The Irony Of Wanting To Exit The Matrix

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By Michelle Walling, CHLC

Once a person begins to understand that they are in a matrix overlay control system, they begin to want to exit this reality. The irony of this is that they have forgotten that they came here to help others. Part of the “dark night of the soul” that occurs during awakenings is wanting to go “home”. However, there is one important thing to remember. We will exit the matrix by being embodied here.

The way that we exit the matrix is by anchoring the light into the planet so that the planet can shift its frequency band, allowing other realities to be experienced. These other realities are tied to a higher vibration which leads more to service to others rather than service to self. For example, the reality termed “the new earth” is a version of earth that does not have the virus of consumption. We have to be fully embodied in order to anchor the light that will cause the shift. It only takes a small percentage of humanity doing this to affect the whole matrix.

The problem is that many people who awaken out of the programming of the matrix find it hard to be fully embodied because they don’t want to be here. They may even be saying it out loud and praying to be taken out of this reality. This means that their essence is floating around outside of their body with a small portion anchored into the physical. Also, as people start to dabble with their spiritual abilities, they start astral traveling. It is not only interesting to visit other levels of the astral, but it gives a person a sense of freedom knowing that they aren’t “stuck” here. However, leaving the body empty while astral traveling could possibly invite others to hang out in the body, and also when they come back they again have the feeling of being “stuck” here after seeing all of the other places outside of here.

It’s not easy being here inside of this construct. Empaths have a much harder time because they can feel other people’s pain. Part of doing “the work” is to learn how to be “in the world but not of it” with the least amount of suffering possible. This is accomplished by fully grounding into the body, connecting with the core of the planet and bringing that energy into the heart space. Also, connect with your higher self/Source and bring that energy into your heart space. Imagine that the energy comes from source into you heart, down to earth, back up into your heart, and back to Source, back into your heart space, in a continuous flow. Some people may already be doing this without realizing it through their daily energy practices like yoga, tai chi, grounding, or meditation.

Your “energy egg” or aura needs to be aligned or centered as well in order to allow the light to enter into your body and anchor into the planet. If you have a crack or break in you aura, not only is your current shut off but also you could allow negative entities into your field, which cause havoc in your life.


Within your aura are your “bodies”. All of your bodies must be aligned as well- the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. Although there may be many way of energetic healing to bringing this into balance. the most effective way is to WANT to be grounded and centered and to connect with your higher self and Source, intending to bring that higher essence of you into the physical. GROUNDING to earth via bare feet on the ground, using a grounding blanket, hugging a tree, or taking a bath and connecting with the water are all effective ways to ground. When you ground, it makes a closed circuit and does not allow energy to escape or spark off outside of yourself. It’s a very natural way to correct energy imbalances.

In summary, the secret of exiting the matrix is to be fully grounded and present until we reach a critical mass that will shift this reality. It is quite ironic but once you fully understand that we are here to do this then it makes more sense. This may be the most important thing that you do if you don’t do anything else. I encourage you to take this further in your own research to make sure that your bodies are aligned and that you are centered and flowing the source energy through you to earth.

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