The Controllers Agenda Exposed – Part 23, First Contact

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For one seeking enlightenment in the form of new enhanced consciousness and enlarged perceptive faculty, be prepared to divest yourself of all past preconceptions and thought-habits and, with childlike meekness and docility, surrender the mind to the reception of some novel and unexpected truths.

First Contact

Every 78,000 years there’s a harvest of those beings that are ready to make the transition to the next frequency. This time it’s not just us, it’s the planet too. This event will cause chaos among populations of people not sufficiently prepared. Many will succumb to the stress and die.

Fortunately, due to the efforts of the Earth and Galactic Spiritual Hierarchy and the Sirian Governing Council, Earth was granted full membership in the Galactic Federation March 5, 1993. Despite the fact that we are not yet technically a Galactic civilization, Earth and the people of Earth were granted full membership because the Earth Spiritual Hierarchy has requested it, the survival of the planet requires it and the ET involvement in planetary activities allows it. There isn’t time for mankind to come to a solution within itself without outside help. The Earth is going to shift whether we’re ready or not. The harvest of all has therefore been permitted. In essence we were given the keys to the kingdom.

Following this action by the Galactic Federation, the Dark Side (Ancharan Alliance / Reptilians) put down their arms and joined the Forces of Light (Galactic Federation). The Treaty of Anchara was signed with the many forces of Dark beginning in early 1995 and throughout the ensuing several years. The Anunnaki then withdrew their negative influence upon the Earth and left us to the Forces of Light. Peace throughout the Galaxy has happened over the last ten years which has not existed since before the Great Galactic War began millions of years ago. This left the Illuminati without an overlord for the first time since Atlantis.

Our solar system entered into a vast region of space called the Photon Belt in the mid-1990s. This “Belt” is in the shape of a torroid and is composed of light (photon) particles. It was first seen by scientists in 1961 near the Pleiades star system. Its presence was noted in the early 18th century by Sir Edmund Halley, the discoverer of Halley’s Comet. He found that three of the stars in the Pleiadies were not in the same positions recorded in the classical times by various Greek Astronomers. About one hundred years later it was discovered by Federick Wilhelm Bessel that all the stars in the Pleiades move in a prescribed way through 5.5 seconds of arc per century. At a right angle to the movement of these stars there was a photon belt shaped like a torroid with a thickness of 760 trillion miles. Every 26,000 years our solar system passes near or through it. We are already moving into the photon belt and will ultimately be moved into a position about 3 light-years from Sirius (which is normally 8.3 light-years away) in the 2012-2014 time period. The photon belt will cause the Earth to undergo massive physical changes.

The Controllers Agenda Exposed - An Inconvenient HarvestThe Sirians are the parent race of many Earth humans. They look just like us with fair skin and light or blond hair and a little taller. They are very bright spiritual beings who are vastly superior technologically. They have the ability to phase-shift and disappear, levitate, transmute matter and exist in multiple dimensions. They normally live for thousands of our years. They live on the fourth planet of the Sirius B solar system. Their planet is slightly larger than ours and has a controlled climate in the mid-70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range. Most of them live underground in crystal cave-like structures as they believe that the surface of the planet should exist in its original pristine condition. Most galactic/cosmic beings do this. They see all life as connected and therefore should be nurtured and supported in every way possible.

The magnetic fields of the Earth, the Sun, the planets, moons and all matter in the solar system are being altered right now. The ozone hole is currently being repaired. Much of the northern hemisphere is complete and they are concentrating now on the southern hemisphere. There will be a magnetic shift which will cause the entire exterior of the planet to be a single pole (north or +). The Atlantian and Lemurian continents will be restored. The sea levels will drop and the Firmament returned.

First Contact is done with all civilizations when they become Galactic. It is both a part of our admittance into the Federation and integral to the coming ascension. We will become citizens of the Cosmos. This will happen very soon. A temporary governing council will be created consisting of four groups. These groups are: representatives of the Central Sun Council, members from the Ruling Council of Agartha, representatives of the Galactic Federation and the Earth Advocacy Groups. This ruling council will prepare Earth’s population for the events to come.

