Can Distance Healers Leave Residual Energetic Hooks?

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energetic hooksBy Michelle Walling, CHLC

Distance Healing is an alternative healing practice that allows a person’s energy field to be accessed by the power of thought and intention of connecting with that field in order to balance it. I was recently asked a question about the possibility of “energetic hooks” being left in someone from a long distance energy healing.

Clairvoyant psychics, or “seers” can see energy with either their physical 3d eyes or with their psychic “third eye”. If a psychic sees “energetic hooks” in you, then they are seeing an etheric tool that has been implanted from the connection of the contact that someone or something has had with you.

The main purpose of these hooks are to siphon energy from you. The energy is siphoned to other beings in the unseen realms that are no connected to Source and need energy to survive.

When a psychic sees these energetic hooks, they could suggest where the hooks originated but they aren’t always right. In the case of the person who contacted me, the psychic assumed that the hooks were left from a long distance healing. This could indeed be the case for anyone who is healing without being “pure”. Other hooks can be placed there through contact with just about anyone you come in contact with if you allow it.

“Pure Bioenergy healing” means that the healer is simply serving as a conduit rather than putting anything else into Source energy that is flowing through the healer, including compassion or thinking about the outcome of the healing. In my Pure Bioenergy healing class with our Keynote speaker from our In5d Superpower Activation Conference in February of this year, Zoran Hochstatter taught us how to remove your thoughts and attachments to the outcome of the healing.

Not only does a healer run the risk of reducing the flow of the Source energy with very well intended thoughts, but you also could be adding the negative thoughts and frustrations that they had themselves earlier that day. They could have even picked up some sticky energy from a prior client.

So in short, the answer is yes, long distance healers that are either unaware of what they are doing by adding thoughts to the pure Source energy as well as taking on other clients’ energies and giving them to you could result in energetic hooks. In the future it is wise to ask your healer what their self clearing protocols are after doing a healing. You can also inquire if they are accessing Source energy vs. using their own energy to heal. Furthermore, you should seek out healers who only channel pure Source energy, but some healers may not really know what you are referring to.

This is why Zoran’s work is so important as we move away from outdated methods based in the old energy and move towards simple yet structured methods of protocol. This protocol guarantees that the healer is protected from taking on or releasing any energy or thought forms that are not pure balanced healing energy.

It is also important not to shun all energy healing for fear that they are not following proper clearing protocol or sound methods. Many healers using other methods than Pure Bioenergy Healing do a fine job in moving themselves out of the way and just allowing their body to serve as a conduit. Self healing is also becoming very popular because we are remembering how powerful we are and what we can do.

If you find yourself in the situation where you have hooks to remove, you can perform a simple energetic healing on yourself that will clear them right up, or you can schedule a healing session with another person that can help you to balance the energies.

Here is a protocol you can use to clear yourself:

Sit or stand in a quiet, comfortable place with your back upright. Close your eyes and relax. Imagine luminescent white light filling your body. See that light in your third eye as having shimmering gold flakes in it with a hint of violet. Sit in the energy of this high vibrational light and say to yourself- “I do not allow any energies in my bioenergy field and physical body that are not in my highest and best good. I now transmute any energies or hooks that are intended to siphon my energy into the light to be re-constituted back to Source”.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves, and sometimes we might find ourselves needing a little calibration because we got to a point where we are simply having a hard time. However, relying on others to heal you time and time again is like a revolving door, you give your power away and invite someone that you often do not know into your energy field while you are in a difficult place to begin with.

Start each day with a connection to your higher self and ask for the highest aspects of yourself to join you in your physical body and to transmute all energies that are not yours. Yes, you will manifest some difficult situations at first as your reality starts to bring those things up that need to be addressed. With a little alchemy and transmutation, you will be well on your way to helping others do the same as you revel in what life feels like without the heaviness of others’ energies attached to you.

Energies, entities, and thought forms can only exist in your aura or bioenergy field if you allow them to. Unconscious allowance is the ignorance of not realizing what is happening. Conscious clearing and standing in the power of who you are and your free will to tell any energetic beings to take a hike makes it impossible for them to stick around because of Universal Law.

Finally, after all that has been said about energy healing and negative energies and thought forms, seeing things from a higher perspective may help simplify the understanding of energy and reduce fears about “negative” energy. Energy in itself is neither good or bad, dark or light. If someone is sick, they have either an excess of energy or a deficiency of energy. Removing or adding energy to bring the bioenergy field back into balance with the natural flow is what is needed. It is the frequency, interpretation, and fear given to energy that changes it into an unbalanced, conscious thought form that can become an energetic vampire if you let it.

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