WHAT WE THINK!

This is where our hi-jacked education comes in.

Almost EVERYTHING that we learn in school is a LIE!  It has to be…, in order for our thoughts to be directed towards creating a faulty reality.

By getting CONTROL of the education system at every level…, and “writing” the curriculum to suit THEIR NEEDS…, the Magicians have taken a large step in gaining control of our minds.

This is not all that is necessary to succeed in their plans…, however, from the very earliest levels of our education, they need to “TEACH US” the specific words to use as we move through life!  Conveniently…, they call this: SPELLING!

Naturally…, to the magicians, this is a wink and a nod to their cleverness…, and to our stupidity.

By teaching us the words and the phrases…, (THE SOUNDS) that we need to use on a daily basis to express ourselves, they have given us the FAULTY VIBRATIONS that will indeed remould and reshape our reality into a type of PRISON where we as human beings become weaker and weaker, and more susceptible to their MIND CONTROL as time goes on.

Along with spelling…, comes all of the various deceptions and faulty ideas that will assist them in getting even a firmer grip on our minds collectively.

This is a “slow” process…, and was meant to take a long time! Generations could thus go by while things are changing and morphing very slowly around us.

Time is not realy relevant since the “real magicians” are in fact Reptilians…, who hide from the human population of the world…, and do not like to be seen.  So having this process take a very long time is not a problem for them, because these beings are OTHER DIMENSIONAL…, and live a very long time!

The process of thought control and mind control also very heavily involves Images, symbols and subliminals.   I keep going back to the website: The vigilant citizen because every month…, it comes out with a “PICS OF THE MONTH” article which shows us just how demented and demonically SYMBOLIC everything in the media is becoming over the last decade.  Apparently they have shifted their MK into high gear as we can see in these images in popular magazines.




This is NOT BY ACCIDENT…, and isn’t just a fluke! The images they are pushing on the public are being “put there” to STIMULATE THOUGHT! They are there to cause us to think differently…, and to then USE WORDS to describe what we are seeing.

The combination of the words that they have given us…, the images that they show us in magazines, on television, in movies, and on the news…, in turn CAUSES US…., COLLECTIVELY to use our minds to create the reality that THEY WANT TO SEE!

So in this way…, our minds are actually being USED BY THE MAGICIANS.

ALL of this, by the way, is what I classify as: DARK MAGIC!

Now, if “we” are not smart enough to guard against this kind of thing…, then truly WE ARE BEING USED TO CREATE OUR OWN HELL.  WE ARE BEING USED TO CREATE OUR OWN ARMAGEDDON.

The problem is that too many people are so into the “distractions” that these “men and women behind the curtain” have put out in front of us…, that they DO NOT SEE the possiblity that these things may in fact be very dangerous to our own collective health and reality!

It would take someone very astute…, and very sensitive to ENERGY to notice the subtle creep of our changing REALITY through the use of the IMAGES, SYMBOLS, COLORS, and other vibrations that they are using to stimulate our thoughts with.

Of course…, NOT ALL SPIRITUAL PEOPLE are even aware of these symbols, images and the like. That is because they have NOT BEEN TRAINED IN THE MYSTERY SCHOOLS.

But here is the problem…, regardless of whether we notice this or not…WE ALL ARE LIVING IN A COLLECTIVELY CREATED REALITY, and will be affected by the outcome of what they intend for us!

All these magicians need to do, is to get (force) a certain percentage of human beings (usually the very young) to both SEE and to then THINK about the images they are seeing in the world…, while talking about them in order to have an over all affect that can cause a very NEGATIVE RESHAPING AND REMOULDING OF OUR REALITY.

They use the young…, because the young are defenseless. They don’t know anything. And have no clue what is “good” and what is “not good” for them.  So they try EVERYTHING.

The magicians keep the parents busy working all day long…, and then use their systems of teaching and learning…, as well as video games, TV, Movies, Books and Magazines and especially “music”  to get the young people to be the “patsies” who are literally doing the bulk of the “CREATING”…., since young people have fantastic imaginations and can VISUALIZE quite easily.

This is call MIND HI-JACKING…, and by now the CIA and most other agencies have gotten quite good in their Special Access Programs. MK ULTRA…, which has been going on now since 1953 has literally changed the way millions of kids think.

As I said…, Mind Control/Thought Control is only one of the ways in which these men and women “behind the curtain” are trying to “USE” our minds.

The “GWEN” Towers are also being used in conjunction with HAARP in order to stimulate and change moods and thinking. They are using Vaccinations laced with Nanites (micro-scopic robots) to change our thinking as well as Genetically modifying the food we eat.  They are Floridating the water, Chem-trailing us from the skies and using waves and frequencies from Satellites if necessary to Target Specific Individuals.

Getting back to “images” for a moment….,

What most people who are spiritual don’t realize is that there are in fact MILLIONS of internet websites now online that are dedicated totally to pornography!

The access and availability of nude or naked images to the masses is both profound and having a very “negative” affect upon the entire consciousness of collective humanity.

Apart from having probably millions of naked pictures posted online…, there are thousands and thousands of websites with devote themselves solely to pictures and images of both men and women being abused sexually!  And if you have enough money and can buy your way into a site…CHILDREN AS WELL.

Known simply as: BONDAGE, or BDSM, or TORTURE sites…, there are literally millions of pictures of men and women being tormented and brutalized, tied up, electro-shocked by others that can be found with the simple push of a button on the Internet.

This is also NOT BY ACCIDENT!

These images are not coming from slutty porn purveyors, living in dank apartments in the bad part of town…, but are being presented to the public on the orders that come from the very TOP of the ILLUMINATI management structure!

Just as it is the ILLUMINATI that is giving the world it’s drugs…, and the CIA that controls the drug trade world wide…, it is the ILLUMINATI that gives the world pornography and all things deviant in sexuality!

Just as it is the ILLUMINATI that is giving the world “weapons of war” and selling them all over the world for profit…, the ILLUMINATI is also giving the world weapons of SEX…, by encouraging sexual brutality in both pictures and images all over the internet.

By viewing these images and putting these images into the COLLECTIVELY MIND OF HUMANITY…, this type of thing has a cumulative affect!  It is a nothing more than MAGIC AFFECT, since those who are the magicians…, are the ones who are pulling the strings.    Remember…, they are attempting to CHANGE REALITY.

The “Authority Structure” looks something like this:

Behind the ILLUMINATI (nothing more than Greedy Oligarchs) are the SECRET SOCIETIES (FREEMASONS) who are working with some of the Ancient Esoteric Knowledge. Behind these “wannabes” are the actual MAGICIANS…, or those who have learned how to use magical knowledge perfectly…, and behind these few are the Reptiles…, who are here simply because THEY WANT THE EARTH!

Who can stop all of this? WE CAN! We do it by KNOWING what they are doing to us…, and choosing to stand up and refuse to participate in their scheme. We educate ourselves…, change our thoughts…, we come together in unity…, refuse to join their armies…, refuse to kill for them, and start LOVING AND CARING ABOUT EACH OTHER.

The alternative is THEIR REALITY…, and ENSLAVEMENT.

Too many people believe that “when they die”…, it will all be better. How many of you know where you will end up after you die?  And what if you are sent right back HERE?  Would it be worth attempting to try to put a stop to all of this if you knew you may end up here AGAIN?

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