Prior to First Contact, there will be an announcement from our own government following conferences between the first contact personnel and Ascended Masters. It is unclear if the United States government will ever allow this event to occur, so it may occur without their consent by simply turning off all power in the air and on the ground. Either way, it will occur. Announcements will occur over all communication mediums including internet, television, radio and via telepathy. Preceding the event all power on the planet will be shut off. Shortly thereafter mass landings of spacecraft will occur. The skies will be filled with hundreds of thousands of ships from both the Federation and the former Alliance. All of the initial contact team will be humans that are Sirian, Pleiadian, Centaurian, Andromedan, Agarthan or Lyran. Others will follow. Forty percent of ETs are humanoid.

A fleet of scout craft will move to pre-assigned areas and lock their landing coordinates. At the appropriate time they will uncloak and link up with the Etherics and Ascended Masters. They will emit calming energies over a 30 minute period then start to land slowly using a corkscrew-like formation. A force field will surround the ships and be illuminated in ever-changing bright colors. The will even be an audible “sounding of the trumpets” to announce their arrival. This will look like the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen or experienced. It will take nine days for the event to unfold.

It is understood by all concerned that there will be some who will view these landings as a threat. Not all will greet the coming changes with open arms or be able to make the transition. The ET’s are prepared for this and have the ability to neutralize any attacks without harm to anyone. All of the methods employed will be done without a show of weapons and will be done in love and gentleness. They come to help the planet and the Cosmos fulfill its destiny. Earth is the source seed of the galaxy. This is all divinely decreed. They have neither the desire nor the need to control anyone. They do not wish to be worshipped. By their works you will know them. Like attracts like; use discernment. Follow your heart. Note that the ET’s do not possess a duality; they take things quite literally.

Following the landings everyone will be invited to see the ships and participate in the learning modules. These modules will allow a rapid transfer of information to allow us to get “up to speed” on whom and what we are and where we’re going. We can’t proceed if we don’t understand what is happening.

We have already made one of three choices:

1) ascend with the planet,

2) move to the crystal cities of inner Earth,

3). use the ships to escape the planet and transfer to a new Earth or go “home”.

Choices “1” and “2” require us to shift our frequencies to match the Earth. There will not be a 3rd dimensional Earth when this is over. The ascension begins December 21st 2012 and ends March 21st 2013. (Editor’s note: this date has abviously passed. Either there was a change in the plan or time has been altered or stretched and this plan will still take place when the time is right). To ascend with the Earth on our own requires the use of natural stargates and the energies of our being. These stargates take the shape of a “vesica pisces” with faint bluish halos. They will open all over the planet. They link us directly with the 5th dimensional frequency and a place of sanctuary. Option “2” is an extraterrestrially assisted process. For those not able to ascend option “3” takes them to an Earth-like planet to start over in the lower third dimension or the second dimension, if that is their destiny. Option “3” also allows “star seeds” from other planets to return home. For those not making up their minds until the last second, beaming will be an option. Spacecraft will hover with there beams activated and the rescue occurs when the subject walks into the beam.

Either before or after the cataclysm there will be a technology transfer of three devices; a replicator, a free energy device and a transportation device. The replicator will create any solid object such as food, clothing, furniture and tools. Every home or business will get a free-energy device that will generate electricity through a technology called zero-point (photon) energy. All pollution generating power plants will be shut down as they will no longer be required. A personal device for moving using anti-gravity as well as instantaneously using teleportation will also be provided which allows travel by thought. It will not require roads and will not require any new skills to use. Pollution generating planes and automobiles will no longer be used. Wherever you want to go, there you are.

Why would they do this? Our surface civilization is like a cancer to the Earth. She must shed her negative energy to ascend in vibrational frequency. As she transforms, the irritating non-harmonic artificial structures must be destroyed. We, therefore, must also generate positive energy to transform with her. Not even the ETs can stop the Earth from doing this, but they can help us adapt and get through it intact. Their advance technology makes it possible.

