Cosmic Awakening Show LIVE Detroit With Harper

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The following is a Matrix Membership exclusive video.

The Cosmic Awakening Show recorded a LIVE full day conference in front of an audience in Detroit, Michigan on July 15, 2017. The link to the conference description is HERE.

Host Michelle Walling interviewed musician Peter D. Harper of Harper and Midwest Kind, UFO experiencer Michael Lee Hill, and Rob Gauthier, who channels Aridif from Deneb.

Peter D. Harper

Award-winning international singer/songwriter Peter D. Harper of Midwest Kind, a Detroit based international touring band discussed:

-The droning of the instrument known as the didgerigoo or “didge” and its Aboriginal ties
-Creating songs about love and how it affects the audience
-How he prepares for songwriting or “channeling”
-His meeting with the Aborigines that saved his life and taught him how to play the didge
-The metaphysical abilities of the Aborigines
-The Creator beings that created Australia and dreamtime
-How didgeridoos are made
-The continuous breathing technique used to play the didge
-An amazing didgeridoo demonstration

Find out more about Michelle Walling and these types of topics here: (sponsor of the Cosmic Awakening Show)

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