Mirror Mirror, or the AI Hologram Cracks

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By: Loon On A Hill
via Zengardner.com

What do the following have in common:

1)  The Berenstein Bears;
2)  The evil queen in Snow White and Seven Dwarfs addressing her mirror with, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall…”; and
3)  Nelson Mandela’s dying in prison in the 1980’s have in common?

The answer is many people have vivid memories of these “facts”.  Unfortunately, according to reality today, each of these is false.  The Berenstein Bears is actually – according to reality today, spelled the Berenstain Bears – and most of the old books have been changed via an unknown technology so our current reality reflects this “fact”, even though there are still websites and memorabilia that reflect the original spelling that I and many other people remember.

Berenstain – hmmm…  Can you imagine the jokes that would have abounded between juveniles about “barren stain” and “the barren stains” if that was the actual spelling back in the 1960’s through the 1980’s?

The second example, of “Mirror, Mirror on the wall..” is in today’s holographic reality as “Magic Mirror on the wall.”  Now, anybody who was a kid back in the day knows that this quote is not correct – and yet check out this video of the evil queen talking to her mirror in the old film.

What is going on here?  Everyone I know of who was born in the 1940’s through the 1970’s KNOWS the quote is, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall…”The third example is more controveraial, because according to most people today, Nelson Mandela died in 2013 and not in the 1980’s.  However, there are many that report vivid memories of that event including riots and many other associated events.

This sort of “mistaken” recall has been scientifically labeled, the Mandela Affect, which means you have a memory of something that is not true.  How convenient that we now have a label for an affliction that seems to be affecting more and more people.Nothing to see here folks – move along….

Some Have attributed these quirks or oddities as the result of unaware quantum jumping to alternate realities.  That might be plausible, however, if that was correct then at least some of these sorts of reality changes seem rather trivial and silly.  Are the above three examples simply delusional memories, quantum jumping, or imperfect recall of actual facts as hypothesized by the scientific skeptic? Perhaps there is an alternate explanation that would make more sense, if we knew that we were inside a prison or matrix created by artificial intelligence.  Perhaps then what we are witnessing are the first few cracks in the artificial construct which surrounds and binds us through holographic imprisonment.

It appears that what is actually happening in these three innocuous examples above, and which will probably happen with more regularity in the future, is that the prison matrix which binds us via holographic technology to tightly focus our attention is beginning to fall apart.  Obviously from the examples above the matrix has some capability of self-repair, but it is beginning to break down.  Unfortunately for the matrix button-pushing controllers, humanity has risen to a level of awareness and energy that at least some of us are beginning to notice that reality, isn’t.

Memories ain’t what they used to be.”  Martin Sage

The jig is up as more and more people follow their heart and inner knowingness, and we can look forward to the collapse of “reality” as we know it today.  First, we will have silly little annoying things change in our life experience, and then those sorts of events will grow and happen with more regularity.  Eventually large aspects of “reality” will begin to fall apart (i.e., Was Australia always north of Europe?  I thought…).

So, things may get really crazy soon.  Try to remember during whatever comes up that regardless of how crazy it appears to get, that it is not you – it is the hologram falling apart and trying to self repair.  In these times it is important to stay centered in your heart, believe in yourself, rekindle your purity, and always do what is right.  If you stay true to yourself and who you really are, then even though firestorms may rage around you, you’ll easily pick a path through the confusion to where you – the real you – needs to be.

Good luck!


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