Deprogramming The Matrix

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the-matrix-still-1400x582By Arno Pienaar
Deprogram The Matrix

It is highly fair to say everything that stands as an upholded construct in this reality we are experiencing is completely dependent on us to give it its dominion over us. All the rules, laws and regulations that are used to govern humanity within a fixed system are only doing so because of our consent, this is obvious.

But why do we concede ourselves to a world that we are not particularly fond of or in agreement with? Why do we feel so powerless to have any effect on a virtual-reality that is completely observer dependent?

The Observer dependent field can be classified as all the items that need our validation in order to actually exist together with our validation. Things such as money, computers, global networking systems, stock markets, media outlets, governments etc, can only function together with our contribution, our partaking. Things that are not “alive” only exist and are only relative due to the infusion of consciousness with them, these items all make us relative to it!

Living beings are not observer-dependent, that is to say, organic structures exist even when you are not being perceived by anyone. This is because they are part of the soul.

One might argue that a smartphone does also exist even when nobody is witnessing or perceiving it? It might exist, but then you must ask, if consciousness gives rise to everything, how can something be, that is not in the scope of consciousness? Hoc can the television be, when nobody is watching it? Furthermore, did the phone exist three hundred years ago?

The answer is simply no, it entered our existence in time, a sort of inception, if you may. The same goes for all observer-dependent technology. All these constructs are not eternal (as us), they came into our lives not long ago, and now all of it has claimed the right to rule our lives for us.

How this is even possible is simply due to humanity not being conscious in the now, so something else has assumed the center of the universe, yes, even something that is not alive!

The current present-time construct would collapse instantly without technology. This is the reality. AI & IT is running the world and we are turning the cheek to this cyber new world.

Why? Well for most humans, they simply want nothing to do with sovereign responsibility for their complete own destinies. Please read this excerpt from the film tomorrowland:


In every moment there’s the possibility of a better future, but you people won’t believe it. And because you won’t believe it you won’t do what is necessary to make it a reality. You dwell on this terrible future and you resign yourselves to it for one reason, because that future doesn’t ask anything of you today. So yes, we saw the iceberg and warned the Titanic. But you all just steered for it anyway full steam ahead. Why? Because you want to sink! You gave up! It’s not the computers’ fault, that’s yours.

This was certainly eye opening for me to hear because it does ring much truth to what is happening spiritually. We have given up and have forsaken ourselves to an illusory supreme power force called the pyramid system, and due to this, we are steered in the direction of a script written by the dark beings themselves.


Something only is,  when it is in the scope of consciousness, and when not, it ceases to be. Simply, we give attention to what is ruling us. Only the 5 elements, the soul is conscious. And anything, alive or not, is made conscious and placed in absolute power by consciousness nominating it as absolute, and absolutes corrupt absolutely. The only thing that is, is nature, 5 elements, is us – all else is simply illusion.

Everything else we have co-mingled consciousness with is us too. All is coming from us. But if we do not know this, or are unwilling to accept it, then we are unwilling to take responsibility, and we act as stubborn children! First you have to admit your own wrong-doing before you can rectify yourself.


One individual made this reality of numbers and letters. He is the creator of this reality! Therefore you are not the creator of this reality & therefore you are off center and in a disadvantaged position because you are the one that is not working with the 5 elements but rather with the 5 senses that is needed to abide in this reality. In other words, you have to willingly fool yourself if you want to embrace Lucifer’s creation, and you have to give something up to be in it, this would be your elements!

The elements is what you need to retrieve which is what deprogramming is a major part of, because your elements are stuck and cemented inside of an illusion, very much like a building block you have used to build something. Your earth, water, fire and oxygen is together with you in the matrix, and you have to know what you have given it all up for, so that you can even begin to think of taking it back, in order to manifest a different reality!

The deprogramming sessions that we are doing, bring you back to center by turning words and numbers back into the 5 elements! By this you will regain your own reality once again! Your fear factor was that your picture was deleted and was replaced by the creators picture, a copy, made from information and data that entered the portals of the five senses. He keeps everyone in fear like this because of the fact that you deep down feel like a slave in a foreign construct that you have to accept in order to exist to avoid failure.

The password to the creator is called “control freak”, which is another program which he has been running you on, up to this moment, when you got the password!

This password is different from the other passwords, because this defines the creator and his work/actions. His programs have the power of making you judgmental on yourself and you therefore self- destroy. Why? Well, a control freak will never be able to control everything which is why he is a freak in the first place! And anyone that believes that materialism is all that is, will attempt to control everything they are and have within it. This is why there is such a massive force of control from the elite, because  they are affected by these programs to the highest levels.

Here is more of an example of how words are connected numerically to keep you in a matrix experience.  Love – It’s seed no is 54 by (A=1 to Z=26) L=12, O=15, V=22, E=5 seed Total=54 and root is the above no’s reduced eg L=12(seed), reduced to root =3(1+2). So as above eg 3+6+4+5 =18(Root) This 18, further reduced can then become 9(Murder) as in this case it makes the triangle; which opens the OM(soul) into Omega(terminal)! All the following words have the same numerical seed & root combinations eg Love (54/18) as Knees, Eyes, theta, damsel! There are many other words that need to be retrieved and this is only done via deprogramming and will also be released mid-year in the upcoming deprogramming manual.


The game is win or lose, failure is completely different to win or lose. When you lose, at some future date you will win! The universe of failure has no connection to win or lose!

It is a universe below winning and losing! Profit and loss! Failure is the product of the matrix. The omega sign open is called failure! Our greatest fear is Failure! “Fear is failure!” You only die because of fear of failure! And like all aberrations it is just an energy (E=MC squared). Failure is built on false data! And the Axiom is when you fail, you are deleted; which means to say you don’t exist! When a thing is deleted it does not exist! Which would be an absolute and an absolute is 5 elements, which is consciousness!

So failure is the ultimate lie in your system! Failure is a program in your subconscious mind! Failure has existed for so long it assumes it is a Truth! As Hitler said “If you keep a lie going long enough, it becomes a truth!” You eventually subscribe to the energy of failure and it is forced down your throat! You fail at school, fail at marriage, heart failure! If one group holds failure another group holds pass!

The foundation of passing is built on failure! Soul people hold failure, because they do not want to break the ether (The unwritten soul contract!) With the architect and his creation. Today we have reached this level of incompetence and turned Failure, “It is not it! It is 5 elements” back into 5 Elements! Soul people have the wizard power to do that, to turn that energy back into 5 elements! They call it divine intervention! Once again a system has been concientised and we are progressing to consciousness!

Any action that breaks ether has created the formula for failure! That is why the Matrix is doomed and will return to consciousness, because it broke ether! All the above is designed for you to embrace failure as you spend 97 and a half % of your time resisting failure, that is why you fail! By conscientising the above you break the hypnotic spell of failure! The hidden purpose of the Creator is to put “pass and flunk” on the time track (past, present & future) and failure in The Now, therefore with the sole purpose to keep you out of The Now! – Clement, Alchemist.

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