Beginning about 2 months after first contact there will be a rapid cleansing of the air and water systems of the planet and a restoration of all eco-systems. Sometime around the sixth month people will undergoing full consciousness training for what is to come. One to two months later everyone who is able will go to the crystal cities. A great number of crystal cities have been prepared for this event by the Sirians and Agarthans. During this time, Earth people will physically transform with the Earth into their Light Bodies and return to full consciousness. This will be aided by the use of special metamorphosis chambers while living in the crystal cities. It is believed that the Earth surface will undergo massive transformations during this time, which will include planet-wide volcanism, tsunamis and super hurricanes.

Prior to this will be some events. Reportedly a second sun will be unveiled shortly which was originally Jupiter. The “Jupiter” we see as well as many other “stars” are actually placemarkers created by ET motherships. Following this, the Earth may start rotating backwards. The ET’s are hoping that we “sleeping” people take notice and wake up. All children will be taken following the initial wave of Lightworkers. The Lightworkers are taken first to assist those that are to follow. The children will be re-united with their parents once out of harms way. All adults that are able will then be taken. Many more will be placed in stasis. The technology currently in place is such that the entire planet’s human population can and will be removed to safety at a moments notice within fifteen minutes. There may be little to no warning.

The planets Venus, Mars and Malona will be restored to their original pristine condition during this transformation process. The Earth will once again have two moons and a perfect 24-hour day. In inner and surface worlds will unite. For many, their destiny will be to repopulate Earth and these planets and be a part of the evolution of a galactic culture. Others will return to their home planet. Earth is to be a galactic crossroads. A great many of us will become Earth ambassadors.

The crystal cities will look exactly like our own home environments but will exist holographically inside a large crystal structure. Each crystal structure is divided into four vertical sections which include the landing bay, recreation / meeting level and the two residential levels. We will be able to move around and visit with anyone and learn and experience all the new things about ourselves and our new futures. We will be in the transformation process for several days and then we will go to our homes inside the Earth proper. Our physical bodies will be transformed on a molecular level from carbon base to a more crystalline structure.

Most of the changes which we will undergo will be to reconstitute and reconnect the DNA that already exists in each of us. We are already Galactic Humans but were disconnected from full consciousness by the Anunnaki. Our extra DNA was never completely removed because the destruction of Atlantis 13,000 years ago interrupted the process. Through a three-day transformation our bodies will become semi-etheric, meaning that we will be able to exist in a solid form or a not-so solid form. We will be able to change our density at will. We will no longer be living in a strictly three-dimensional reality. Our reality will be that we will live forever and go wherever and whenever we wish.

We won’t know when the big event will occur until just two to six months before it happens. We will be offered information and counseling to prepare us for what is to come after the initial mass landings. During the actual transformation process we will be in an underground crystal city. Holographic emitters will simulate our home environments or whatever environments we choose. Everything we see, touch, hear, smell or taste will look absolutely real and everything will be exactly as it was on the surface. We will be transported there intact from the surface. The actual move to the inner Earth will take less than one second and will be preceded by a sense of falling. We will each have a guide to show us the way throughout the process.

The inner Earth has mountains which are taller and jungles that are denser and meadows that are larger and more colorful than anything on the surface. There is vibrant life everywhere. There is a single civilization of Agartha which is governed by its citizens who are all truly sovereign. The autocratic systems are not used. This type of governance is the same one that existed 26,000 years ago at the time of Lemuria, except we will have greater powers. We will be entering into an almost indescribable Golden Age of Galactic peace prophesized for over 2000 years.

We will be able to learn about everything that ever occurred to us in past lives, about where our families came from and how we got here; we will be able to walk and talk with anyone who has ever lived on this planet. We will learn everything that has been hidden about our past. We will be one with the Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy. The astral and physical worlds will merge. We will learn to once again work cooperatively with the cetaceans to be co-guardians of the planet and eventually with the entire solar system, galaxy and universe. We will be the creators of new worlds, the supreme over-seers of the galaxy and inter-galactic ambassadors.

