Our Reality Is A Living-Light Projected Hologram

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GUARDIANS:     Many have heard this term ‘hologram’ and many have even come to accept that it perhaps is true- that Earth’s reality is indeed a ‘hologram’. However, in order to really grasp the deeper meaning behind this term and be able to understand what implications this may have on your current life, one must be open to learning the ins and outs of what it means to be a projector of light-based consciousness.

Light-based consciousness is synonymous with what it means to say that reality is a hologram. In terms of the cosmic arena and the mechanics of reality-based-fields-of-light, a hologram is in fact a living breathing projection of light-encoded quantum filaments gathered and distributed to create the image of that which you see with your two human eyes. That which you see with your two human eyes is in fact a projection of a quantum field of thought projections based on sound and light mechanics and can be changed and redistributed based on the ever-changing current of consciousness that is sourced from the collective and individual human fields.To make that perhaps slightly more understandable to those who do not immerse themselves in quantum mechanics or metaphysics, Earth’s hologram is a projected version of reality based on the combined thoughts and feelings of all the humans on Earth. This projected reality is not predetermined or stagnant, on the contrary, it is a living-light-field that changes with the ebb and flow of the field of consciousness feeding the reality.

In order to understand what implications this may have on your current day-to-day life, one would need to understand how your consciousness impacts the outcome of your agreed upon reality. To a certain degree, the combined thoughts and feelings you have, do have a direct impact on the accepted version of the projected hologram. Therefore, if you would like your hologram to change, you can be a key participant in this by changing the way in which you add to this reality, and that is, by changing your personal individuated thoughts and feelings. It is really that simple.LEEDA:    Are there not those who limit our ability to affect the hologram? And those who can manipulate the holographic projection?

Yes, there are indeed those who manipulate the hologram and that is a completely different subject altogether and one in which we would prefer not to discuss at this current time, however perhaps in the near future we can set aside some time and discuss this topic if you and others so wish.

It is vital to understand that each individuated soul and consciousness-complex plays a huge role in changing or recreating the accepted version of the hologram of which makes up your entire reality. Everything you touch, see, feel or hear is in all honesty and truth, a living-light-encoded hologram being projected by the living-light-field of consciousness as it is being directed by your combined human quantum fields.

LEEDA:    Are all realities holograms on other planets as well?

Not in the same way that the hologram on Earth is constructed to be. There are countless numbers of other planets who also experience their version of reality through the construct of a hologram but each one is unique and functions according the unique signature of that planet and the rules by which that planet has chosen to engage with.

LEEDA:    Is this why some people say ‘this is all an illusion’ while referencing reality?

GUARDIANS:       This statement is in fact a fabrication, and has been coined in such a way as to distract and confuse good-hearted citizens of Earth. The tactics and strategies of the anti-krystic forces run deep within the ‘new-age’ movement and communities. We see that this phrase has been a successful tool used by the NAA to disengage and thwart the expansion of consciousness, as well as to hinder the forward momentum of compassionate kind-hearted loving citizens who at one time wanted to participate and actively contribute to the Divine Plan, however, have since been thrown off the wheel as this statement has taken the wind out of their sail. The holographic nature of reality is not meant to describe reality as being an illusion. Reality is in many ways very very real. What you are seeing, feeling and hearing is in fact REAL and many are deeply impacted by the actions and thoughts used to create this holographic expression. However, the base mechanics of how reality is experienced on this planet is that of a hologram. Not to be confused with ‘reality is just an illusion’!

In fact, what is meant on the higher planes and dimensions by the phrase ‘illusion’ and when it is said to ‘break free of the illusion’ is referring to the illusion created by the myriad of false fabrications and distortions of what used to be the truth at one time in your very distant past. The ‘illusion’ is the soup of lies that humans are forced to live in and navigate through. In order to make sense of their reality they must escape the enslavement of the illusion. This is what is meant by that reference to illusion. Please understand the difference and do not confuse them.

LEEDA:    Can you explain the algorithms involved or how much one person’s contribution impacts the reality vs. the collective field? Does everyone on Earth see the same hologram?

GUARDIANS:     Well, in order to answer your question we would need to tap into the field by which the source code of creation exists, as it is there that the precise algorithms and equations exist. We see that it is not the precise numbers you are interested in, but the overall understanding of how the reality is constructed and to what degree each individuated consciousness is able to impact the projection.

First of all, to some extent, yes everyone on Earth is able to see the same hologram. This is why you can trust that if you step outside with your friends that each one of you will see the same color sky and see the same version of reality whatever it may be at that given moment in time. However, each individuated consciousness also has their own personal hologram as well, and this is entirely unique to them and only them. At any given time upon the Earth there are at least 16 billion or more versions of reality being projected by the living-light-fields. This means that each human being has their own, and each human being also has their agreed upon version in which they share with all others living upon the planet.

Now to expand on this and explain the hows and whys to what % of the reality projection is particularly impacted by _X_ person or _Y_ group, would require a much deeper understanding of the mechanics by which the hologram is actually projected. However, at this time there are those who have acquired an ability to impact the field to a greater degree than there fellow man. In some cases this has been of service to the Divine Plan. Unfortunately however, in most cases this has been a hinderance to the Divine Plan and has indeed been a direct influence of the anti-krystic agenda.Again, what is important to take away here is the fact that humans are capable of wielding their consciousness in such a way as to directly impact the agreed upon version of their experienced reality. If each human had the capacity to understand this now Earth would be a living shangri-la as humans would free themselves from the bondage of enslavement and mind control, and get to finally be in the seat of their own thrown by which they can conduct their lives according to their own soul’s will and desire.

Each human soul has the ability to connect into the fields of the greater universal Godhead whereby the currents of eternal essence or SOURCE consciousness pulse and flow. Each soul has the ability to reorganize and reintegrate into the greater matrix of the human body —which extends upwards through time and space and through the many layers and dimensions until it joins with the Godhead. If you are feeling lost or confused, you need only to ask your soul to begin this process. Many souls upon the Earth at this time have undergone severe fragmentation and manipulation, and as such, this process for many may require a gentle approach as there may be a process of healing that will be initiated or triggered, and this is necessary and all part of the process.

The healing needs to occur in order for your soul to gain the necessary charge it requires to begin the process as it reorganizes and returns to wholeness once again.  Do not shun this process in fear of your own trauma and inability to deal with the past. This process takes courage, compassion and perseverance. We offer again the aid of the Krystal Star families here on the Earth plane as well as the multitude of Krystic beings here in pure loving service, and available to all who ask with an open heart. We are your families of the past and your genetic blueprint carriers… we are here to lift you up from the depths of despair, anguish and confusion. Those who have questions, those who feel lost and are yearning for something better and more in alignment with their heart and soul, are asked to simply be shown the truth of who you are. That which you are is so much more than you have been led to believe. That which you are can not be seen, yet that which you are can be felt by the untainted christ-activated heart.At this time we thank the loving scribe for initiating this conversation and for making this available for those on Earth. In love and luminosity we bid you farewell beloveds until next time. YOU ARE GOD. YOU ARE SOVEREIGN. YOU ARE FREE.

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