Real Angels And Demons- Interview With Rosemary Guiley

Filed in Videos by on September 3, 2016
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Real Angels And Demons- Interview With Rosemary GuileyMichelle Walling getsĀ into all things that go bump in the night with Author Rosemary Guiley on the Cosmic Awakening Show (September 3 of 2015). Rosemary is an expert the paranormal and metaphysical fields and pulls the veil on the following:

Ghosts- earthbound spirits and energy signatures

Magic- Breaking black magic spells, creating your own reality

Vampires- legends and real life energy vampires

Angels- Angels of light and angels of darkness, archangels

Divination- Tarot, pendulums, and scrying

Djinns- good, bad, and the ugly

Dreams- Interpretation and dream journaling

Rosemary is the author of 60 books!

Check our Rosemary’s websites here:

Check out more information on the following alternative media sites:

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