THE MESSAGE – Part Five- Sirian Reptilians

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reptilian_211By Bradley Loves

So is it really “okay” to say that those who worship Lucifer are in fact dealing with Extra -Dimensional Reptilians, as I did in part four? How do these two ideas even fit together in this day and age? Is it all just “imagination” or is there actually some TRUTH behind all of this?

Well…, first off…, we do have the testimony of Jay Parker…, who said point blank in THIS VIDEO BELOW…, that his parents (who were generational Satanists) knew for a fact that they were working for and serving the REPTILES. They also knew they were a “lower” part of the Illuminati’s matrix of control on the planet.

Then, we have Svali’s Interview which states that all Illuminati initiates are taken to the VATICAN in order to be properly and ritually inducted into THE FAMILY! They takes Oaths and then witness and participate in a RITUAL BLOOD SACRIFICE KILLING – usually a small child!

So, we already know that we are dealing with some very ANCIENT or OLD WORLD RELIGIONS…, which were probably given to humanity when human beings were far more controlled than in previous times…, and most likely being lied to… (After the fall of Atlantis)

What we DO KNOW for sure however, is that the farther back in time we go…, the more all of these ancient civilizations actually BLEND TOGETHER in one large world CIVILIZATION!

See this new article that I just put up about the ANCIENT LANGUAGE FOUND IN YEMEN (AND ALL OVER THE WORLD)

Instead of being more separated…, these CIVILIZATIONS were actually far more UNIFIED and even shared the very SAME LANGUAGE ON SIX CONTINENTS!

It is very unlikely that humanities very first face to face encounter with the DRACO’s was during the days of ANCIENT EGYPT – But, instead it is far more likely that the Draco’s were always here on the Earth, hanging out somewhere as the “silent partners” of the Anunnaki.

It was these Anunnaki who were either working with or “managing” the Atlantean leadership long ago.


Interestingly…, we have a man by the name of ROBERT MORNING SKY…, who wrote a very in depth document called the TERRAN PAPERS…, in which he describes a story that was told to his Grandfather, who was a young HOPI INDIAN years ago, from an Extra-Terrestrial Gray which his grandfather and friends called – Star Elder.

See Terra Papers – One here:

According to THIS ACCOUNT…, the word Anunnaki…, simply means: those who from heaven came…., and is simply an EARTH WORD used to describe the beings they were dealing with.

The real planet of origin for the Anunnaki apparently is and always has been in the SIRIUS STAR SYSTEM.

Therefore, the Anunnaki are SIRIAN! (According to the Terran Papers)

The Terran Papers tell us that the very long ago…, millions of years…, the Sirians evolved from “dog like” beings who were very ferocious and loved both battle and war!

The Terran Papers also tell us that originally our Galaxy was controlled by the REPTILIANS – although there is some discrepancy as to whether the Reptiles are actually ruled by KINGS or QUEENS in this version of history.

According to the Terran Papers…, a great war broke out in the Galaxy and the Reptiles were actually being driven back by the Sirians who were not only vicious fighters, but according to the “papers” actually stopped to “eat” their victims on the field of battle in front of those whom they were fighting and conquering.

Put off by the viciousness of the Sirians…, the SOL SYSTEM… (our solar system) was eventually given to them (by the Reptiles) as a PRIZE in order to get them to sign a peace treaty.

This is apparently how the Sirians/Annunnki came to be able to make the claim that Earth was theirs! (It wasn’t really – since you can not really OWN a planet)

As a “side note” the Star “Sirius” has always been known as the: DOG STAR….Don’t you just wonder why?

And in addition there is a tribe in Africa known as the: Dogon Tribe that was in posession of certain super advanced knowledge of the Galaxy and had abundant information about the Sirius Star System that most governments had no clue of until the Hubble Telescope was used to check it out!

When asked how they knew this stuff…, they claimed that they had been visited long ago by beings from that Star System! Could the DOGON Tribe be remembering the Anunnaki?

So here is ANOTHER reference to DOG, or the DOG STAR, hidden in the name DOGON.

See article here which talks about the Dogons.

It is my belief that the Anunnaki (Sirians) ran the Earth administratively from the very first time the Reptiles “gave” them permission to rule the planet…, until a huge Coup took place quite recently (several thousand years) and another Reptilian Race came in from outside our dimension and literally took EARTH over.

This coup probably took place some time after the end of Atlantis…(12,500 years ago) and before the present day.

So IF it was the Sirians who were at one time running the Sol System as administrators…, and they were originally a DOG LIKE RACE…., then isn’t it interesting that our word… GOD, is the word DOG switched around?

It also makes FAR MORE SENSE NOW why our entire ANCIENT HISTORY HAS BEEN SYSTEMATICALLY ERASED everywhere you go and everywhere you look!

The reptiles would have wanted a complete wiping of our former history and ANY MEMORY OF THE SIRIANS, because now THEY were running the planet…, and IF we were going to worship anyone…, we were going to worship THEM! (The REPTILES).

This also tells us WHY those who are part of the ILLUMINATI (those not aligned with the Reptiles) are so desperate to have their ancient “gods” return to the Earth. They still may have memories handed down to them of the understanding of what life was like here BEFORE the REPTILES!

Life may have been both stagnant and controlled under the hand of the Sirians…, but it was NEVER AS BAD as it got once the reptiles finally took over and started instituting RITUAL BLOOD SACRIFICE and the eating of human children (and other humans) as an “offering” to the new “gods”.

Just as an aside…, it has been said the REPTILES REALLY LOVE EATING HUMANS…, so Ritual Blood Sacrifice of children…, to appease the “GODS” may make sense on a certain level, if you understand just WHO THESE GODS ARE!

No one really knows how long we have been dealing with the current group Reptiles…, although some say that China, India, and countries all over the Orient were already under the controlling thumb of those who worshipped the Reptiles under the cover of the a OLD RELIGION known as the ORDER OF THE SNAKE.

So, it is really “not clear” when the coup took place! It could be that the Reptiles control over the entire planet may have been very slow…, and a hard fought battle to win.


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