The Double Edged Sword Of Awakening

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knights templarBy Michelle Walling, CHLC

Have you found yourself wondering if you would be better off not knowing the truth of what is happening in our world? The truth comes with a price, but those who are awakening to a whole new reality tend to struggle just as much of not more than those who are still lost in hypnotic trance programming.

The battle of “yourself vs. the world” begins when you can now see how we have been lied to in about pretty much everything. When you find out that the planet has been under siege since before the time of Atlantis, you begin to wonder how we can ever free ourselves. Even though you feel like you are ready for the truth, you look back and realize that you really weren’t ready for much of what you have learned until the time was just right.

After researching all the areas of UFO coverup and recognizing the matrix system that we live in, you get even more frustrated with those asleep. The more you know, the more you don’t understand other people. You tend to move away from them rather than untie with them. It’s a lonely road for most awakened people.

Then you begin to lose patience. After you realize that humanity has created this awful reality with their free willed intention and thoughts, you also realize it can be changed the same way. How long will it take for people to wake up and join you in your thoughts of manifesting a peaceful and healthy planet?

sadcomputerYou may even begin to lose hope. When we incarnated, our memory of why we came here was erased and we fell deep into the illusion of separation. We forgot the divine plan and how important this lifetime is to our soul, humanity, and the planet, solar system, galaxy, and universe.

You would not have come here to this planet if you were not able to hold the sword of truth. Now is the time to remember why you agreed to come here. We are making great strides and we will succeed.

The funny thing is, many of us are over achievers. It may have to do with a self destructive pattern of behavior that has been programmed into us. We want to save the world and we tend to overload ourselves and take on the responsibility for all. This is when we get so occupied that we do not make time for the work on ourselves.

We have a tendency to want to share what we know and what we have seen with everyone, in hopes that it will wake them up. The truth is that the decision to wake up is held at a soul level. Experience shows us that no one will wake up until they are ready on a soul level. Those who haven’t received the wake up call may meet your information with glassy-eyed stares or even anger, which is a form of fear. You may have tried really hard to wake a loved one or friend up, but ended up wasting a whole lot of time and energy doing so.

You may have even found yourself flat on your back with the flu, or even worse, an injury that stops you in your track. When this happens, the Universe often will make you slow down so that you can stop giving your energy away to others and realize that now is truly the time to work on yourself. Now is the time for balance and letting go and to stop over working yourself or trying to save humanity.

Dolores Cannon described the Three Waves Of Volunteers that came to the planet. The first wave of volunteers took the brunt of the job by blazing the path with new ideas and ways of healing. They truly have worked hard for the rest of humanity and have waited the longest for their payday.

It might surprise you to know that the message for most of the second wave of volunteers was to just “be”. That’s right, most of the time, nothing else was required except to be incarnated. Just by looking at someone in the eyes, you may have helped them and you don’t even realize it. Once we woke up, we were eager to really want to DO something more, to assist. Ironically, it’s the second wave that usually goes above and beyond, as well as down the rabbit holes. Some people got stuck in the rabbit holes.

The third wave of volunteers, the kids, hold a tremendous amount of light for the planet and will be the future responsible keepers of Earth. For now, there is nothing that they must “do” either, except to be themselves and to try to have fun.

The point is that just by being brave enough to come to the densest planet with the most adversity in the Universe, we would have completed our mission. However, the idea is to stay here as long as possible, and the more you can help the better. It is also important to share your information with those who have ears to hear, but to learn to back off to those who have their own path and timing of awakening.

balanceWhat we need right now is balance. As we have one foot in a higher consciousness and the other foot in the chaotic denseness, we have to learn how to keep the extremes from pulling us one way or another. There will come a day when we move completely into the higher consciousness and separate from the lower density. Until then, observation of our emotions, thoughts, and actions is needed in order to master the transition.

The final countdown involves letting go of the emotional tie that societal programming has on you. We are learning to becoming the observer instead of the victim. We are realizing how to mold our reality into one that serves us rather than us serving it. Now is the time to practice peaceful non-compliance and stand your ground, while using non-judgment, unconditional love, and the Golden Rule. It is really important to transmute fear and doubt into the satisfaction of knowing that we are making a huge difference in the collective consciousness.

There has been enough evidence submitted through articles, channelings, and whistleblowers to show that we are on the right track for raising our consciousness. Our over-achievement has paid off, but many of us learned the hard way that it needed to be balanced with self love and time for ourselves.

There is no going back and there is nowhere to hide. The darkness that looms on Earth comes form within each and every human on the planet. On the other hand, the light within us is the winning victor. The more we work on ourselves, the greater impact we can have on the collective. In the past, we acted out our frustration and aggression with war and justice. Now the double edged sword of knowledge comes with the challenge of self responsibility and patience. Sometimes it is the simplest challenges that end up being the most difficult.

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