The Controllers Agenda Exposed – Part 1 Shifting Awareness and the Fluoride Hoax

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For one seeking enlightenment in the form of new enhanced consciousness and enlarged perceptive faculty, be prepared to divest yourself of all past preconceptions and thought-habits and, with childlike meekness and docility, surrender the mind to the reception of some novel and unexpected truths.

Shifting Awareness

Throughout the world there are great megalithic structures which defy conventional explanations. In Egypt are the Great Pyramids of Giza, in Bolivia the megalithic sites of Tiwanaku and Puma Punku, on Easter Island the massive stone heads and in Peru are the massive stone structures of Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo, the temple-like city of Machu Picchu and the plains of Nazca with runways and images which can only be seen from the air. These were all created by a civilization and technology unknown to us. There are even newer discoveries such as the great stone structures and cities uncovered off the coasts of Florida, Cuba, Japan and Spain. The encrusted sea life of the Japanese pyramid has been carbon-dated to 10,000 years ago. The discovery off Spain is consistent with the city of Atlantis.

In 2007 we visited Egypt and discovered that the Sphinx was very likely many thousands of years older than the Great Pyramids and the Great Pyramid may have been built over 12,000 years ago. But what is a mile-high stone image of a half-man half-lion image doing on the surface of Mars? There are even pyramids on Mars. Were they connected to an ancient civilization of Earth?

In Egypt, we were introduced to the story of Isis and Osiris and Horus carved in hieroglyphics and  pictures into the wall of a temple. It was a story which sounded suspiciously like the story of Joseph and Mary and the Christ child; a story which existed thousands of years before the event in the Holy Land. Does history repeat itself so perfectly that it’s the same story?

Then we found out that the Great Pyramid wasn’t a burial place after all. It may have been a beacon, a power plant or a weapon, but it most certainly was never a burial place. The evidence for the story was planted by an archeologist, but has not changed despite being officially acknowledged. If our history is lost, we can’t know who we are and what we’re doing here and where we’re going.

The Maya saw the end of their calendar as December 21, 2012 and Pope Gregory synchronized the Gregorian calendar so that it would coincide with the number sequence 12.21.2012 at 11:11 AM GMT at its inception. What interest would a Pope have in a Mayan Calendar? Am I missing something here? The Maya were supposedly this primitive tribe in Mesoamerica that had been living in the Stone Age and the Pope thought they knew enough about cosmology to change the calendar to match it for the rest of the civilized world? This was going to require some serious study.

After considerable research into what initially seemed to be a curios exercise, something amazing emerged. The world we think we know isn’t at all a faithful representation of the greater reality, and more importantly the world that we live in is about to change in a massive way.

The reason it’s all going to change. A great cosmic cycle which is about to end. It happened 26,000 years ago and it will happen again in 26,000 years and there is nothing that can stop it. What is amazing is that that’s actually a good thing.

The Fluoride Hoax

fluoride cancer

Fluoride hardens the enamel of teeth and makes them resistant to decay. This effect occurs when fluoride is applied to the outside of the teeth. This hardening of enamel also makes it chip and fracture. Topical fluoride also causes inflammation and destruction of gingival and periodontal tissue thus contributing to tooth loosening and tooth loss. Many studies done to assess the effectiveness of fluoride in preventing cavities benefited by the subject’s lack of teeth. Fluoride is also linked to a variety of malignancies including cancers of the oral cavity and pharynx, colon, rectum, liver, pancreas and urinary systems.

Fluoride has a whole host of toxic effects that are principally caused by its disruption of cellular enzymatic systems. All metabolic processes are affected. This can cause breathing difficulties, bone pain, excess urination, sleep disturbances, headaches, anxiety attacks, rashes, stomach pains, painful feet, joint pains, chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, thyroid enlargement, liver dysfunction, bleeding gums, skin ulcerations and a strange asthma-like exhaustion. Fluoride concentrates in arteries and attracts calcium which causes calcium deposition and hardening of the arteries. Not surprisingly, the incidence of heart disease doubled in the five years of the Grand Rapids fluoridation experiment in the 1950’s.

Fluoride is a toxin and a carcinogen. It has been conclusively shown to weaken bone strength and increase the risk of hip and wrist fractures. It has been shown to lower the IQ of children. It is taken up in the pineal gland and inhibits melatonin production resulting in sleep disturbances. There is an increase in infant mortality rates, cancer, and skeletal defects.

