The Great Lie Called Civilization

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The Great Lie Called Civilization

By Greg Calise

“The great lie is that it is civilization. It has been literally the most blood thirsty brutalizing system ever imposed upon this planet. This is not civilization. That’s the great lie, or if it does represent civilization and it’s truly what civilization is; then the great lie is that civilization is good for us.”
– John Trudell

Do you ever notice how some people feel superior over others? It’s quite noticeable. Civilized man has always felt superior over their “primitive” indigenous brothers and sisters. This feeling of superiority facilitated the genocide of many millions of indigenous people throughout history. They were considered heathens, and the religions propagated the extermination of heathens. This began with the beginning of civilization. Yes, civilization has been bloody since the very beginning.

To understand what civilization really is, we need to go back into prehistory, before civilization. We lived in small tribes, mostly nomadic, and we lived in complete harmony and balance with Mother Nature. These were the hunter-gatherers, of which many North American indigenous tribes were still practicing not so long ago. There was no agriculture, so the soil and plant life were never disturbed. They never over-cultivated. They were very healthy, as was described by the first settlers in America, the Indians had beautiful bodies with fine physic and health (at least until the white man’s diseases killed them off). Hunter-gatherers worked only 4 hours a day, and to them, it was not considered work. Man was free.


The advent of civilization changed all of that. At that time, the gods started making their appearances. They gave mankind many gifts, all trojan horses to ensnare them in their matrix web.. They gave mankind agriculture, which destroyed the natural habitat and the soil. They gave mankind grains and beans, which are difficult to digest. Now everyone was working long hours in the fields with their backs hunched over. Anthropologists have discovered that with the advent of agriculture, also came bone and teeth deformation, much more disease and lower life span. Nice gift. This was the beginning of becoming out of balance with Mother Nature.

The gods gave us mathematics, science, architecture, religions as well as cities, kingdoms and empires. They created hierarchal systems of kings, emperors, high priests and pyramids of power structures. Mankind had given up its freedom to become enslaved by others who feel superior. Trapped in a hierarchal system of master and slave. Laws were created, courts, prisons and armies were created to enforce the laws, defend the city and attack others. Slavery also made its appearance. By attacking indigenous tribes, they would steal their land and enslave them. They would also attack other cities and ransack them, burn them to the ground and enslave everyone. This was all normal practice. If you look at all of the ancient civilizations, they mostly consisted of slaves, as much as 60% to 90% of the populace in these ancient civilizations were slaves and surfs.


Of course all of this had to be paid for, so everyone was taxed. Mankind had given up his freedom for a great lie. The gifts of civilization have ensnared and enslaved everyone into a brutal and bloody game of control. This is the great Trojan Horse. And yet the amazing thing is that, not only can people not see their predicament, but they actually feel superior over the indigenous tribes.

Don’t think that modern civilization is so different. So many people believe that we are progressing through the ages, and have advanced to the pinnacle of civilization. Every new discovery or invention would progress society further. But is this really progression? Are we more civilized than we were two thousand years ago? Why, because we have discovered and invented so much since then? We have sky rise architecture, cars, planes, electricity, phones, sanitation, TV, computers and so many inventions of convenience. Surely we must have progressed. But we have some serious problems with this progression of civilization. Just consider the consciousness of the vast majority of people in modern society. We may have so many techno-toys, but too many people are walking around in a hypnotic stupor.


The wars have never stopped. Hundreds of millions of people have died by the hands of their own brothers. Slavery has never ended. Sex slavery is a global problem. Then there are the sweat shops, factories, farms and mines, where people forced to work for meager wages. In fact, the entire world is enslaved. Everyone has to pay for his rent, food etc., and therefore they must get a job (if they are lucky to find one). We subject ourselves to a boss. He becomes the master and you become the slave. There is no freedom in such actions.

