The Controllers Agenda Exposed – Part 14, The Montauk Project, Philadelphia Experiment, and the “Agenda”

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For one seeking enlightenment in the form of new enhanced consciousness and enlarged perceptive faculty, be prepared to divest yourself of all past preconceptions and thought-habits and, with childlike meekness and docility, surrender the mind to the reception of some novel and unexpected truths.

Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment


Radar Invisibility was being researched aboard the ‘Liberty’ ship SS Andrew Furuseth (others say it was the Eldridge or the minesweeper IX97) stationed at the Philadelphia Naval Yard in October 1943. The objective was to make the ship invisible to radar but resulted in unintended consequences. The ship dematerialized, rematerialized at its berth in Philadelphia, then dematerialized and rematerialized back in P.A., spanning 400 miles in an instant. It was momentarily removed from the space-time continuum. Both Nicola Tesla and Albert Einstein were involved in its development.

The sailors who were aboard the ship and who survived the experiment returned in a state of mental disorientation and horror. Some of them continued to dematerialize and rematerialize. Another disappeared altogether. Those that didn’t survive had rematerialized inside the bulkhead of the ship. At least one sailor jumped ship and appeared 40 years later.

The chief technical advisor in the experiment Dr. John von Neumann was reassigned to a project at the Brookhaven National Laboratories on Long Island called the Phoenix Project. There he attempted to link people’s minds with machines. Eventually he achieved a superior understanding of how the mind functions and achieved the sinister if not awesome mastery of total mind control. The project was presented to Congress for funding and was rejected in part, due to the obviously dark aspects.

A private group took over the project and presented a proposal to the military as a warfare technology for controlling the mind of the enemy. This group established a research facility at an abandoned Air Force Station at Montauk Point, Long Island that became known as the Montauk Project.

By 1972 it was fully funded and was engaged in massive mind control experiments on humans, animals and other forms of consciousness such as Etherics and transdimensional beings. They worked with amplifying psychic ability to create illusions as well as the virtual creation of matter. Eventually they started creating time portals and toying with the consequences of bending time itself. Massive and outrageous experiments were being conducted which eventually climaxed in 1983 with a time vortex linked to the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment.

The assistants to the project got together and decided that the project was out of control and decided to crash it. While sitting in the Montauk Chair, the chief psychic manifested a giant beast from his subconscious which literally destroyed the project and much of the base. The project was subsequently terminated and all the entrances and airshafts were filled with cement.


Both projects ultimately became linked to a master occultist magician known as Aleister Crowley (who has been called the most diabolical human on earth). Mr. Crowley was practicing sexual magic, communicating with disembodied entities and traveling inter-dimensionally. The chief psychics and the Montauk location were closely linked with him (through a prior relationship) and on the very day of the Philadelphia Experiment, Aleister was directing a magical ceremony in Cornwall England with a large rock that had a hole in it. An individual went through the hole in the rock and a force was generated which disturbed the waters of the Atlantic all the way from England to Long Island, New York and forty years into the future.

The Montauk Chair was a chair that had been removed from an alien UFO. It linked the mind of the individual seated in the chair with all of time and space. The Montauk Project received support through various alien groups, primarily the Orion reptiles (Zeta Greys). This Orion group already had a long term contract with our federal government dating back to 1953 on developing mind control through a more highly automated technical society which would be more easily controlled.

The linkage from 1943 to 1983 caused a huge hole in space-time through which a large number of alien aircraft came through. Many of the small ships could get through without it, but the really large ships needed the rift. These were the ships that came through in 1953 and which our government decided it would be a good idea to get some kind of treaty. Incidentally, the first investigating commission into the activities of extraterrestrial aliens was in 1887 under President Grover Cleveland. The alien problem is not new.

The rift was stabilized in 1963. Because there is a forward and a reverse time wave created when these portals are opened, the terminus must be properly terminated or the Earth would rip itself apart. If the 1963 node had not been properly terminated, the North American continent may have been destroyed.

Using the Montauk technology they were able to identify at least four parallel earths and in one of them Germany won WWII and in another the South won the War Between the States. The universe preserves order out of a paradox by creating an alternative time line. If someone goes back in time and makes a change that significantly alters future events, that person will then create a new time-line with the altered events and will not be able to go back to the original time-line.

Ultimately, they were able to create the “Jumprooms” to Mars.

They also discovered that they were unable to penetrate the time period 2011-2013 at all and when they arrived after that time period, the Earth was gone. Earth was still in the 5th dimension but the 3rd dimensional Earth was gone. According to the laws of physics, if the time-line you are going into, is not in vibrational harmony with the time-line you are leaving, you will not be able to reach it. The events to come were evidently divinely decreed.

