The Solar Winds Of Change

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The Solar Winds Of Change

By Polaris AB

It is like standing in the path of a tornado as emotional stirrings of the Sun decide whether or not to send forth further almighty solar Winds of Change for us to face. And change it would be for those still clinging on tightly to patterns of behaviour, habits, routines and beliefs that can no longer take root in a world now flowing with energetic movement of a higher frequency vibration. Two coronal mass ejections over the last few days have surrounded us and filled us with high energy particles expanding our energetic bodies and enhancing and emphasizing all that we are, giving the final push for many to step over the threshold and awaken into our new Fifth Dimensional World.

High vibrational energy shakes us to our very core as each individual atom speeds up in resonance with its accompanying electrons, neutrons and protons spinning round like horses on a carousel getting faster and faster. Higher resonance makes it far harder for the energy bodies to maintain equilibrium and hold together in a resting state. However the evolutionary effects of this process now begin to take effect. Science states at this point that a physical body cannot withstand the effects of ionising radiation as increases in millsievert levels take place.
Science shows us the limits, the definitions and the boundaries of understanding. Part of which tells us what we can’t do, what we can’t be and what we can’t become. But all have heard many stories of miraculous recoveries and feats and talents and skills that defy any scientific explanation created by the Power of Belief by people who don’t know that they ‘can’t’. And yes, one of these may be realistic and one may be illusional, but which one do you prefer and which one do you really want to believe in?

Weakening in the magnetosphere, depletion of the ozone, increased levels of greenhouse gases – this is what science tells us is happening to our world. But this is where Spirit emerges on the horizon of Scientific understanding. For are we not Guardians of the Children of the Sun, are our bodies not made of the very particles that were once born in the heart of our Sun that continue to flood us now. Does our Earth Mother, Gaia, not give us all that we need to survive on this tiny blue planet of amazing genetic diversity. There is a reason why so many across the Universe have gathered around our planet at the moment in higher dimensional states as they start to see the birthing process of Earth emerging from third into fifth density. Much like watching an airplane propeller disappear from view in front of you as it gets faster and faster and then slowly re-emerging into a world that already exists at the speed of the propeller.
The Earth is transitioning into a new set of Fifth Dimensional physics based on new rules to discover and experience. There is nothing new here, only to the minds of inhabitants of third dimensional consciousness will it seem that way.

Transformation of a physical energy body operating at a higher frequency of vibration requires acceptance of a higher state of consciousness. One that is accepting of its circumstances, one that is prepared to change all that has been before into something new. New lifestyle, new eating habits, new behaviour, new attitudes and new ways of interacting with what were ‘others’ and are now instead, different aspects of YOU. New EVERYTHING.

There is opportunity for those who are finding difficulty maintaining balance of their energy bodies to leave their body entirely and agree to allow a higher vibrational consciousness to inhabit it. This is done at the Soul level and is known as a Soul Aspect Transfer or Walk-In. The alternative method that is used by those who have work to do in assisting the transitional state of Gaia to Fifth Dimension is through regular acceptance of higher consciousness aspects of Self, specifically calibrated to maintain higher dimensional states. This method allows you to transition up the frequency bands of vibration whilst maintaining a resting state of equilibrium matching the level of consciousness to the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Many will want to continue with what they have got, to maintain a lifestyle and existence that will rely on the energies of a lower vibrating consciousness to hold it together. The mechanisms to do so will no longer be operating because they rely on others around them to support their position. The world of the Many that support the Few are fading into Earth’s akashic history. We are now the Many acting as One to support the Many. After all, are they not Us at a point in our own past before belief and realisation awakened us from the same deep slumber of third dimensional consciousness.

Welcome to our beautiful world of Fifth Dimension, reach out and connect with all that YOU have created.

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