The Controllers Agenda Exposed – Part 15, Aids, Public Health, and Medicine

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For one seeking enlightenment in the form of new enhanced consciousness and enlarged perceptive faculty, be prepared to divest yourself of all past preconceptions and thought-habits and, with childlike meekness and docility, surrender the mind to the reception of some novel and unexpected truths.

AIDS and Public Health

A mass extermination plan was developed and administered with the knowledge and consent of our own representatives in Congress through WHO and the CDC.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) was Department of Defense (DOD) and CIA project MK-NAOMI inspired by the Bilderbergers under the auspices of the World Health Organization. As a means of population control, WHO in 1972 requested a virus that would be sexually transmitted, nearly impossible to kill and 100% lethal. They then came up with a list of undesirables, which included homosexuals, blacks, Hispanics, Orientals and drug addicts.

That same year the DOD made a funding request to Congress to produce “a virus that selectively destroys the cells responsible for processing the virus.” This was approved as requested. WHO had already decided on initial target populations in Uganda, Haiti and Brazil. Other targets followed.

It was created by combining two viruses call bovine leukemia and sheep visna to get bovine visna (HIV). It was created in 1974 at Fort Detrick Maryland. The scientists who created it were cancer researchers working on biological warfare projects. It was an outgrowth of Alternative 3, Global 2000 and the Bilderberger commissioned Haig-Kissinger Depopulation Policy. Interestingly, a cure was created at the same time as the disease.

Another program was developed in the United States called Operation Firm Hand, which was administered by the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health. In November 1978, an experimental Hepatitis B vaccine was introduced into selected cities, which was available free from the local blood bank. The effort was targeting gay non-monogamous men, which were subsequently identified through a questionnaire completed before the tainted vaccine was administered. The Hep B vaccine was deliberately contaminated with the HIV virus.

The CDC reported in 1984 that 64% of the recipients in New York City were dying or already dead from the program administered beginning that year. The death rate was approaching 100% before AZT was released. The epidemic, which followed, decimated the continent of Africa and killed tens of millions worldwide. This was done all in the name of population control.

The 1918 Swine flu was developed in a bioweapons lab in the United States and was released at the Ft. Lufton, Kansas Military Base. It was a human-pig hybrid (the swine flu) developed through recombinant technology. Since the goal was to get a substantial loss of life, it worked rather well.

The Avian Flu was likewise synthetically produced. It didn’t kill very many people though because the subjects died too quickly to transmit it to others.

However, a recombinant Avian-Swine Flu was developed recently by isolating the 1918 influenza virus from deceased miners (from the 1918 flu epidemic) buried in the frozen tundra in Alaska and combining it with the Avian Flu strain. It was found to be capable of entering into any tissue of any animal. There no natural immunity anywhere on the planet. The only reason it hasn’t yet killed every animal on the planet is because of a mismatch on the receptor binding sites. It can’t lock onto the tissues to infect them.

Avian Flu, SARS, Ebola, Reston and Marburg viruses were all artificially created.

Anthrax was released in 2001 but quickly withdrawn when in was conclusively identified as a weaponized version that was only made in a U.S. weapons lab. The 12 scientist involved in the identification of the virus died within 12 months afterwards of less-than-natural circumstances.

The H1N1 / H5N1 Avian Swine Flu outbreak of 2009 is also a bio-weapons revival of the 1918 strain. The disease itself is mild and not life-threatening however contaminated vaccinations will be used to cause illness and death. The vaccine is otherwise ineffective. AVIR Green Hills Biotechnology of Vienna, Austria and several other European laboratories identified traces of H5N1 deadly bird flu in Baxter Pharmaceuticals 2008-9 seasonal flu vaccine.

The Mexico City deaths were intentional homicides to stir up support for massive vaccination program. Documents from years ago indicate an anticipated world-wide 30 million deaths in year 2009-10. The cabal wants their “magnum opus.”


The Controllers Agenda Exposed - An Inconvenient Harvest

The science of quantum physics is light years ahead of what’s being done now. Even though the science is eighty years old, medical students are still trained to see the body in accordance with Newtonian billiard ball mechanics and chemical assembly lines. No attempt is made to understand the role of energy in health and disease.

The quantum perspective sees the body as interdependent and interconnected energy fields which are woven into an intricate web of feedback communication loops. Eastern medicine has the body defined as an elaborate array of energy pathways. It corrects the message, not the messenger. This is more in tune with how the body actually works.

The mind and body are entangled much as matter and energy are entangled. The seventeenth century philosopher René Descartes chose to dismiss the influence of the mind on the body because he couldn’t identify the nature of the mind. Traditional medicine embraced Descartes’ separation of mind and body from the beginning of its existence and still continues to do it today.

The power of the mind is far more effective that the drugs which we have been programmed to believe we need. The trouble is, it’s the subconscious mind that is in control; it’s much more powerful than the conscious mind. Healing occurs when positive imaging combines with a feeling.