The Montauk Monster appears to be a Draco Reptilian. It was photographed by visitors in the summer of 2008 on the beach at Montauk. Draco Reptilians were the model for the gargoyles of the great cathedrals of Europe such as Notre Dame.

The Agenda

The Controllers Agenda Exposed - An Inconvenient Harvest

A master blueprint for world domination was crafted in a letter written by Albert Pike, the Grand Commander of U.S. Freemasonry (and Illuminati) in 1871. It described three world wars and various revolutions culminating in a One-World Order. The First World War was to be fought for the purposes of destroying the Tsar of Russia. The Tsar would be replaced by communism, which would be used to attack religions, especially Christianity. Differences between the British and German empires were to be used to foment this war.

The Second World War would create controversy between Fascism and political Zionism with the oppression of Jews in Germany. There will be hatred generated against the German people for the atrocities committed against the Jews and increase the power of Zionism. It was designed to make the Jews feel unsafe so that they would move to Israel for the next part of the plan.

The Third World War would be caused by playing the Muslims and Zionists off one another by generating hatred of the Muslim world. It would be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Arabic World) and the State of Israel (representing political Zionism) would destroy each other. This would trigger conflict throughout the world and cause the prophesized ‘End Times’. In an effort to seek a solution to the resulting chaos, a totalitarian world state would be created with Zionist leaders in service to Lucifer and his disciples.

Back in the 1950’s the power-elite developed a plan to get rid excess population. This was in response to information of a future world cataclysm; only some could be saved. We were told that 1) the Earth was designed for only 500 million people (and there were already 5 times that) and 2) the instability would become critical when the population reached 10 times that number. The over-population was and is being caused by materialism. We are not releasing ourselves of our greed and desire and were no longer evolving.

We were offered three options to correct the problem called Alternatives 1, 2 and 3. Alternative 1 was to blow huge holes in the atmosphere, alternative 2 was to create an underground civilization, and Alternative 3 was to leave the earth and colonize other planets.

Alternative 1 stripped away a lot of the ozone and started causing widespread destruction of the planet (which was intentional). It was abandoned when the Sirians and Agarthans stopped the nuclear atmospheric testing. Alternatives 2 and 3 are still in full swing. We have many underground cities and tunnels. We’re terraforming Mars and the Moon and two other planets.

There is a parallel government-in-waiting which duplicates and enhances everything the “real” government was created to do and is located at Mount Weather, about 46 miles west of Washington D.C. In was originally designed in the 1950’s as a civil defense initiative. There’s even a (parallel) President and Vice-President and a complete set of cabinet officers. It is linked to some 132 “relocation” centers which are to be used during a national emergency. All that is required is for Marshall Law to be declared by the President.

The Federal government has an extensive tunneling program which was started more than 50 years ago. There are now over 1500 cities and 132 bases in these tunnels with a capacity of more than
100 million people. These cities are connected by tunnels with magnetic-levitation trains that travel at Mach 1.7-2.3. The tunnels are located outside of known fault lines at 1.5 to 4 miles below the surface. Similar programs exist in all the major industrialized countries of Europe and include Russia and China.

We are aware of at least 100,000 railroad cars created with 47 sets of shackles each which have been built for the government (department of the Navy). There are 1400 internment camps with at least three in every State. These centers have the capacity to “process” thousands of people per day. They are all accessible by rail. We have been told that they are “only in the event of a national emergency”. There were apparently built to relocate people who do not wish to come willingly.

There is currently a law that gives FEMA the authority to assume total control over all governments, local, State, and Federal and, in so doing, suspend the Constitution of the United States, in the event of a national emergency. If it was created for the expressed purpose of dealing with the impeding cataclysm, it still has no legal authority in any event. The federal government was given limited powers to deal with affairs of the several States but absolutely no powers over its citizens.

There is, of course, no legal path for the federal government to suspend the Constitution; only the States can do that. Such a law is by definition unconstitutional and therefore not legally enforceable unless the United States of America is no more, which is the plan.

The power-elite have been planning an all-out nuclear war (WWIII) to be followed by a fascio-socialist New World Order and a global system of labor camps. However, the excess population and unpredictable responses of the populace have been causing problems and they’re running out of options. By destroying the surface of the planet they are hoping they can once again gain control of the population and resume plundering the Earth resources. They are repeating a very old story.

Part 15 next!

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