The Controllers Agenda Exposed – Part 13, The Anunnaki

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How To Exit The Matrix Editor’s note:

I have confirmations that Enki’s sister was Ninhursag, not Inanna, and the humans they created were not only to incarnate into, but to mine gold for them on Earth.

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For one seeking enlightenment in the form of new enhanced consciousness and enlarged perceptive faculty, be prepared to divest yourself of all past preconceptions and thought-habits and, with childlike meekness and docility, surrender the mind to the reception of some novel and unexpected truths.



The Anunnaki are a group of Pleiadian and Centaurian rebels who came to earth about four hundred thousand years ago. They were our Overlords since the time of Atlantis.

The planet Nibiru is a planetary-size body, between three and four times larger than Earth, a dark reddish metallic surface and rings around it. It originated from the Pleiadian star system. It is in a long elliptical orbit with a period of 3600 years, an orbital inclination of 33º and a retrograde path. It used to pass between the asteroid belt and Jupiter during its closest approach to the sun. Its last passage was March 2003 when it passed inside the orbit of Mercury. Of note, it was within a couple weeks of the historically predicted date. It should have caused widespread destruction on Earth and thrown Mercury into a collision course with the Sun.

Someone is watching over us.

Nibiru is a space station. The rings are part of the force field. The two rings move 90º to each other when it is activated. It is hollow and occupied on the inside. It was damaged in a battle with an alien race of beings known as the Reptiles over a million years ago. One of the outcomes of that battle was the creation of the asteroid belt from the destruction of the planet Maldek (Malona). Civilizations on Mars and Venus and Earth were destroyed in that battle.

Humans have been destroyed over and over in many battles throughout the life of the universe. They have existed on many planets in many solar systems. They have been in a constant struggle with a race of beings called the Reptiles ever since the Universe was created. This struggle is part of a larger conflict called the Polarity Integration Game which was created at the same time as the creation of this Universe.

The Nibiru space station was created to mediate the conflict in this area of the Galaxy associated with The Game.

The Nibiruans needed gold, platinum and other transition metals to patch the force field and supply biological needs. Gold and platinum metals are converted to exotic matter or ORME; a substance which is used to warp space-time and travel among the stars (think “Spice” as in the novel and movie DUNE). It is also ingested to extend and sustain advanced life. There were no stores of minerals on their space station so they had to find it off-world.

They found gold in the asteroid belt. Their attempt to extract it however, was interrupted when the entire mining operation and the miners were destroyed in a collision between the asteroids. It was an unacceptably hazardous undertaking to continue mining in that area.

Their initial base of operations on Earth was called Eridu, in the region of the confluence of Tigris and Euphrates rivers in what is now Iraq. The story of that landing and the establishment of a primitive base of operations is documented The Lost Book of Enki.

In an effort to resolve the conflict, as well as to fulfill their contract with the Creators (to provide a vessel for the Etherics and the lost souls of Maldek), EN.KI, with the assistance of his sister Inanna, developed an alien-human hybrid, the original Adam and Eve. This Being contained the genetic information from the Anunnaki and a native Earth species found in south-eastern Africa known as homo-erectus. Homo-erectus was a creation of the Sirians. This Being was created nearly identical to the Anunnaki in every way, except for a shortened life span. This Being was taught how to work the mines and help with civil and domestic chores in the cities and spaceports.

The Adamic man was a big success except he was a bit too smart. He was quite capable of learning everything that the Anunnaki knew and then some. Matters got complicated because EN.KI started teaching him who he was. Incidentally, Adam and Eve lived in a compound called E.DIN and EN.KI was the Snake or Lucifer in the biblical story and the “Lord of the Garden” was his brother EN.LIL. There was no “Apple” and Eve didn’t tempt Adam. That story was inserted into the oral tradition by Marduk (the god of the Old Testament) around 2000 B.C. The ‘Eves’ could intuitively see the prison in which they had been placed and wanted out. The ‘Adams’ had to be shown. It was supposed to impress upon man that the matriarchal system didn’t work and was the fundamental cause of man’s downfall. They needed an obedient slave race and weren’t going to get it with the Eves in charge.

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was a symbol for the “ENKI School” which was created to teach the ancient knowledge to Adapa and Lilith (Adam and Eve). It was also called the Brotherhood of the Snake; the mystery schools. The fruit was symbolic of the knowledge.

Adam and Eve were prototypical mutant humans that represented a new breed custom-tailored for their roles as obedient servant-slaves of the Overlords. By telling them who and what they were, ENKI had contaminated the genetic line. ENKI clothed, taught and protected man. He, therefore, personified humanitarian goodness and enlightenment through his defiance of authority.

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