First 3d Printing Model of Vossahedron Home Designed to Regenerate Your Body!

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By Michelle Walling, CHLC

How would you like to live in a home that is not only self-sustaining but also heals and regenerates while living in it? I first introduced the works of Fernando Vossa’s geometric home design in the article Houses That Heal, Grow Their Own Food, And Produce Their Own Energy at

Fernando’s model is based on sacred geometry and our ancestor’s way of living; all based on nature. Cities that were in existence 5,000-10,000 years ago were built around energy generators that not only provided power for homes but also had the capability to help humans live in a human body for much longer than we are living today, at least a thousand years or more.

Yes healing geometry within a home is now is a reality!

In the short video below, Fernando’s initial 3D print test of the Vossahedron dome geometry using the bq witbox 3D printer is demonstrated.  This milestone marks an evolution of Regenerative Architecture for eco-communities.

We are well on our way to exiting the matrix and re-creating life on planet Earth!

“When we are resonating life, that’s all there is in the Universe. There is love, there is consciousness, and the form of that is all life.”

For inquiries on the Vossahedron dome home or bq 3D printers contact:
Bio-Architect Fernando Vossa

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