Cosmic Awakening Show Presents Contract Revocation and Sovereignty Declaration With Mary Jane Banks

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April 30 Contract Revocation

Host Michelle Walling discusses Contract Revocation and Sovereignty Declaration with her good acquaintance Mary Jane Banks. MJ has written a soul revocation that is discussed in the In5d article Starseed and Royalty Survival- How to Remove Implants and Tags. This revocation has gone viral as a tool for people to void their own soul contracts made before incarnating that were not in our best interest. Agreements that were made may be holding us back. Declaring our sovereignty and erasing all obligations for suffering is a giant step toward healing and raising our vibration.

We discuss the false light and exiting the matrix, as well as what we can do at this time to heal ourselves as well as help others.

A precursor to this show is the show did on April 2nd called Declaring Your Sovereignty With Michelle Walling.

Mary Jane Bank’s Incredible Soul Revocation can be found on Facebook here.

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