Conquering Fears That Block Us From Speaking Our Truth

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Conquering Fears That Block Us From Speaking Our Truth

By Bernhard Guenther
Contributing Writer,

Based on some private interactions with others, including clients I work with, I see that many people are diminishing themselves unnecessarily when it comes to their potential to help others. Everyone has a gift and calling that is specific and unique to each person including growing wisdom/knowledge based on their life experiences, especially harder ones they’ve gone through and still may be going through. Most often there is lack of self trust and self love (ultimately related to not trusting life and the Divine) and especially fear of what others may think of them if they’d be more outspoken, share their story or share information they are passionate about.

There is also fear to be seen, which also relates to (unconscious) fear of their own power/impact and fear of success (not necessarily always fear of failure), self-judgment of “not being good enough”….and also fear of being attacked which relates to the fear of conflict which is a big one I’ve observed in others, so they dim their light, always playing it safe and “nice” based on the “people pleaser” program (most often resulting in a fake mask of “niceness”), not trying to step on anyone’s toes or upset anyone if they’d speak “their truth” or share information that may challenge the status quo.

However, to expect no friction/conflict or that everyone will always agree with us or even “love” us is actually not only an illusion based on wishful thinking (and insecurity) but is also hindering our own process of awakening and is ultimately Matrix fear-based programming. The more we are authentic with ourselves and others, the more we automatically help and inspire others. The more you share in your own words from a place of self-responsible vulnerability (without self-pity/victim/blame/martyr consciousness), the more others are inspired to do the same because most often they can relate. That alone can help/inspire others in ways you are not aware of at all.

One of the things most of the people I work with share is that they feel alone and that there is no one they can talk to. That is a normal phase/process on the path towards awakening. However, their own fear of being more open and showing “radical honesty”, especially with themselves, or speaking out about topics they are truly passionate about, keeps them isolated as well. That’s how we can use the internet/social media to network and connect with people who feel the same, creating ripple effects in reality like the butterfly effect and we will also receive support from the Divine by stepping into the “unknown” and face our fears that are related to speaking out/sharing ourselves with courage.

Remember, there can only be courage where there is fear. Courage means to act despite the fear, just like there can only be Faith where there is the Unknown. You step into the unknown, out of your comfort zone with faith….which means to learn to trust yourself, which is ultimately the process of learning to trust life and the Divine, not giving in to the monkey mind though injections and disempowering matrix fear-programming, but listening to the deep internal embodied nonverbal voice that is always there to guide you, connected to the Divine.

Seeking truth and our own internal awakening and healing journey is a process and all there is are lessons, different for each of us. The more we share (not just links and quotes but our own personal expression in whatever form or medium (art, music, writing, etc…)) and come out of hiding, the more we learn, grow and the more we help/inspire others just by being authentic. The more we are real and honest with ourselves, working through our wounds and inhibitions, the more we create and attract authentic relationships and the more you will see who your “true” friends are as this process also separates the wheat from the chaff without trying to be “liked” by everyone or “please” everyone. And essentially this process will also align you with your deeper soul purpose and vocation which is unique to you.

During this Time of Transition we are all asked to “answer the call” and participate in our unique ways as we help each other remember who we truly are and shine in our embodied magnificence as transducers for Divine Will.

“There’s someone out there right now whose future can benefit from you speaking your truth. You have a role to play in his life – and whether you fulfill it is up to you. Among the many people nodding their head with what they already know by reading your site [or posts on FB], there will be a couple who will open their eyes for the first time. Even if it’s a single idea that they haven’t thought of yet, it’s enough to kick them into an interesting direction. The divine flow works through all channels that can contain this flow. By opening up your channel, you give one additional outlet for the divine flow to do its thing. That’s how it works. It’s like building a new road in town – sure, people can say “just another road” but who knows what difference it can make…by taking a shortcut, the ambulance may get to the hospital soon enough to save someone. Because of the eventually unpredictable effects of our actions, the best we can do is live our destiny and our heart’s calling to the fullest, regardless of whether we think anyone is listening or not – because what we THINK we are doing isn’t always how things really end up working out.”

~ Tom Montalk


“To tell truth with any consistency, we not only have to meet every place in ourselves that is afraid of telling truth, we also have to see the belief structure we have that tells us, “I can’t do that.” Until the whole world is free to agree with you or disagree with you, until you have given the freedom to everyone to like you or not like you, to love you or hate you, to see things as you see them or to see things differently—until you have given the whole world its freedom—you’ll never have your freedom.

We cannot be true as long as we are expecting or wanting others to agree with us. That will cause us to contract—maybe they won’t like what I say; maybe they won’t agree; maybe they won’t like me. When we are protecting ourselves, we are also withholding freedom from everybody else.

We need to recognize that we have no way of knowing or predicting how the world will receive us. Part of being awake is being willing to be crucified. If we think that to be awake means the whole world will agree with us, then we are in a total delusion.

Inside human consciousness there is a deep taboo that says it is not okay to realize the truth of being. I’m not talking about preaching it, necessarily; I’m talking about just being what you perceive. This taboo says, “That’s not okay. You will be crucified for that; you will be killed for it.” Of course, in our human history, people have been killed for it. We have a long history in many societies of getting rid of or killing truly enlightened beings, because true enlightenment does not conform to the dream state. In fact, many times the dream state feels offended and threatened by true enlightenment, because a truly enlightened being cannot be controlled. Even the threat of death cannot control an enlightened being.

Thus, as a human being, we can’t have these childish ideas that enlightenment means “everybody loves me”. The most important thing is not that you try to convince anybody of the truth that you see. What is really important is that you are truthful with yourself. If you can be truthful with yourself, then you can be truthful with anybody.”

~ Adyashanti

Bernhard’s blog PIERCING THE VEIL OF REALITY is a wide-ranging collection of essays, films and interviews, ranging from spirituality, shamanism, psychology, self-work, esotericism, history, to the paranormal and hyperdimensional realities. His work has been featured on various websites across the internet and he is a contributing writer for WAKE UP WORLD.

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