Lakota Brule’ – The Star People- A Message For All Of Humanity

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brulepictureBy Michelle Walling, CHLC

If you have not heard of the Native American rock opera band Brule’, you are in for a real treat.

From a drummer in Brule’ named Moses Brings Plenty:

“My grandfather once told me, ‘Grandson, the world is filled with people. But there’s only a handful of human beings’.

At night when I look at the stars, I think of my elders, my ancestors. My grandfather said, ‘I hope that I conducted my life in such a manner that you yourself would choose to be a human being, and encourage and make a stand for our unborn of all nationalities.’

I will never forget the day that my grandfather passed on, or began a new journey. He told me, ‘Grandson, we have no word for goodbye, because life is forever. Don’t worry, I’ll see you again.'”

Brule’ founder Paul La Roche introduced AIRO (American Indian Rock Opera) as an extension of the Brulé name. There is a bit of controversy among the Native Americans as to the sensationalism of the deliverance of the ancient’s message. I think it is fantastic, but some of the elders feel like it is too commercialized. To me, the message is most important, and this is a great way to get young people to pay attention, and to get them interested in the ancient’s teachings. Brule’ brings high energy dancing and drumming along with Nicole’s La Roche’s synthesized flute and their son Shane La Roche’s fantastic rock guitar shreds. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did:

“We are everybody brothers and sisters and we have to walk away from our shadows to see the beauty of our homes”~Little Crow

The message that the ancient natives with to give to humanity at this time is that we are a rainbow tribe from many nations- from the stars. We are all connected and we never really die. If everyone on the planet would understand this simple explanation of who and what we are, then we could learn to play well together on this planet.

Brule’ plays a regular show at the High Country Guest Ranch in Black Hills South Dakota. Contemporary high energy deliverance of ancient star messages shows the progression of vibration and understanding of the change that is happening on the planet at this time. Now is the time to raise all of entertainment up a notch and to re-program humanity from dark, controlling fear based propaganda to high energy love and peace messages and music.

Brule’ Website

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