The subconscious mind can be reprogrammed or it can be tricked. The subconscious mind represents our beliefs, which are relatively fixed. The conscious mind, on the other hand, is fluid and adaptive and is self-aware. It can observe and evaluate any programmed behavior we are engaging in and change the program.

Our ability to learn is a wonderful gift; but is also a curse. Once we accept a perception as “truth”, it becomes hardwired into our brains as a belief. It becomes the filter through which we see the world. If the perception is inaccurate then everything we see that has been filtered by that belief system is inaccurate. And the more deeply that belief system has been embedded in the subconscious, the more difficult it is for meaningful change to occur. Our most basic belief systems come from our parents.

Consider the ancient religious practice of fire-walking. Believers walk across hot coals completely unscathed. People who waver in their beliefs receive burns. Contrary to popular opinion, the coals really are hot enough to cause burns in everyone who touches their skin to them. It’s not a trick.

Consider that the HIV virus causes AIDS. There is no natural immunity in humans. Yet large numbers of individuals with the “infection” don’t get sick, ever.

Consider the reality of terminal cancer patients going into spontaneous remission. If you are terminally ill, and if what we know about cancer is true, that can’t happen. Yet it does.

 Consider the case of a young college student with IQ of 126 with honors in mathematics presenting for an evaluation of headaches. Except for a very thin cortex approximately 1mm thick, a mid brain and brain stem, his brain scan showed that most of his head was empty space filled with cerebrospinal fluid. His higher brain centers were almost completely absent. He had almost no brain. Without an understanding of quantum fields and the method by which biology adapts to its environment, we can have no understanding of this, because everything we know says this isn’t real. He couldn’t possibly be alive other than in a vegetative state.

Every medical student knows the power of the “placebo effect”. People get better when they believe they are getting the best medicine. It is a testament to the healing effect of the subconscious mind. The history of modern medicine is largely the history of the placebo effect.

This placebo effect has been demonstrated in all drug trials to be a significant if not annoying problem. It has been discovered that drug companies are actively studying patients who respond to placebo effects with goal of eliminating as many of them as possible from clinical trials. They can’t get their drugs approved if that can’t prove that their drug is significantly better than a placebo. In 2002, it was discovered that most of the clinical trials of the six leading antidepressants failed to show significance over placebo. In double blind studies of these drugs, there were impressive healing effects demonstrated with both placebo and active drugs that could even be demonstrated on functional MRI scanning. People who had responded to the treatment after suffered with depression most of their lives, were shocked to find out that they weren’t actually taking anything.

Incidentally this information was not easily come by. It was only discovered through a freedom of information request after the FDA refused to release it. It did change the way data was reported though. Now, drug trials that are accepted for publication must have been registered prior to their start so that data which is contrary to the desired outcome doesn’t get “lost”. Nothing gets published without all of the results being available for study.

A rather famous, if not embarrassing, consequence of the placebo effect was demonstrated for a common surgical procedure. A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, told of an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Bruce Moseley, who was trying to figure out how knee surgery helped his osteoarthritis patients. He already “knew” it worked; he just wasn’t sure which part of the procedure provided the greatest effect. The standard procedure, which is used throughout the world, is to flush the debris out the knee and to shave the damaged cartilage. So he divided his patients into three groups. One group would get the shave, the second would get the irrigation and the third would get a fake surgery that was indistinguishable from the real thing by either the operating room personnel or the patient. He even made the three incisions, did some fake probing, splashed some water, and generally acted like he was doing the procedure. All the patients had identical appearing wounds on their legs.

The results were both clear and shocking; the placebo group was improved as much as the others and with a shorter recovery time. His conclusions were summarized; “My skills as a surgeon had no benefit on these patients. The entire benefit of surgery for osteoarthritis of the knee is the placebo effect.” This study was even televised on the Discovery Health Channel and showed the placebo group doing things that they couldn’t do before the surgery like playing basketball and walking without a cane. Their knees had clearly improved and it wasn’t just in their heads. Their minds changed reality.

In the early days of the procedure, a study done of the benefits of open heart bypass surgery showed that sham open heart surgery was equally beneficial to a bypass procedure. In the sham
procedure, the sternum was cracked and the saphenous veins were stripped and the wires and staples were all placed to make it impossible for the patient to detect which procedure that had. Both groups showed marked improvement in function and with fewer symptoms, but the sham group lived longer.

Likewise there is the “nocebo” effect; the power of negative beliefs. It is just as powerful as the placebo effect but causes sickness and death. The statement, “You have six months to live” has a powerful, self-fulfilling effect on people when given by a trusted clinician.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you believe; either way,you’re right. Your biology adapts to your beliefs. You create your own world. You are the master of your own fate. Illness may manifest in the body, but it is not of the body. It is of the mind.

Once a paradigm is created it is extremely difficult to change it. We literally create our whole world around our paradigms. It isn’t just the problem of dogmatic thinking either, powerful financial incentives reinforce it. You are rewarded for “right thinking” and punished for “wrong thinking” through monetary rewards and disincentives. But who is the master and who is the slave? Do we honor Creation or do we honor death, destruction, disease, misery and suffering?

Part 16 next!

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