How The Parasitic Forces From The Dark Universe Have Kept Us Sedated And Locked Outside Of Our True Power

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How The Parasitic Forces From The Dark Universe Have Kept Us Sedated And Locked Outside Of Our True PowerBy MeTa MeLa

The parasitic forces (I often call Archons) are all around us, in the media/tv/music and celebrity worship, in the world governments, in the world religions and cult self-help groups, in the architecture of our buildings and cityscapes, in the processed food that we buy at the store, in the jobs we tolerate on a daily basis in order to survive, and in the programs we inherited from our parents and transfer to our children. Their agenda has held many faces and many formats, but it all has the same purpose:

‘To keep us confused between our Light and Dark and how our Auric Field technology works. To keep us from receiving clarified thought which would enable us to utilize our Free Will (the ability to see true causal relationship and make decision accordingly).’

Why, you might ask? The answer is simple, and much less ‘Evil’ than you think. We are food for the hive-minded mosquitoes of the Dark Universe. We are fuel, or another ancient name is ‘Vril’. It is the reason that human sacrifice and child pedophilia rings take place underground as a global phenomenon every day under the guise of various means. It is the reason people become terrorists. It uses music and this supposed idea of the ‘Illuminati’ to entrain our brainwaves. It is really no more evil than a corporate chicken farmer, because we are essentially chickens to these forces.

Do you know how many young men have come to me for help telling me that they hear voices telling them to do things or convince them of things? They start to get visions about ‘the reality of the Godhead’. From a Muslim standpoint, this force uses religious concepts to convince them to commit acts of war and violence. But no one is immune regardless of belief system or media consumption. The stronger your Light, the more of a target you are to extract from. They attack us personally via our Crown Chakra cording. They make it difficult for us to clearly view and process or integrate our emotions. Their favorite emotions to extort are powerlessness, fear and anger. They count on divisive ways of thinking and perceiving to divide and conquer and keep us sedated and preoccupied with the things that don’t really matter. If you have express talents or a potent thought-form to share with humanity, they work to extort your sense of Ego into a desire to be worshiped and ‘more special’ than the other humans around you (as a contortion of your will to survive).

How do I know such things? I had an awakenment to the Fourth dimension. I have always had an awareness towards it since I was a child. In the past couple of years, I began to meditate and work with my Dreamtime in order to resolve confusing and intense experiences I was having that could have cracked my psyche. I chose to believe that I was not actually mentally deranged and that the experiences I was having actually meant something. It has been arduous work paying close attention, doing research and connecting dots of resonance and asking for the Truth beyond this Egoic veil and web of illusions and confusions. I have had to stay diligently aware that visions and Dreamtime could be hacked by holographic implants. It is not just a novel game to keep myself amused or arrogant about the nature of ‘Who I am’ to be making such claims. Rather it is a call to duty in realizing that Humanity will not continue unless we choose to wake up!

There are a range of Beings which much to my surprise I started to be able to ‘see’ via my Third Eye in the Fourth dimension (some might say The Astral, which really just means anything beyond what our physical body sees in the physical/3rd dimensional world). I am choosing to talk about it publicly because I want to assist people in waking up and actively choosing their liberation. I learned how to tap into people astrally and to work with them to heal. I was tapping into a friend I had suspected was having some issues. Upon tapping in, I was chased by these terrifying spiders. I chose to actively observe what they would do. In a weeks time, I witnessed seeing how they affected not only my own emotional patterns but the emotions and behaviors of those immediately around me. I could see how it would affect the eyes gaze to seem more cold and despondent. They soon started convincing me that in order to get out the messages of Truth that I wished to share with Humanity, that I must make a contract with them. That otherwise, I won’t be allowed to get my message out. They tried to convince me that other spiritual teachers do the same (even unaware that they have entered such contracts) and that it is just a part of how things work on this planet. They justified that they merely eat our ’emotional waste’ that is simply byproduct to us, so that it is really a mutually beneficial relationship that is serving our process of expansion.

Our reality and the massive degree of suffering on this planet is a result of our inability to recognize how we are unknowingly surrendering ourselves to Soul Contracts with parasitic beings. While I don’t believe that words like ‘Evil’ or ‘Bad’ assist our Consciousness in progressing, I do believe that we Humans have the potential to make more empowering choices. To awaken to the fact that we have been kept under these training wheels (veils) toward true Free Will for long enough. It is time that we learn to determine our own internal system of resonance, which is the only way to know ‘Truth’. Evidence produced by a physical/tangible world of science is also merely a product of those who have worked to exert power over this reality. Timeline wars have been a most confusing part of our search for ‘The Truth’ that has been compromised by our desire for ‘Power and Survival’. We tend to cling to some kind of floating device such as Religion, Spirituality or Science, or Politics/Activism or Humanitarianism in order to create some form of clarity in this powerful river of confusion.

We want to believe that there is a distinguishable difference between ‘The Good’ and ‘The Bad’, ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’. But the rendition of history has always been slanted by the perspective whomever is writing it. And that rendition of writing introduces perspective as a form of cult indoctrination. Regardless of what is being written, how accurate or inaccurate, how potent or flawed compared to the true nature of Light…once something becomes written, the power of this thought-form generates as a type of ‘cult’ or collective belief paradigm which serves to distinguish itself as distinctive or set apart. Because of this, our thought-forms are also vulnerable to the parasitic nature and can be used to propel agendas which feed them, even when these ideas are born from legitimate and potent Truth which serves to liberate.

