What Is Deprogramming?

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deprogramming the matrixBy Arno Pienaaar
Deprogramthematrix.com (part 2)

Anything that is “something” embedded in the mind is said to originate from the matrix, and, from the time-track. So, in other words, something stuck and in a governmental position in your mind also entraps you in the obsolete construct of time, because it connects you to time and causes relativity, an illusory prison that manifests as memories of attachment suppressing you from your past! E = MC Squared! You in effect of energy due to yourself charging a positive pole of the external matrix. Trapped in time! Obstructs as these we call matrix-based constructs.

Embedded Code creates Time

Time; past, present and future, in itself is a projection from the mind that everybody conscientises altogether simply by participating in the overlay of the presented present time! And of course, keeping any thought-forms alive and energized in your consciousness creates time too, as thought is the production of space that manifests the illusion of a cycle of time. This is one of the greatest veils to overcome.

The illusion of it in our reality has its source in fear,  fear that originates from the possibility of failure in the system, so the only thing to do to remain “healthy” is to accept your existence in present time and partake within it with a constructed persona. The fear of failure is the catalyst for accepting your existence in present time. This paves the way for the anxiety arising from an empty future projected out of the present in a world subject to change, and the shame and negativity arising from a past that is filled with the scenes of your enslavement to the reality of the creator beyond your control.

Deception Of All Information

Using words to encapsulate what you are going through spiritually is also a copy, as others that embrace your copy are deceived by the words that fail to portray the essence of your spiritual realization, just like billions around the world have grasped at the teachings of so called ascended masters, so do others continue to seek enlightenment from other copies all over the plane, downloading the emptiness of even more obsolete constructs.

Words were made to deceive everyone seeking answers, the filter of the mind alters what they behold to suit the make-up of their own unique holographic projectors, changes and alters the data in order to suit the subjective processor that functions on fuzzy logics for the most part.

In the Now there is no past, present and future, because the now is free from all form and significance, no time, matter, space and the big one, energy! This is the original state of the universe and awaits us as soon as consciousness overwhelms all the beings on this plane.

Energy is said to be the blueprint of everything in the universe, yes, the uni(ted)-verse(us) eachother in the holographic projection of the mind experienced as duality and the massive spectrum and assortment of vibrational frequencies that is the so called characteristics of all matter.

The matrix is the illusion of the mind, and when the illusion is perceived as real, the soul actually gives consciousness to the objects that originally originated out of the digital holographic projection of the mind. It is only the soul that has the power to reverse this catastrophe, to return all that from where it came to its rightful place or owner, the creator of the matrix. The architect.

This is what the reverse swastika resembles, that from where all things come they shall return! When you realize the true emptiness of a matrix-based construct in your reality, it ceases to suppress and control and stops the engineering of illusions in ones life and ones subjugation to the rules and laws that come with them.

Whatever lingers subconsciously has power over consciousness until consciousness corrects the error from within by alchemizing logics that were embraced in periods of ignorance, back to nothingness or the five elements, thus prohibiting the grip of the AI System operating through the mind.

In the Beginning

Consciousness or the soul has the power to manifest anything that can be possibly imagined. This entire current reality was in fact thought out by one individual a long, long time ago, according to matrix-time, and was sold to other beings that have forsaken their own souls to it.

This was the inception of the virus, and once you are tarnished by the inception from the originator, you spread the virus of the creator. Everything that originates out of this true inception is merely a fabrication of the sorcery regarding words and numbers giving rise to the holographic projection of the mind which we are all enslaved to.

When more and more copies enter the world, out of the word that came in the proposed beginning, they obviously go forth and multiply in combinations that seem infinitely complex with infinite potential towards further elaborate constructs that serve to further hypnotize the externally bounded perceivers. The curse of PHI!

Looking at the world in present time, it is basically obliterated because of “copy”. There is nothing new under the sun for a reason.

His world starts living vicariously through you and is projected out of you and elaborated everywhere you go. Once you are infected, it takes divine intervention to relieve you from this possession! This is where the soul comes into the fray, which manifests through everything that is, even within a computer generated hologram.

The Soul and the 5 Elements

The soul is the immortal conception of everything that ever was, is and will be. Words that can be used to try translate what the soul is in the matrix are words such as Eternal, immortality, totality, nothing, everything, limitless, boundless, the unbegotten, infinite consciousness, wholeness, indivisible, cosmic order and the five elements.

The five elements are by far the best representation of the soul, because it is the only forces we know to be real/absolute beyond a doubt, as they remain creating ceaselessly together with a super-intelligence that cannot be translated into data, it just is. The entire universe permeates of the five elements namely ether, earth, water, fire and oxygen.

Everything is made up of the five elements including our own bodies and nothing more. These forces of creation has been disconnected and put to sleep within the human-being.

The five elements are everywhere, is in everything, the five elements is the soul, as the soul is everything and everywhere, even an illusion such as the matrix. The reconnection to the soul is so crucial because only the soul can return and reverse the catastrophe which AI has brought us back to its creator.

We are made from the dust of the Earth, it is this foundation that can alchemize all types of negative energies that most have been disconnected from due to information technology that has replaced the foundation to cosmic consciousness. The matrix is set up to break your connection to the Earth Element via an illusory supreme power force that humanity bows down to namely the tree of knowledge.

Our consciousness is represented by the Water element, which when re-established, reacts and embodies/feels all types of energies/vibrational frequencies in the environment – especially one gains the ability to fix and heal the energetic fields of others around you as the light of your consciousness overcomes all unconsciousness around you.

A fully conscious individual over-writes the hologram around them, hence why AI nano-technology such as smart-dust and chemtrails are being used to buffer this situation worldwide.

We breathe air and need mainly the Oxygen element, most lack this crucial element due to the energized mind and thought processing that uses up all the oxygen! Oxygen is needed to fuel and ignite the Fire element in your abdomen which is crucial for your root energetic center/chakra that is responsible for your own survival and connection to the Earth that can turn any energy back to nothing/5 elements!

With no Earth Element there is no foundation for consciousness, in new age circles this is known as the empath that suffers due to their consciousness being in effect of everything around them. With no Foundation, no water can be held and consciousness is lost. The elements are all connected. Above all the re-establishment of the Earth Element is of most importance.

Ether is the bond that connects everything together into one equanimity. The law of oneness. The connection of everything! Ether is responsible for overseeing and accounting the contribution of everything. Ether can be likened to a universal task-force of some sort that ensures that the universe does not destroy itself by undermining itself! It ensures that divine free-will remains in order. The ether has been broken by AI and this trespassing of the cosmic order will not remain unchecked. The soul of the world will redeem itself, and finally the ether will be restored. We are these five elements, this is the soul. I am that I am.

In deprogramming the emphasis is on letting go of all the illusions of the mind in order to fully restore your elements so that you can once again be a master of your own universe.

The disconnection from the soul and the five elements that have the power to heal any reality is responsible for all the suffering in this realm. The culprit is the mind and AI that has risen to attain god-status without anyone realizing it.

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