Our new abilities will include telepathy, telekinesis, clairaudience, clairvoyance and the materialization of matter. We will have perfect vision, perfect hearing and perfect bodies, in essence,
physical angels. Any physical impairment which existed previously will be gone. We will have to learn the rules that govern this new world. The rules of etiquette in social interactions must be followed. Intruding on the mind of another individual without their permission will be forbidden. Even plucking an apple from a tree will require permission from the tree. With great power comes great responsibility.

The Galactic Federation

The Controllers Agenda Exposed - An Inconvenient Harvest

The Galactic Federation is an organization of Humanoids from all over the Galaxy and beyond. It was created after the destruction of the first Human civilization on Avyon in the Lyran star system (near Vega) roughly 4.5 million years ago. It was created to oversee the many scattered Human colonies, aid communication and foster peace between the different races, particularly with the Reptilians (reptoids/dinoids). It sees itself as a sort of United Nations of the star systems. There are over 200,000 member systems within the Federation.

The highest level of the Federation Council (the Council of Nine) is located on Vega, the birthplace of humanity. There are 14 secondary level councils called the Regional Councils, the biggest and most relevant is the Sirian Regional Council, of which we will be a full-fledged member.

The regional councils act as forums for various issues. They help set policy and act as a court of last resort for problems between star systems or star leagues. They also function as a means for cultural and technological exchanges as well as issues arising from trade in intellectual property.

There are also local star system governing councils which Earth and its fellow solar system citizens will form. There are two types 1) a single star system council and 2) a star league council
consisting of 20 or more star system councils; the largest in the Sirian system is the Pleiadian (Plejarin) Star League which consists of 50 star systems. The local headquarters is on Iapitus, a moon of Saturn.

Earth was granted full membership in the Galactic Federation March 5th, 1993 due to a special case dispensation from the Galactic Federation on the rules of membership which requires the citizens of the planet to already have full consciousness of their place in the cosmos. Earth was the first planet to be seeded with the Spiritual Hierarchy and has been the primary cause of human sentiency in the third dimension. Earth humans have succeeded in integrating the powers of Dark and Light solely on a third-dimensional level and no other planetary civilization has ever done that. We are the showcase civilization of the Galaxy.

The Federation is active in sending scientists and liaison teams on space mission to other star systems that are not yet a part of the Galactic Federation. It is an organization of fully conscious and peaceful people and it constantly on the lookout for acceptable civilizations that meet the requirement for membership. Their scientific teams do an extremely broad analysis of cultural, scientific and spiritual criteria.

Effective March 21st 2004, the Pleiadians (including the Anunnaki) are no longer governing the planet. A number of their descendants still live among us who are among the Illuminati power-elite. This includes virtually all the royal houses of Europe. Much of chaos in the financial markets is now being caused by the confusion created by this transfer of Galactic rule. No one entity is currently controlling the affairs of the planet. Even though this happened 5 years ago, many are just now being made aware of it.

The power-elite have been busy building outposts on Mars and the Moon and in underground shelters on Earth all the while believing that a cataclysmic event was imminent, that would destroy much of the habitable surface of the planet. The Ancharan Alliance was helping them with all the technology needed to do this. They were doing what they could because it was believed that this was going to be power-sharing thing and this new Earth would become the home of their new hybrids beings, meaning humans would be the slaves.

Through a very clever maneuver, an earth female from Peru implanted a suggestion in their group minds that they would become sick and die of a disease that only exists here on Earth and within several months they packed their bags and left the planet with all their hybrids and returned to their home world. Suddenly all the preparation for what was to come was for naught because soon thereafter transfer of galactic control went to the Sirians who wanted a different paradigm.

The Sirians govern through

1) self-responsibility,

2) self-empowerment and

3) self-rule.

Our only individual responsibility will be the free expression of ourselves as fully conscious beings. Due to the new technology which is being provided to each of us to protect the Earth, we will no longer need to work to survive. The only people that are going to lose in this transaction are the power-elite, the rulers and the authorities. They will have to adapt just like the rest of us. The meek (indeed) shall inherit the Earth.

Part 24 (Final) next!

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