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By  ‘The Happy Wonderer’

Ascension?  That is one of my least used words!  The images and concepts around it sooooo bizarre … which is probably exactly as they are meant to be. Angels, trumpets, stairways, heaven and hell, UFO ‘rescues’ – noooo – I don’t think so…..

So what’s a better option?  A ‘Shift’ perhaps?  As in a change of frequency?  I can live with that.  It also has implications of changing gears, shifting perceptions, and other similar potentially positive phenomena.

Of course – that also argues a potential ‘downside’, which could be actively down – or just a passive / neutral same old, same old.

And somewhere between those two options there has to be a turning point, a cut-off limit. No, it is not how often you go to church, or how often you bang your forehead on the ground, or otherwise grovel to some imaginary fearsome being who judges you.  Or so you are told!

So what is it that will create that shift, for whom, and when?

I’d like to suggest that the prime ingredient is AWARENESS.

Awareness across the board – everything from the awareness that we are a lot more than  our physical, 3-D bodies, to being aware objectively of the propaganda rubbish that we are told and fed under the guise of speeches from our ‘leaders’ through to mainstream ‘News’.  AND being able to balance that with so-called ‘alternative news’ – which is usually a lot closer to objective fact than the propaganda, of course!

Awareness is not an attribute that is innate.  It is learned, it takes work to have the ability to remain cool, objective, analytic enough to filter the rubbish from the facts as they really are – or as close as you can get to doing that.  It takes a wide and non-judgemental sweep of interests and knowledge from a broad range of fields, and THEN it takes experience to have some idea of what goes with what else and how.  No-one can be expert in all fields – but even a superficial knowledge of what’s ticking and why should, bolstered by other input, be enough to have some idea of the true overall picture.

We have been programmed to throw babies out with bathwater. There are whole areas that have been either actively concealed from us, muddied into invisibility, or lied about for decades if not centuries or even millennia.  The two biggies are our true spirituality – buried under religious claptrap and fear-propaganda – and ET life, ridiculed as impossible because of speed limitations – (wanna bet?)  The REASONS for that are another subject – and with sufficient awareness, you should soon suss that out!

Our choices are usually portrayed as limited to the ‘facts’ as portrayed by TPTB (the powers that be) and the MSM (mainstream media);  not exactly a broad range of choice!  And definitely made worse by the calculated and deliberate distortions put out by the MSM for the misdirection of the masses…..

The effect of all that is a severe limitation on us.  And the only way to get past that limitation is a conscious decision to consider alternatives.  How simple is that?  All you need to do is get past the fear – accept and allow the simple fact that there are powerful people on this planet who do NOT have your welfare at heart, and then inform yourself of potential alternative explanations addressing why you are at, where you are at, and how that is going to affect you – and your families.

The best antidote for fear is knowledge. But where from?  There are two potential sources. But both call for your own discrimination and objective assessment.

The first is to look for sources of information that are independent.  Commentators, journalists, analysts – the ones who you DON’T see on the 6 o’clock muppet-orientated ‘news’ bulletins!  Or, in the interests of balance, the news bulletins from the other side of the fence – no-one says you cannot assess the value of all propagandas!  (Yet).

The other is more esoteric – and / or calls for a bit more work from you!  Inform yourself – for instance, what is the SCIENCE behind the scare talk?  Is it valid?  Does it agree with known independent scientists?  Are there alternative explanations that stand up to scrutiny?  If so, how valid are they?  What holes can you pick?  Here’s a good example – the word ‘climate’.  First look it up in a dictionary;  then realize that (more technically) it takes at least 30 years of observations before a meteorologist will define a weather pattern in a given area as a climate.  Which makes a nonsense of ‘climate change’, eh?  We are fast losing what climates we did have, and we are facing erratic and violent weather patterns. It takes 30 years of predictable weather to make a climate …. So?  So – ‘climate’, or ‘climates’, per se, are history until further notice – with a 30-year learning curve!

A second example?  Well, if you knew that you were going to be seriously at odds with someone, and you had a lot of control/power over that someone, what simple thing could you do to empower yourself and disempower them?  Would you not disarm them, in every way that you could, mentally, psychologically or physically?  Sounds like a good plan to me …..

And there are many similarly obfuscated subjects, tailor-made to misdirect YOU!

Finally – subject to a great deal of care and discrimination – our awareness may extend to other inputs, ranging from (e.g.) a study of cycles and historical patterns / events, to ‘sixth sense’ awareness – hunches, ‘feelings’, inner urgings, or esoteric communication.  Too woo-woo?  NO!  This is awareness at a higher level, and it comes complete with traps for young players…..  Personally, I like to compare a range of sources, seeking a ‘common thread’.  When an analyst of cycles, and a psychic, and a vivid dream, and my gut are all saying the same thing – THEN I pay serious attention to that thing.

For instance, there are at least 3 sources whom I respect who have ALL been predicting upcoming electrical ‘melt-downs’.  These ARE happening; they are particularly high-profile in air transport, but they are in other fields as well.  So when all three of those sources are also saying “This is going to get worse”, I listen.

Does anyone remember how to write a letter?  Can the infrastructure to handle hard-copy mail be resurrected?  Hmmmmm……….

Stay centred, stay grounded, but above all … stay Aware.

Big thanks to Laron from for this article.

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