It promotes aging and fibrosis. Incidentally, there is no evidence that fluoride taken internally prevents dental cavities.

Fluoride is used in a variety of manufacturing processes, which include aluminum, petroleum, steel, glass, fertilizers, plastics and munitions. Enormous quantities of concentrated fluoride are required to make a nuclear weapon. The United States nuclear bomb factories have been poisoning their workers. The AEC, Department of Energy, Union Carbide and the NIH have been fighting their workers and their families against claims of injuries.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture stated in 1939 that, “fluoride interferes with the normal calcification of teeth during the process of their formation so that affected teeth, in addition to being unusually discolored and ugly in appearance, are structurally weak and deteriorate early in life…this dental disease is found when water containing as little as 1 part per million is used.”

Also, in 1939 the Public Health Service (PHS) set the maximum concentration in drinking water at 1 ppm. This concentration was the absolute maximum that it would allow in drinking water.

It was not endorsing its use. It was legally defining water pollution.

The American Dental Association stated in 1944, “our knowledge of the subject certainly does not warrant the introduction of fluoride into community water supplies…we do know that the use of the drinking water containing as little as 1.2 to 3.0 ppm of fluorine will cause such developmental disturbances in bones as osteosclerosis, spondylosis and osteopetrosis, as well as goiter .”

A top EPA air pollution expert D.F.Walters stated in 1971 that because fluoride was so toxic a chemical, that some form of environmental damage was inevitable. Industries therefore needed the freedom to pollute. Mandating strict standards would shut down whole manufacturing sectors including the military. Fluoride had to remain “our friend”. It was the federal government’s endorsement of the safety of adding fluoride to public water supplies that caused the subterfuge.

Fluoride was known and accepted as a major industrial pollutant in the 19th century. In the 1900s it was poisoning lakes, streams and aquifers. In concentrations as low as 0.1 parts per million (ppm), fluorides caused significant crop losses and sickened livestock

Much of the fluoride, which today is added to municipal water supplies, is an industrial waste silicofluoride “scrubbed” from the smokestacks of Florida phosphate fertilizer mills and is not the  pharmaceutical grade fluoride that was used in the original experiments. Silicofluorides normally contain arsenic concentrations sufficient to cause cancer.

In the early 20th Century the PHS was a division of the department of the Treasury. The chief officer of department was a well-known industrialist named Andrew Mellon, the owner of ALCOA (The Aluminum Company of America). ALCOA was creating fluoride wastes.

In 1939, the Mellon Institute, a subsidiary of ALCOA, employed a scientist named Dr. Gerald Cox. Dr. Cox, as a member of the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council (an think-tank), proposed a plan to the Public Health Service that would protect our children’s teeth by artificial fluoridation of our water supply. After all, wasn’t it the PHS itself that stated it was safe and a possible benefit?

If ALCOA couldn’t dump it into rivers and streams, maybe they could dump it into our water supplies instead.

A 10 year study in Grand Rapids, Michigan with artificial fluoridation was terminated after 5 years because it was decided that there was a favorable effect and a nationwide program of water fluoridation was implemented. Actually, the data that supported fluoridation was inconclusive and the heart disease incidence doubled. Fluoride attracts calcium to arterial walls and causes hardening.

After the first full year of fluoridation in Kansas City, Missouri, infant mortality increased 13%. After the fifth year of fluoridation in Kansas City, the infant mortality increased 36%. The data also show that the ten cities with the worst infant mortality rates had all been artificially fluoridated for over 17 years.

A computer analysis of the data from the largest dental survey ever done – 40,000 school children – by the National Institutes of Dental Research revealed that there was no correlation between tooth decay and fluoridation. Schools with the highest caries-free rates were totally un-fluoridated.

If you exam a tube of fluoride-containing toothpaste, you are advised to call poison control if swallowed. The amount of fluoride that is in a tiny bead of toothpaste is almost identical to the amount found in a glass of fluoridated tap water.

When fluoride is ingested during pregnancy or subsequently given to young infants it produces a syndrome indistinguishable from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) or ADD (attention deficit disorder). It is now apparent that the epidemic of ADHD or ADD in the United States closely parallels the history of forced fluoridation.

Australia and most of the European countries, which had followed our lead, have since banned it.

Fluoride is still being used in the United States and its use is being actively defended by the CDC. Many processed foods contain high levels of fluoride. Today the only liquids that are essentially free of fluoride are natural spring water and reverse osmosis filtered water.

Part 2 coming next!

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