P.L. Chang- Ascension and the “Forbidden” Secrets of Religion – Seminar 3

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religionBy P.L. Chang

Ascension and the “Forbidden” Secrets of Religion was a seminar I did on April 19, 2015. I presented this seminar, which was my third seminar, to the public to teach people about the ascension process and the “forbidden” secrets of religion. After studying the information in this seminar, you will know why most teachings about ascension are not accurate. Furthermore, you will know why religion is a tool that is used by the Dark Forces to enslave you.

In this seminar, I explain why ascension does not really have anything to do with the Rapture. Instead, ascension is a natural process that involves increasing the particle pulsation rhythm of the body, allowing it to absorb higher frequency into its morphogenetic field and therefore increasing its frequency. This process also causes our consciousness to rise to higher levels, allowing us to become more aware and conscious.

The information in my third seminar is very important for helping us to free our souls from the matrix of the Dark Forces. If you want to learn how to achieve true spiritual freedom, you need to study the information in my third seminar and apply it wisely into your life.

In my third seminar you will learn about:

  • The ascension process
  • The “forbidden” secrets of religion
  • The covert meanings of Christmas and Easter
  • The hidden messages and secret codes in the Bible
  • The secret organization behind religion
  • The drama between the Light Forces and the Dark Forces
  • Why many teachings in religion are based on the religious stories of ancient civilizations
  • How modern Christianity was created
  • The solutions for freeing our souls

Here is the link to download the PDF of P.L. Chang’s 3rd seminar:


For more information on his seminars, visit Chang’s seminars page.

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