Energy Meditation For The Living Matrix

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Energy Meditation For The Living Matrix

By Synthia Andrews, ND

The Living Matrix is the master activation for higher consciousness. According to the ancient Maya, three-dimensional consciousness is
woven on a loom of twenty warp lines and thirteen weft lines, creating the matrix of life. Everything we see and experience resonates to the
ratio of 13:20.

It is the golden ratio of nature; it governs the cycles of time and harmonizes the music of the celestial spheres. The human
body is strung into the matrix through the twenty fingers and toes. Thirteen major joints (ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, shoulders and
neck) create connecting points to the galaxy.

When your toes anchor your meridians into the ley lines of the Earth and your fingers weave
your meridians into the energy pathways of the heavens, the thirteen joints become portals to dimensional reality.

This is the awakening of
true paradigm shift.

The Living Matrix brings energy into your crown to fill your heart.
It then extends through your fingers and toes to the places in the
universe ware you are anchored.


Illustration By Johanna Sayre

Ground, center and establish boundaries

1. Lie or stand with your arms and legs in spread position like da Vinci’s
drawing of Man. Breathe in through your crown chakra and send energy into
your heart chakra, filling it with light.

2. When your heart is full, split the energy into four, sending streams of light
into your arms and legs and out your fingers and toes. Imagine the energy
flowing from your toes and joining the ley lines of the Earth;  feel yourself as an
anchor for higher frequency into the Earth. Imagine energy flowing from your
fingers into the energy pathways of the sky; feel yourself part of expanding
awareness. Maintain this flow into your crown and out your fingers and toes.

3. Allow your vibration to become finer and finer as you experience yourself
as one link in a network grid of light. All of your mentors are before you, you
are a mentor to those behind, and all are part of the one.

Know that we are all part of the shift underway and none of us makes it unless
all of us do. Send energy and light to humanity. Consider the Mayan phase,
In lak’ech- I am another yourself.  Let go of  judgment and condemnation.
Become pure light, pure love.

For more information about the benefits and uses of this meditation see, The Path of Energy, New Page Books, page 59-60.

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