Unplug From The Matrix- Surrender To Break Through

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By Aliyah Marr

The shift in consciousness has always been a process of surrender and learning how to let go of all attachments to the past. This means attachments to things that we want as well as the things that we do not want. Learning to let go of emotional attachment is the key to escaping the gravity of the old paradigm.

The Buddhists talk of skillful and unskillful emotions. A skillful emotion is one that serves you, while an unskillful emotion is an unconscious reaction to old thoughts and beliefs, and to that which is what we accept as reality. In other words, unskillful emotions are the result of our social conditioning, our life path. Those that we grow up with and also those that we learn to accept, even though they are not natural to us.

The old matrix of control and domination is ruled by the base emotion of fear. which is rooted in the concept of separation. Separation is not natural to us as divine connected creator beings. One must learn to transform and transmute all the lesser emotions into higher emotions. The ability to transform unskillful emotion into their skillful counterparts is the mark of an enlightened master.

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