Metaphysical Self Defense – The Egg & The Cross

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Metaphysical Self Defense – The Egg & The Cross

Sometimes we suffer Metaphysical attacks. Usually they come from people who do not agree with us, the things that we say or the things that we do. Often they also come from non-biological beings. The attacks can come from that realm solely, but often it’s a mix of both, since people who are into this sub-human low life stuff are surrounded by these entities.

When they hit, and hit hard, we often sense it right away. That is to our advantage since it gives us time to gather our defenses and put up a barrier in order to repel the attacks. If we find ourselves as targets, the last thing we want to do is to victimize ourselves. Self-victimization opens a door called: Poor Me. And every time we take that road we weaken ourselves.

That would be the first line of self-defense… not to ponder upon the ‘Why’ or to start making excuses for ourselves. They probably just aren’t that much into you, and we do not want to be on social terms with the Metaphysical assassins anyway, so a good spiritual attitude would be: Fuck ‘Em: If that’s who they are under the hood – walk away.

Only problem is: It’s almost impossible to walk away from a Metaphysical attack. Since it doesn’t have any solid form as a physical attack would have, we cannot see our new-found enemy, and basically it is a collection of disruptive and dark frequencies and they will find us wherever we try to hide. So instead of being the hunted, turn the situation around and secure yourself.

Since these attacks are somehow more regular towards good people who write me about this, I thought it would be appropriate to bring it up. Seems to be more frequent now as in the last couple of months and people are still getting hit hard. I cannot in one post give all keys to Metaphysical Self Defense, so I will probably do another post or two about it in the coming year. If you feel like I have left something out, it might be for that reason.

People who get attacked tell about praying, meditating, using healing stones and incense and so forth and I will not touch upon that, but focus on a Metaphysical Vortex point we all carry with us. It has served me well over the years and it is also very useful. When you are in a crowd, it will protect you. When you commute, it will protect you. In the confined space of an airplane, it will protect you. It is with you everywhere; you just have to find it.

This is what I use and have taught others to use and it has repelled a majority of attacks.

The Cross:

For some, talk of and even visualizing the Cross means that they plug into and call upon the Field of Christ. That is correct. We do.
For others, talk of and even visualizing the Cross means that they plug into and call upon ‘White Magic’. That is correct. We do.
For some, it’s a question of using the symbolism of the Cross and the geometry of the Cross as an attack repellent and there are probably more interpretations of it than mentioned here.

It’s all good; use all three since we are on High Alert and in a battle we did not start.

Dark stuff is knocking on your metaphysical door. Most people would try to hide and not answer that calling, out of fear and as mentioned the self-victimization: “Why Me” – there’s no reason to go there – since, it’s happening and its coming down hard. Use the concept of: Intelligent Warfare like in: King Ragnar. (Do not be a pawn – be the board)

First thing when you feel something is off:

The Egg:

Go deep into the heart and visualize a tiny, tiny eggshell in the center of it. If you are not used to visualizing, just do it anyway, since as you go it will manifest. Extend that little eggshell so it covers you from head to toe. Imagine it growing from as little as possible to covering you from a point above the head, 30 centimeters is good, and the same beneath or under your feet, depends on if you are standing, sitting or lying down.

When you have a feeling that the eggshell is all around you, some see it with their outer eye, some see it with the inner eye, doesn’t matter it’s not a competition, then it is a good idea to color it. Angelic Blue is very protective and it is very close to lavender blue or the blue Indian Sapphire, which I often see in the Morph. I’ve trained this with people who could actually hear the eggshell. It has a very high frequency buzz to it. Sounds a bit like electricity crackling.

Being inside that egg, do what you normally would do, having had these experiences before. I usually say: I’m onto you – let’s rock and roll. I used to say that to take fear down, but I do not feel fear of this anymore and getting rid of that fear, which is an open portal for them to penetrate, usually discourages them, what and whoever they may be.

Being inside that egg-like construction you will have to find out if you want to be a sitting duck or you want to throw in some old-fashioned warriorhood. Since I will not go down silently – I throw in this:

“Egg shell, please bounce it back.”

Which means – if we are successful, that they attack themselves all by themselves. Do not try to strengthen it or make it worse, just bounce it with the same force.

I had a very interesting attack on me the night before Christmas. It was very powerful and it came from three places. I sensed when it was going on. It was brutal. It took me three hours to settle and I was supposed to go down. I was having severe pains in the kidneys and my lungs could hardly breathe. I repelled it and I bounced it, and I had great difficulty in keeping my body temperature up.

The day after I talked to some trusted friends (Ida being one of them) and told them what had happened. I had never done that before, like I have never written of this before, and I asked them: Will you let me know if you hear of any of these persons seeking medical help? And soon the word came in: OH, my God, yes he was in the hospital and he cannot see.

Wow. I actually asked during the counter wave that: “If these people like the darkness so much, let them see it.” I was stunned.

The Cross:

The above applies to also igniting the Cross being inside the Egg Shell.

The Cross consists of the Spine and the Shoulders.

The spine being the vertical piece of wood in the cross and the shoulder blades the horizontal.

So, what we do is that we focus on the Spine. The focus has to be from the root chakra connection of the spine up into the middle of the brain. When you have a solid feeling that you feel, see or sense the whole spine, you light it up. With: blue, golden, silver or purple. Doesn’t have to be perfect – no time for debate in that situation, go with your gut feeling. Wood lit up? Ok.

Then you focus on the bone structure that goes from the edge of each shoulder blade and you have the horizontal piece of wood. Light it up and then hold your attention to: Two becomes One and the Cross is lit.

What nasty stuff that would penetrate the Egg Shell, will very rarely pass the cross. Then you basically hold your position, until the attack slows away…..If you need, as said, to do your own routine, please do, but do not attack back. Only repel and bounce. That’s the key to your success. And maybe not be too spooked off by the same stuff hitting back and making people temporary blind. Spirituality is also Spiritual Warfare, and we can forgive them later after the ‘lesson learned’. Before lesson learned will usually just be an invitation to these creeps.

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