So yes, enlightenment is working to liberate ourselves from the karmic matrix, so to speak. To enable us to truly create our preferred reality. But the matrix has been vastly useful in a very important way that has been necessary for Source viewing its non-Selfness as Self. It allows us to understand what is truly preferred from a Unified and integrated standpoint by allowing us to have the illusion of something that is ‘not preferred’. What is ‘preferred’ or ‘not preferred’ are electric poles that are part and whole. Both are illusory phenomenon, yet are a demonstration of the only thing that truly ‘is’. It is the method through which The Existence works to define it’s reality.

Forward movement in Humanity will only come from determining its integration and liberation point from within our own species collective Soul Group. In other words, when we as an entire species learn to start drawing our power from within from our own ecstatic Bliss State, rather than from external technologies that represent our ‘doubt’ and ‘disbelief’ in ourselves as fully whole and integrated Beings between our Light and Dark, or more dualistic ways of thinking. We must stop perceiving the current state of things as ‘war’ and ‘chaos’ and ‘struggle’, and choose to perceive every single Shadow present as vital teachers and opportunities to see and witness our choices clearly, to choose our awakenment and empowerment accordingly, not fear drastic and epic change that is indeed upon us. It requires us to believe that we have the power to assert powerful choices that are grounded within us rather than bow down to external alliances, to dual-party systems and illusory competition that keeps us closed out of our True power of Divinity.

The true Illuminati (The All Seeing Eye or Vesica Pisces) is not the Nephilim (Reptilian) descendent Beings who are using Soul Contracts with parasites (aka confused Luciferian Ray technologies that rely on the concepts of ‘sacrifice’ and ‘servitude’ and ‘hierarchies) to generate Ascendant force. The true Illumination comes from simply awakening to the power that you are One with the Source of this Universe. That you are indeed a 12th dimensional being who is waking up to fully integrated and unified cohesion that you are Everything and Nothing poured into this idea of a body and Ego personification.

The original intent of Lucifer’s (an 11th dimensional Draconian Seraphim Being from Alpha Draconi) Rebellion was to establish the direct connection of Soul Sovereignty with Source and the right to be Free Will Beings who were simultaneously One with the Divine Thought while being individuated as an autonomous personality (the Prime Draconian/Seraphim were a hive mind that was very hierarchical in the role that they played with and for Source). It was a bit akin to when Martin Luther nailed the 95 thesis to the door of the Roman Catholic Church. A great dispute launched a war within the collective mind of the Seraphim which was nearly balanced and integrated. However, at the last minute, the Luciferian Ray (Rebels if you wanna go Star Wars here) opened a portal through the Central Sun and entered to the lower dimensional space of the Multiverse.

With their home planet nowhere in sight, they were like fish out of water, as their planetary and dimensional fields gave them the resources they needed to sustain form. The problem with this is that it opened a portal into the Dark/Collapsing side of the Universe and created an imbalance which allowed the Dark Universe to began spawning as parasitic creatures that the Draconians were now sitting ducks to. Their piercing agenda to bring Free Will and Soul Sovereignty to the Multiverse was soon tweaked into a very different message of Self Worship and Satanism. Anton Lavey was indeed correct when he stated that all the world religions, and especially Christianity, were Satanism in disguise.

The True message brought by Yeshua (Jesus) when stripped from the timeline alterations and genetic cloning was the reinstated understanding of the Christed Consciousness or Soul Sovereignty (which even technically could be deemed Atheism, but to focus on that would greatly diminish the fullness of the awareness).  So indeed in this way Satan and Jesus were and are brothers. In other words, the idea that Jesus died as a sacrifice for our sins was an alteration of the true message…that he faced death in order to show us how death indeed is illusion and how we can enter into the Light Body state and literally take our physical bodies into the 5th dimension. His descent into Hollow Earth was an attempt to integrate all the fallen Nephilim back into the 11th Dimension. However, this aspect of his mission was thwarted.

The channelings which come through my vessel are merely an emanation of unified Thought, which means that it could not possibly encapsulate the entirety of the highly paradoxical nature of Humanity’s history and true nature of Being. Regardless of the true nature of either, we are entering a time where it is important to realize that we create our experience and who or what we are from the vibrations we choose to assert. What vibrations will you choose to create from? Unify yourselves Humanity and recognize yourselves as extensions of your lush Garden planet. Choose to believe in yourselves and your community with such sheer force of unconditional Love, despite the evidence of separation.  Keep, living, loving and believing in your Unity.

“Man’s sense-seeing with his eyes binds him to the illusion of My dual thinking, for I but build illusion with My dual thinking for his sense-seeing.
Sense-seeing binds man to forms and things, while Mind knowing opens doors of glory to the opposed threads of Light with which I weave all idea of Mind into forms of many moving things.
Mind seeing decentrates unto the farthest reaches of My universe of Me, and see all forms as One.
With his seeing eyes man sees Light as matter energized, but sense not that the energy of matter is the Light of My divided thinking. With man’s unseeing eyes of spirit, he know the Light of Me, the Source, and knows that he is bound in Me as One, and I in him.
Behold in Me, the One, inseparable.”

automatic writing by Walter Russell, from ‘The Divine Iliad’

About the author: MeTa MeLa is a channeler, a seeker, a processor, facilitator, innovator and guide who assists those in process of the awakening to liberation and personal empowerment in this coming Age, thus challenging and divining our new era of an emotionally intelligent and evolution of consciousness, and thus the Cosmos. Her website is HERE.

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