Global Financial Default

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global_economic_collapse-apha-110225-By Amitakh Stanford

One area insufficiently explored is the artificially-created concept of money in this world. What we now know is, at best, a sketchy history from conception to fruition. The essence of money has infiltrated every aspect of human lives, so much so that it has become a collective infection.

This world is run by those who are sometimes called the moneyed interests, even though they do not fully understand the concept of money. Nearly everyone understands what money is – a commodity used as a means of exchange. Likewise, they know how it works – it is exchanged for goods or services. However, it is the hidden knowledge that lies behind it that explains why money is accepted . . .

When Benjamin Franklin investigated money, he was unable to unravel the mystery behind it because there was almost no information available to him. The medium of exchange started with the coveting of precious or rare items by the many. Once people began to covet that which they did not have, they unwittingly helped energize the concept of money. As people desired money more and more, greed began to creep into society. Jealousy, hatred and envy were not far behind, as the darker and darker elements began to merge with humanity.

The eighteenth-century Scottish economist, Adam Smith, wrote what many consider to be the Bible of the free market and free trade, The Wealth of Nations, in which he basically expounded that everyone’s greed leads to everyone’s good. As this became more and more accepted and revered, the concepts of ambition and greed became not only acceptable, but worthy.

From its humble beginnings in regional trade, money has developed into a global clearing house for the benefit of the rich and greedy. The next planned step is for the mysterious blank faces behind money to seize the moment to stir and to get things into motion, until, finally, people will accept a single, global currency. These blank faces are the ones who control commodity/share/money markets via manipulation.

Money is the main power that controls this world, even though money is not everything. In fact, it is almost nothing, except to those who are trapped here and need it for survival in the commercial world. The ones who control the money of the world are the few blank faces that nobody notices. While they are nearly invisible, they dictate the trends of the world. In the early days, the blank faces made deals with royals, aristocrats, wealthy people, religious leaders and other influential figures. Amongst these categories, certain ones were selected to serve as the ruling elite of the world, many of whom also hide in the background. From the top is a descending ladder with many rungs. At the bottom rungs, rewards are occasionally given to keep the fairy-tale dream alive that there is hope to ascend the ladder. The moneyed ladder is parallel to the ladder towards enlightenment to which some religious gurus ascribe, the latter of which is topped by the ascended masters. Both ladders were artificially created by the same Force.

There is a financial crisis looming worldwide. However, this time around it will be different to any previous fiscal cycles, because those atop the ladder have lost control of the situation. There are two main groups fighting to implement their plan to achieve global monetary dominance. They have set up events that would eventually help them to introduce their ultimate super currency. They have also brought on the world recession with the hope of returning it to prosperity only after they have stripped nearly all the wealth from the people. The blank faces planned on rewarding their favorite sons and daughters, and disadvantaging or eliminating those out of favor. However, things are not working out as planned due to unexpected changes.

The carbon tax is one scheme the blank faces developed to siphon money from the middle class. They also plan to implement more and more schemes to knock the middle class down the ladder, so that, eventually, there will only be the rich and the poor, with a very wide gap between them. The middle class has beene burdened the most, regardless of which schemes are unleashed on the world. While all this is going on, they will give out some rewards to give people false hope of the chance of climbing the ladder. This is another version of the fairy-tale ending.

The blank faces only care about their own interests, no matter how it might appear on the surface. Everything is designed to suit them. In their sick plan to disadvantage the people of the world, they have caused themselves certain unforeseen problems. For example, mind-control programs have caused mental instability. The health-deteriorating agents that they have dispersed into the air, water and land have caused a lot more mental imbalance on the planet, which has made things less predictable for them in many cases. Likewise, their attacks on the environment have resulted in many severe and unexpected weather and geological events.

The principle of secrecy permeates the world of the blank faces. When things were smaller and less sophisticated, secrecy was easier to maintain and monitor. Today, the situation has changed so rapidly that secret agencies that were designed to work together are often opposing one another. Those serving them are ignorant of the plans. Hence, the secrecy of the blank faces is now a threat to their global operation.

The global financial system is teetering on the brink of collapse. One group is aggressively trying to collapse the system. They already have the Euro in a very precarious state. All it will take to collapse the entire world economy will be for imprudent deficit spending to continue a while longer. This will bring about financial chaos in many countries. The agents for the aggressive group of blank faces nearly have everyone following British economist John Maynard Keynes’ model to try to borrow their way out of debt, while recklessly spending the borrowed money. This is why many countries are encouraged to adopt huge stimulus spending plans and to continue reckless borrowing of money.

The other group of blank faces is frantically trying to partially revive their economic system. The very top people are battling over which way the economy will go. They hope to lure people into remedying the recession after first dragging them through a hard time so they can better be controlled. Both sides want more control over the people, but they each want to achieve it in their own way.

Whichever group prevails, it will be an abusive system to live under for those less privileged, because that is what happens in society when any group makes their own rules and becomes law unto themselves. A global currency is on the table ready to be served to the world. Thereafter, the blank faces plan on establishing global police, a global military, global media, global governors and the one world order. Therefore, the blank faces are infighting because the endgame is drawing close, and the stakes are for the ultimate control of the world.

America is an important piece on the global chessboard. If America continues to borrow with no intention of repaying the debt, as the politicians propose, then they are helping aggressive blank faces in toppling all the financial markets. The blank faces’ agents have promised America that it will remain the superpower on the planet if it keeps borrowing and sends the world into oblivion. This is an empty promise, as the blank faces plan on destroying America because it is powerful enough to be a threat to them. However, President Obama believes in the promises of the blank faces, and is aggressively pushing for endless borrowing. In fact, his plan will never stop the borrowing or repay one cent of debt, and he knows it. Last night, in his speech to the nation, he was frightening the people with fire and brimstone to assist the aggressive blank faces.

The opposition presented a better reasoned plan, without the threats of damnation, but that plan will not pay off the debt either. The whole nation is already enslaved to the moneyed blank faces. Even if the country paid off $1 trillion of the debt per year, it would take over 14 years to pay it down. Yet, none of the parties are talking about paying down trillions each year, or even hundreds of billions. Both parties want to borrow trillions more before ever paying back a single cent. If either party’s plan were followed, it would take many decades, if not centuries, to pay off the debt. While the President’s plan would support a catastrophic collapse for the aggressive blank faces, the opposition’s plan would lead to a controlled collapse for the other group of blank faces. In other words, either path will lead the American people into poverty and slavery to the moneyed interests.

All the while, whichever way things collapse, the instant beneficiaries will be the private owners of the Federal Reserve Bank and the other privately-owned central banks linked to the Federal Reserve. These bankers, who are spread all over the world, will be rewarded, until the American and European economies give up their ghosts.

The only way out of the blank faces’ trap is for the people to force their governments to act for them and not for the moneyed interests. These moneyed interests are like loan sharks and thugs. It is critical to break free from them. Either their current monetary system should be used to pay them off without future borrowing from them – regardless of how difficult that is for the individual countries – or every country should simultaneously default, cancel their national debts, close down the entire monetary system and start anew, without involving the blank faces or their agents.

People have to realize that these blank faces are not really human. They have surreptitiously manipulated and corrupted human emotions of kindness, love, charity and compassion into the blank face characteristics of greed, exploitation, lust and cruelty. Nobody should be blackmailed. Nobody should be threatened or coerced into paying national debts to the moneyed interests run by the criminals who hide behind the blank faces.


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