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By Bradley Loves

The complete “take-over” of planet Earth was never going to be an easy task…, especially if the HUMANS ever woke up and realized who “they were” and who was now in charge of the planet!

With the Reptiles now in charge of things…, during the days of Babylon…, and even before…, men and women were now practicing a “type” of Religion that included CONSTANT BLOOD SACRIFICE OFFERINGS…, which included both human and CHILD SACRIFICE!

Not limited to Babylon alone…, this practice was now happening all over the world at the same time.  This included all of South America, Africa, Europe and Asia…, and most likely North America and Australia as well.  It was a sudden world wide BLOOD FEST OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!

So it is not really stretch of our imaginations here to say that the REPTILES were controlling the whole of the planet, just based on where we could find RITUAL BLOOD SACRIFICE taking place!


The fact that all of the religious “writings” of the times CLAIMED that it was the “god” JEHOVAH or the “god” YAHWEH – or the “god” of who ever it was in South America, or who ever it was in Asia…, that had DEMANDED that human beings must now give them blood sacrifices as daily offerings was BESIDE THE POINT!

Ultimately, and most likely…, behind the scenes of each and every one of these religions (without exception) there was only the REPTILES!

The later Egyptian cultures of 2000 BC. – The Babylonian Culture and after them, the Greeks were all being run pretty much from the “top” down…, just like you’d expect a REPTILIAN PLANET to be run.

Rome was the civilization on Earth where the Reptilian “way” of things really started to finally take root and take hold! All one has to do is look up the EMPEROR CALIGULA to know how really bad things had gotten in ROME!

See here:

However…, about 2000 years ago…, came this very “pesky” idea about a change that involved LOVE AND HARMONY…, apparently coming from “out of the blue” and being given by a “teacher” who spoke of forgiveness and of the true power within each human being!

This type of “teaching” was very UN-REPTILIAN, and needless to say.., very upsetting to those who were quite high up in the REPTILIAN power structure!

However interesting the contrast is between what Jesus preached, and what the Reptiles were into…, I think it is MORE THAN INTERESTING…, if we look at what is written in the BIBLE about this one man’s “birth”…, that there are more than enough clues there to see that something really “fishy” was going on.   (Pun intended).

The “BIBLE” says that before “Esu or Jesu” was born…, his birth was foretold by the coming of a bright star in the East! Well…, the brightest “star” in the EAST is in fact SIRIUS!

Sirius was also known as the “dog star” and was home of the Sirians, who are also known as the Anunnaki.

The BIBLE also tells us that upon hearing of the “birth” of the baby Esu or Jesu, that 3 “wise” men or “MAGI” followed the “star in the east” which then led them to Bethlehem.

The “MAGI” would have been some of the “Old World Magicians” who apparently upon hearing of the birth of Esu, went to greet him.  Could the Old World Magicians reference been a “nod” to the Ancient Atlanteans?

For certain…, almost all of this story is ALLEGORY and can be dealt with simply by remembering that the “three wise men” are also a name for the three stars in ORION’S BELT…, which all together point to the dog star of SIRIUS, when viewed in the night sky on December 25th.


Could it be…, that the JESUS figure that came out of our history was in fact a SIRIAN?  Was he perhaps ANUNNAKI ROYALTY?  Or, was the BIBLE written as if we are to ASSUME that he is ANUNNAKI ROYALTY?

Were the writers of the BIBLE (who were under the control of the REPTILES) trying to tell the people of the world to REMEMBER THE SIRIANS?

If he really did come to Earth…, did he come in order to try to stir the pot so to speak, and to help mankind remember their original SIRIAN roots?

After the Coup where the Reptiles kicked the Sirians off of the planet…, was the Jesus character of our history simply here to put a stop to what HE saw as endless torture and torment of human beings that had once developed a civilization as great as Atlantis?

His “MESSAGE”  of love was certainly was very anti-reptillian!

As much as the Romans desperately tried to stomp out all of the early christians (by killing them) and to stomp out this silly IDEA of love that was brought forth by Jesus that mankind had a unique “kingdom” within themselves, the problem he brought to those who worshiped the REPTILES only seemed to get worse and worse!

So finally…, doing what seemed to be the best and the ONLY course of plausible action…, they co-opted the entire CHRISTIAN faith…, took it over and made it their own…, by changing it into their own version of things!

Finally, the REPTILES having taken this bold action, moved their entire power structure in 325 AD into the newly formed CATHOLIC CHURCH!

It was at that time…, that secret agents of the church actually ransacked THE GREAT LIBRARY AT ALEXANDRIA in order to STEAL ALL OF THE ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE that was left over from a time when Earth was under Sirian Control.
Feeling that it was very important to CONTROL ALL OF THE KNOWLEDGE of the former history of mankind…, the agents of the CHURCH took everything they thought important and made it look like Roman THUGS had done it!

They then carted off some of the MOST ANCIENT TEXTS – SCROLLS – AND MANUSCRIPTS ever written on the EARTH, to ROME…, and burned the rest!

(These ANCIENT TEXTS AND BOOKS are now hidden safely inside the Vatican Library).

Within the CATHOLIC CHURCH – Because it is being run by the REPTILES…, we find the crazy “idea” of worshipping LUCIFER or SATAN and the practice of a mass of sacrifice where they “eat of the body, and drink of the blood” in a ceremony that could only be described as CELEBRATING DEATH!

Logically, this could be nothing more than the higher ups of the CHURCH becoming  “ALLIES OF THE DRACO’s”!

And if one were initiated very high up in the Grand Order of things within the NEW EMPIRE OF THE ROMAN CHURCH, the truth of what was really going on there might be explained to them.

Since it was the FORMER EMPIRE OF ROME which actually “established” the Catholic Church…, then it seems reasonable and plausible to think that perhaps the “creation of the Catholic Church” was done hand in glove along with the Draco’s behind the scenes who after “taking” the planet from the Anunnaki…, sensed their CLAIM to EARTH might be less than secure!  Especially if this Jesus fellow really came here as claimed.

In addition to this, if Jesus was indeed Sirian Royalty…, he may have come to the planet to actually try to get human beings to REMEMBER who they used to be, before the REPTILES did the coup and started the practice of RITUAL BLOOD SACRIFICE!

It is entirely plausible that Jesus…, “scared the bejesus” out of the REPTILES OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE…, and therefore creating the CATHOLIC CHURCH was their quick answer to a very clear and present threat!

There was NO WAY the REPTILES wanted human beings (their new property) to ever remember or understand who they used to be when they were under the rule of the Sirians.

They thusly created a terrible RELIGION of complete fear and terror…, to make certain that the humans of Earth would either follow their Reptilian “lords” rules and laws without question…, or they would be threatened with ETERNAL HELL AND DAMNATION!

In this way…, the hope and the spirit of human beings on Earth would be both crushed and broken…, and they would FORGET FOREVER…, the past great CIVILIZATIONS OF ATLANTIS, LEMERIA, and even of civilizations before those that had been created under the rule and the banner of the SIRIANS!

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