Dirty Deals + Dirty Deeds = A Dirty World

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america collapsingBy Amitakh Stanford

The design to humble and shame America is right on track, but the people could derail it. For centuries, the ruling elite have been steering the United States government from behind the scenes. Although the ruling elite have been directing America, for the last century the United States government has been a very willing participant in the plans. Certain ones made a deal which allowed America to be temporarily elevated economically, politically and militarily, and to ultimately become the world’s only superpower, but the price for the deal was that the United States was to crash completely after several decades of glory. The dispiriting truth about America’s tarnished image and its economic decline is that it has been pre-meditated by the ruling elite and their bosses.

Indeed, due to America’s double-standards, false pretences for war and intervention, and its bullying of others, many people would relish the humbling of the United States. In the eyes of the world, America has lost its moral authority. It should be understood that the deal for the rise and fall of America was consummated by the political parties and the government, not by the people. The people were deceived and cheated by those who made the deal. The American people are victims of the Dirty Deal. All just power of the American government is derived from the people. They remain the only voice that can stop the Dirty Deal.

Presently, one of the most urgent issues facing the American people is whether they can put their government back onto a just and sensible track. There are many areas of the Dirty Deal that have created the present situation. The people need to get involved from the very lowest levels up to the federal level of government, instead of letting their representatives dictate to them all the time. If the government will not listen to the people, then the people have every right under the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to demand a just, honest and open government.

The Dirty Deal has been spread throughout the entire spectrum. For example, religions are exempt from taxes, and therefore they are willing to turn a blind eye to unethical government activities in order to maintain their IRS status. Corporations have loads of loopholes in the income tax code, to the point that some pay no tax at all. Thus, they have much to gain from supporting the current government, and they have simultaneously deceived the public and become laws unto themselves. Through lobbying politicians, they can legally run aspects of the government. In other words, corporations, religions and other vocal organisations can direct the government. That is one of the reasons that the ruling elite wanted an income tax created. They knew they could eventually manipulate the whole government by playing with the tax code, at the same time taking a big portion of the people’s earnings. Truly, the income tax is one of the murkiest parts of the Dirty Deal.

As an added benefit to the ruling elite, personal income tax helps keep the class divisions intact. Money taken directly out of one’s wages causes stagnation, disappointment and despair for the worker. Those who work for a living and earn wages can rarely rise above their class restrictions. While there may be exceptions to this pattern, they are so uncommon as to be newsworthy. Income tax also allows governments to legally intrude into people’s personal affairs. The government can tax in many other ways that are fairer, more honest and moral than personal income tax. The personal income tax is immoral and should be abolished.

Co-incidental to the instigation of the income tax in America was the creation of the privately-owned national bank, known as the Federal Reserve Bank. The government, commerce, media, educational systems etc. have all played a role in misleading the American people and the world into erroneously thinking that the Federal Reserve is a governmental body. It is not. It is owned by some very privileged people who are rewarded by the ruling elite with enormous profits extracted from the American people. This bank is the worst possible example of a wholly unregulated, unchecked, unaudited entity that is allowed to operate outside of the law.

The Federal Reserve is so secretive that nobody has a list of its owners. For all we know, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Windsors of Great Britain, the king of Saudi Arabia, Colonel Gaddafi, Fidel Castro and even Rupert Murdoch could be amongst the owners. The names of the owners are so protected that nobody has ever revealed the list. Who and what is protecting the Federal Reserve owners from being revealed? With all the hacking and spying, why has nobody entered and disclosed this database?

The reason why it is so important that the ownership of the Federal Reserve be publicly revealed is because many of America’s wars and other activities could be traceable directly to the interests of the bank’s owners. The Federal Reserve prints money for America without any collateral backing its notes. Anyone with a printing press could run such a high profit, risk-free business. But, the Federal Reserve has the exclusive contract to print American money. The latter was delegated to it by the Congress. Congress authorises treasury bills, notes and bonds that it gives to the Federal Reserve in exchange for currency credits from the private bank. In other words, the money the bank prints comes from thin air. The bank’s owners have indeed become filthy rich from the Dirty Deal.

