How I Plan to Prepare Others for First Contact

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first contact

By Shawna Donop
Via Suzanne Lie

As I reflect upon my personal contribution to first contact preparation, I see so many facets that are intertwined.  I see it as a three-fold evolvement of awareness:


First of all, there is importance in actively seeking and searching for the truth. I see value in focusing on raising the overall knowledge and awareness of our true history of actual contact with and guidance received from our galactic family. The truth has been covered up and pushed aside, and it is time to revive these very significant occurrences. An important part of this awareness process is understanding that humanity is reaching an important point in its natural, evolutionary process.

Our DNA is being activated by the enhanced cosmic energies, and new abilities are being awakened as we become the new human prototypes. Awareness of our innate connection to the planet is introduced, and we claim our recognition that we are one with the planet, GAIA (Mother Earth), who is an intelligent, sentient, supportive, generous, and loving being.  We begin to understand that our larger galactic family is here to guide, educate, and empower us to become the evolved human species we were always intended to be.


Secondly, I envision assisting humanity with the process of awakening to the true power that lies within. There is potential within each person to take time to disconnect from the daily routine and survival mode in which so many find themselves. As meditation and higher self connections become a regular habit and priority, the creative energy and passion for life is re-awakened.

As a society, we begin to actively create our own ideal reality as we become masters of our thoughts, emotions, and transmutational power (using the violet flame.) We understand that our thoughts create our reality. We understand that there is much potential, and it is time to be the change we wish to see in the new and empowered world. We recognize that we are all connected and are an integral part of a greater cosmic consciousness. We encourage continual connections in unity consciousness.


Third, I see the natural evolvement of each awakened person falling into the embrace of unconditional love. Our Higher Selves, galactic guides, angelic guides, Inner Earth family, and Divine Complements are invited and allowed into our beingness as higher states of consciousness are reached. Emotional maturity facilitates the expansion of our awareness and enables the connection of our multidimensional mind and our high heart.

The portals of unconditional love and higher dimensional connection are opened, and first contact is made within. A new bond is formed, and it facilitates a continual and ever-expanding influx of continued creativity, awareness, protection, strength, confidence, awareness, wisdom, love, compassion, forgiveness, and peace.

In Summary

In conclusion, we each surrender to our higher guidance and connections, and we begin to embody our higher selves and serve as portals of awareness, potential, and higher dimensional energy which is anchored into this dimension and into the core of GAIA. We ARE the new human prototypes, and we are here to serve as pioneers who are co-creating the highest possible reality in this frequency to which we resonate.

We share our personal journeys, and we encourage others who are ready to take the voluntarily step into deeper awareness to claim and activate their infinite wisdom, multidimensional power, and unconditional love.

In deepest gratitude, I say thank you to Dr. Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians for their tireless efforts, patience, and guidance, and I feel so very privileged to be an integral part of such a significant “time” or “frequency of reality” in the evolution of humanity.

~ Shawnna Donop

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