Creating a New Reality With “Vossaisms”

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By Michelle Walling, CHLC
Editor, HowToExitTheMatrix

Fernando Vossa is a pioneer in guiding humanity on how to create a new reality. He has named his philosophical musings and teachings “Vossaisms”, and they are an excellent way to transport yourself into fifth dimensional (and higher) thinking and creation. As we raise our vibration, we begin to morph our current reality while thought creates a new one. At the same time, the old reality matrix is dissolving in front of our very eyes.

Here are some of Fernando’s latest “Vossaisms”:

Vossa Axion for Creativity:
1. Think of everything
2. Think of nothing
3. Begin Creating

“The act of destruction is intervention by separation. The Act of Creation is the alchemy of Union.”

Vossalium – The catalyst substance that transmutes a vision into form.

Vossalize – The act of making the intangible, tangible.

“I Am the journey of a billion stars and I Am the miracle of a mind awakening to be conscious of the journey.

“Make the intangible, tangible.”

“We are living in the age of awakening”.

“When contemplating the blank canvass ask, what am I going to unify?”

“Everywhere we look we will find life and everywhere else the is consciousness.”

“Now is the infinite moment to celebrate the art of flowing.”

“From 0 to Zen in One meditation”

“I Am an absolute eternal purity and there is no beyond that I Am.”

“I like looking in the mirror. Taking time to quiet my mind and truly see with compassionate eyes the magnificent creator being that lives this life I call mine.”

“Die to ourselves and be born as awakened creators.”

“Walking between dimensions is an act of faith.”

“We are floating in the pure compassionate radiance of our heart’s will.”

“Forgive yourself for being in this reality. Sprout a forest of self-compassion and fall in love with that incredible playful being who chose to be in this Now. Become infinitely curios of everyday things. Release the need to force everything your way. You are the perfect child of creation. Affirm to yourself out loud…I Am loved! I Am indispensable to this universe! I Am a fully empowered creator in God’s kitchen! I will bake of my life a cosmic compassion cake frosted with joy and unbound laughter. Now observe your accelerated manifestation as reality loves you back!”

“I like to wear a blindfold when I meditate so I will know all that I see is inside of me. After much meditation I self realized that even when the blindfold is off all that I see is also inside of me.”

“While government is a business, the Earth and humanity are non negotiable.”

“It only takes a couple of brain cells to criticize something one does not understand. Brilliance is using your heart to embrace those seeking to reveal Truth.”

“Love is the compression. Wisdom is the Breakthrough. The sine wave of life is the pulsing of Love and Wisdom. Compression and Breakthrough are the portals from which creation flows. This dual personality of wave and particle are the cosmic pattern of being and non-being. This is how we can be present in the physical while our true aspect is of pure energy. There is a divine template of creation and the vertices of this blueprint are the galaxies and human bodies that we inhabit. If we were to connect all the points of light we would see the body of God. In this Now of an Earth transforming into a conscious point of light; our love of true freedom has alchemized a very real pressure that is illuminating the dark spaces. In this hall of dark mirrors, we have been hidden from ourselves. What lies beyond the maya of this hologram Is the universal self realization that the One that we are is an infinite path of Love – Compression – Wisdom – Breakthrough.”

“Everything seems to be taking longer and shorter than usual.”

“The answer to end our enslavement is creativity unleashed.”

“In all beginnings there is magic. In the uncertain path is adventure. And the next destination is death. So live for the magic and the adventure.”

“The Universe is inviting us to be complete.”

Here is an interview I did with Fernando:

Here is an interview complete with more Vossaisms with Mel Ve from CCN:

You can follow Fernado Vossa HERE on his Facebook page.

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