​Plastic Money – The Interim Stage Prior To Virtual Digital Money

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​Plastic Money - The Interim Stage Prior To Virtual Digital Money

Via Polaris AB

In current times, Third Dimension has relied on a medium of energetic exchange in the physical form of currency to enable transactions to take place. What once was backed by precious metals using the Gold standard has instead become a ‘Fiat’ system. Objects and services are assigned worth and then given value through an agreed system of exchange – ‘I promise to pay the bearer’. This statement was given to ensure the issuing bank could back up this promise with an alternative form of value.

The move towards plastic currency is one step closer to plastic cards which allow banks and financial organisations to virtualize the electronic exchange process. This removes the ability to conduct personalized transactions, store currency privately and avoid exposure of true value and worth.

Virtualization requires all exchanges to be conducted electronically and can be overseen and monitored by those in authority and those who seek to gain financially from the constant flow of money through banks, governments and financial institutions.

As the Earth frequencies continue to rise in vibration, all that exists as a creation of Third Dimensional form begins to disintegrate – All that is rigid shall be shaken. The financial system is certainly due a huge shake up as the current methodology of virtual creation of money without holding true value is unsustainable, unreliable and untrustworthy.

Transformation requires the bubble of Third Dimensional reality to burst. The Fifth Dimension will bring a new form of energy exchange which is measurable, justifiable and controllable by all who participate. The promise will be made by the Sovereign individual and backed up by self worth and self valuation and will be clear to see by all attuned to the higher frequencies. New civilizations require new forms of currency for the basis of growth and prosperity. The need to acquire gold became the driving force creating the rise and fall of many of these early civilizations through conquest. Limited reserves regulate supply and demand – the civilization became as rich as the gold it held or acquired through trade.

The ability to exist within higher dimensions does not rely on any form of permanent physicality, gold or any other physical form has no intrinsic value – ‘you can’t take it with you’. The One constant is Light as the carrying force of Love. We will become measurable through our ability to hold frequencies of Light. There are Beings in this Universe unaware that physical form can even hold sufficient Light to warrant taking interest in Earth as a species. It is only Now that our ability to hold higher forms of Light frequency through our continued efforts to bring the energies of our Higher Self into the physical form of the Light body.

Light will become our currency exchange as our Souls seek constant expansion and awareness. Abundance will arise through awareness of higher frequencies expanding wisdom and knowledge from within. In all professions, those that demonstrate the highest forms of Light will become Stars, not through fame and glory or seeking recognition but through the ability to shine in their actions and words. This adds true value and worth to this world.

What will you choose in order to shine your Light?

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