The Controllers Agenda Exposed – Part 12, The Other Planets

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For one seeking enlightenment in the form of new enhanced consciousness and enlarged perceptive faculty, be prepared to divest yourself of all past preconceptions and thought-habits and, with childlike meekness and docility, surrender the mind to the reception of some novel and unexpected truths.

The Other Planets


Titan (a moon of Saturn) is not as cold as we were led to believe. It has water and water-ice and abundant life forms. It has an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere similar to our own. It has hundreds of times more liquid hydrocarbons than all of the known oil and gas reserves on earth. It is the “Persian Gulf” of the solar system.

Iapetus is the outermost Moon of Saturn. It resembles a space station right out of Star Wars; it has less mass than expected; it has a metallic-like reflective surface; it has a massive equatorial ridge 6 miles high with three ridges imbedded in it; it has rectilinear geometry on the surface consistent with a truncated icosohedron; it has a dark side and a light side which are so different, the planet can’t be seen on one side; its rotation and orbit are perfectly synchronized and is outside the planetary ecliptic. It also resembles the properties of our Moon in many ways. It is reportedly the base of the Galactic Federation in this solar system.

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Venus was once known as the Destroyer. It was placed in orbit to stabilize the solar system. When Earth and Venus are at their closest positions to each other, the same side of Venus is always facing us. It has no clouds at its poles. Lightening emanates from the planet surface. It was recently found to have oxygen in its atmosphere. In 1985 NASA discovered three pyramids and a sphinx in a complex that looks like those in Egypt. It is called the Cytherean complex. More than 200 photographs have been taken of it. Venus is being terraformed.

There are glass tubes that are several hundred feet in diameter on the planet Mars. One of them shows a break, and at the break is a vehicle. The picture on the right is of a large alien spaceship
positioned on the edge of the Valley Marineris (Mars). It has windows and engines visible. It appears to be very old.

All of the planets as well as the sun are electromagnetic. The temperature inside the sun is colder, not hotter than its surface. The sun’s power is only partially nuclear. Two-thirds of its power is gated from another dimension.

The Mars probe “Opportunity” captured a humanoid in one of its high-res panoramic shots, which was discovered after digital enhancement.

In 1989 there were more than 670,000 humanoids on the planet Mars. They lived in multiple underground cities. The Draconians reportedly invaded Mars and destroyed a colony in 1989. We were then told by the Draconians that we had to trash the Earth environment and extinguish self-rule and bring people to their knees or they would come here and extinguish us as well.

There are many artificial structures buried under a thick layer of dust and silt which are remnants of ancient Martian cities destroyed in a planetary cataclysm some 70,000 years ago. There’s a large underground base at Utopia Planitia (the Nowhere Plain) at the bottom of an ancient seabed.

As part of the Great Galactic War a massive plasma discharge slammed into the planet Mars, vaporizing the water and ripping away the atmosphere and in a matter of minutes carved the huge
Valley Mariner is we see today. Fragments of that planet were blasted into space and small chunks found their way to Earth. Martian rocks can be found lying about on Antarctic ice to this day.

There are a number of “stargates”, and “looking glasses” on earth which allow us to travel great distances and to look back and forth in time. Except for lesser size, a “looking glass” looks nearly identical to the machine that was created for the movie “Contact”, in which the character Ellie traveled to Vega. All were deactivated in 2006 to prevent an Earth cataclysm.

The time portals and looking glasses have all indicated a problem with the 2011-13 timeframe; they can’t go there.After the year 2013, Earth is missing.

There are two very large sculpted faces on Mars. On one side at 40 degrees north in a region known as Cydonia, is a half-man half -lion image and on the opposite side of the planet is an image of a young female wearing a crown. The former image is a monument to a Niburian Anunnaki leader called Alalu, as identified in the 6000 year old writings of the Sumerians translated by Zecharia Sitchin. It is 1.6 miles long by 1.2 miles wide by 2000 feet high and contains within, three massive pyramids. It has teeth, eyes with pupils, a nose with nostrils, a mouth and chin and a headdress similar to that of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. The left side of the monument (the right side as seen from above) is that of a lion. Interestingly there is another monument on Earth which is half-man half-lion associated with three massive pyramids known as the Sphinx. The queen has a more realistic human appearance and is of a similar size.

We have been going to the planet Mars beginning in 1971 both in antigravity vehicles and through “jumprooms”. The Russians were there with us. Traveling to Mars using a jumproom is virtually instantaneous. It looks like an elevator. The doors close and then they open, and then you’re on Mars.

There are plants and animals on the planet Mars. There are many canals and rivers. There are massive reserves of water below the surface. There is water ice at the poles. It is full of life.

The sky on the planet Mars is blue. The color images that we have seen have been deliberately altered to give the reddish sky.

The atmosphere on the planet Mars is thin but breathable. No spacesuits or supplemental oxygen is required to walk about on the surface. The temperature on the surface of Mars is above freezing most of the time. It is very similar to Earth at 12000’-14000’ elevation. Atmospheric pressure is 710 millibars and the average equatorial temperature is 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mars’ artificial moon Phobos has a city on it which is an alien outpost. It was once a moon of Maldek. Approximately 75,000 years ago the first true humans, who were originally Martians, appeared on Earth.

Triton – Triton was built as a way-station to deal with a mass exodus. It is in orbit around Neptune. Triton is an artificial planet and was towed into our solar system. The conditions on the inside are as near as possible a copy of those on Earth. Triton is enclosed by a transparent dome which allows the sunlight to penetrate into the interior. The suns rays are amplified 1020 times to give the same intensity as the Sun on Earth. Air and water are generated and there is no pollution. It has all variety of flora and fauna. Some of the plants and animals are from earth and some are from

The orbit of Triton about Neptune is 5.9 days and has an inclination of 129.8 degrees. The rotational period is synchronous with the orbit so, as with our own Moon, the same side always faces the planet. It has essentially no eccentricity and it is retrograde to normal planetary rotation. The outer surface as enormous quantities of water ice. No scientific model can adequately explain these anomalies.

It is the Noah’s Ark of the solar system. It is a way station for transfer to an Earth-like planet called Epicot many light-years distant. There is an advance party of Earth dwellers living there. There are farms, towns and a whole ecological system. There is a control station located on the transparent dome staffed by some 435 people. The environment is controlled. The flora and fauna are from both planets.

The alien protectors of this planet are allowed and required by Cosmic Law to save all life on Earth in the event of a natural cataclysm. However, they have to follow the Law of Non-interference; they will not save us if we destroy ourselves nor if we refuse assistance.

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