Veteran Shares Daring Truther Message About U.S. Government

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By Veteran Anarchy

This beautiful and spirited veteran of the United States Navy shares an important message for the upcoming Veteran’s Day in 2016.

“I want people to understand that the U.S. Government is the largest and most violent corporation on the face of this planet, and they are using good hearted and purposely misguided young people to advance their global agendas to fill their well connected pockets.”

“The troops are not fighting for your freedoms. Your freedom isn’t in Iraq. Your freedom isn’t in Afghanistan. You’re freedom isn’t in Iran. Your freedom isn’t in Syria. Your freedom is something you were born with. A government can’t give it to you. The government can only take it away, and they can only do it with force.”

She also has a message for the police and other military members. “The only ones you are serving are the elites that are profiting off of your destruction”.

Listen to her wisdom and experience:

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