The Federal Reserve holds a large inventory of American treasury bills, notes and bonds. Nobody knows how large it is because the Federal Reserve has never been audited since its creation, and nobody knows what its vaults hold. The media has reported that the Federal Reserve is currently holding $1.6 trillion in government securities. Who knows whether that number is true?

Clearly, the Federal Reserve earns money for doing nothing. It has nothing behind it, and every dollar it prints, it takes it back from the American people via inflation and other means. It has grown rich and powerful by printing money without any collateral behind the money it prints. The Dirty Deal requires the American government to recognise Federal Reserve notes as real money. Otherwise, everyone could print their own money!

The government has led the American public to believe that the Federal Reserve is a government enterprise, and the Federal Reserve has likewise maintained the ruse that they are a public bank. Therefore, it is reasonable for the American people to demand that all of the assets held by the Federal Reserve, whether it is $1.6 trillion or some other amount, be made void. The unconscionable activity would be stopped in its tracks. The argument for voiding the private bank’s government securities is that since the pretence has been used that it is a government bank, this will, in effect, transfer funds from one department to another. The Dirty Deal needs to be cleaned up.

As the Federal Reserve securities are made void, the government debt will be reduced by that amount. The debt ceiling issue would temporarily be solved. Then, honest people would have the time and opportunity to dig into more aspects of the Dirty Deal and begin correcting America’s course. The time for doing this is very short. If the government is allowed to borrow more money by raising the debt ceiling, it will help fulfil the plan of the ruling elite to destroy America.

On a different note, the American politicians operate under a severe disability. They have been bombarded by beams and inaudible sounds directed at Washington D.C. These beams can alter and influence thought processes and patterns of the mind. The longer one is exposed to such influences, the more quickly and ardently they will think and act in ways that benefit the ruling elite and their plan to destroy America. However, not all politicians are equally affected by the beams and sounds.

Washington is not the only city facing beam and sound bombardment. Other states and cities have been targeted. For instance, certain parts of Connecticut and New York, among many others, are heavily affected. Areas in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Korea, Australia, Canada, England and other European nations have been severely bombarded by the ruling elite’s invisible beams and inaudible sounds. Africa, the Middle East, and Asia have not been spared, nor has South America. It is worldwide. The ruling elite have had fewer opportunities to influence and infiltrate China and Russia, until recently.

Many heads of state are not what they appear to be. You can observe them and see very different behaviours from day to day and week to week. It is as though many have developed bi-polar like symptoms.

President Obama has become very condescending to the American people by saying that they are too busy in their personal lives to understand the workings of a treasury auction or the aspects of the debt crisis. He said that the politicians were paid to worry about such things that are beyond the grasp of the people. The President could use this type of condescending logic regarding every issue involving governmental decisions, such as military involvements, supporting Israeli repression of Palestinians, education, health care and all other aspects of life. Common sense has always been the guiding star for humans. Americans have common sense that their representatives have lost in the midst of the Dirty Deal. Most Americans realise that the country must stop borrowing money and become fiscally responsible. It is up to the American people to correct Washington’s madness.

There are many who are asserting that there needs to be a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution to force fiscal responsibility on the government. While this would certainly help keep the government in check, a much better amendment for the people would be to bar re-election for any federal office. That is, anyone who is serving as a representative of the House or Senate, or as President, would be ineligible to run for that same position again. This would stop representatives from using their offices to run for re-election, and halt a President from holding a fund-raising dinner in New York where attendants paid over $38,000 per plate. It would be one thing for a President to use the office to raise funds for disaster relief, but it is another thing altogether when the funds go to political parties. Whether attendees are bankers, lawyers, corporate representatives or the like, the appearance of impropriety is so great as to warrant a ban on such activities.

Not only is America sacrificing its moral authority, it is now in the final process of forfeiting its economic and military power. The ruling elite have dictated that America participate in so many wars, so that its army is so thinly spread, that the United States is becoming vulnerable to foreign attacks. Although the people who made the Dirty Deal are long dead, their filth lives on. They have passed the baton to new ones who continue doing the Dirty Deal to the American people. The Dirty Deal disease has spread to other countries as well. Income tax and privately owned central banks that pretend to be government bodies are two of the main tools used by the ruling elite to do their international Dirty Deals.

Dirty Deals + Dirty Deeds = A Dirty World.

This is simple arithmetic!

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford

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