Religion is still rampant, deceiving the masses and feeding the gods that have imprisoned them. Religion misdirects one’s focus from the Self to some external deity, which just happens to be a demiurge that has imprisoned humanity in the matrix of illusions, where the demiurges feed off of humanity and all of the natural world. Jehovah, Allah and many more. Jesus did not worship Jehovah (as confirmed in the Gospel of Judas) but his Father in Heaven, which he described as “The One, True God”, which resided within his heart. That is the secret. God resides within our heart, and that is the only place you will find Him.

These gods also gave us the gift of money and the monetary system of more slavery. We still have money and banks. We are enslaved to them. They rule the world. Most corporations are majority owned by banks. They robbed us blind in 2008, and that robbery continues to this day. Which brings us to corruption. The corruption of these banks is phenomenal. Everything from the many high ranking bankers who have been suicided lately, to the fact that they are continually getting caught laundering billions of dollars in drug money, to the control of the world’s economies and even the countries themselves. Wall Street owns Washington DC. That is quite obvious.


Governments are all about controlling the masses and taxing them to death. Some dudes claim themselves as our superiors, our authorities, as our leaders. They create the illusions that the people chose them. Every election time, all I see is control freak psychopaths. Who chooses these scum? They constantly lie, and yet people believe them and vote for them. These psychopaths create the laws that we must not transgress. Now every year, thousands of new laws are passed, and how is anyone supposed to know them all?

Not only do we still have governments, but they are becoming totalitarian, with loss of any individual rights or freedoms. The police state is moving in. The american people are being corralled into a very strict, totalitarian society with scarce jobs, expensive rents and food. The corruption is very wide spread. So tell me, which part of modern civilization has been of any actual benefit?

Let’s not forget how civilization divorces us from Mother Nature. John Muir noticed this so long ago and wrote about it. Modern civilization has divorced us even further, as we live in concrete, steel and plastic, drive cars and rarely get out into Nature. Look at what we have done to the Earth in a short period of a little over 100 years. We have raped her of all of her natural resources, polluted the soil, the water, the air, the food and every living thing on earth. So this is progress, destroying the very habitat that sustains you? That sounds like insanity to me.


Oh but look at all the fancy gadgets we can buy now!! Surely these must be worth our slavery and the destruction of Mother Earth. Tell me, are you happy? Do these trinkets really fulfill you? No, they can’t. The enjoyment and satisfaction are fleeting. You always need new trinkets, so you work hard to acquire them, and they fill your mind as desires. We have all this incredible technology, and this increases production, but tell me, is anyone getting paid any more or working any less? Now everyone must produce more at the same wage. So no, technology hasn’t improved our lives that much. Then of course, so much new technology is directed to the military war machine of destruction. So much of our technology is used for destruction.

Perhaps we would have been so much happier living a “primitive” life in the forest, living in union, harmony and balance with Mother Nature. We were free back then.

“When I was a cave man, paintin’ on the walls. I never had a dollar; man I had it all. I was very high on the order of things. Just one step, I spread my wings and fly. When I was a cave man, I had it all. I had it all.”
– Chris Smither


And yet here we are, born within a brutal and destructive civilization, completely enslaved by the system. Living in the middle of the empire. Unless you can escape to some mountain forest or some other desolate place, and live off of the land, then you are pretty much subjected to the system. You have to pay rent, utilities, car and gas, food, phone and so much just to survive. That means you have to work, make money, pay taxes and so much more. Entrapped. I hate to think of someone else controlling my life.

I have extricated myself as much as I can. I am not a consumer buying trinkets, neither do I watch TV. I don’t pay any attention to the media or or the various sports and entertainment. I live a simple and frugal life. I wish I could live in a mountain cabin, but I can’t.

We may have to live within the system of the matrix, but if you are aware of what it is and how it manifests, then it loses its power of hypnotic control over you. You become an anomaly in the matrix. You are no longer under its control. O yes, you are still here, interacting in the matrix, so the controllers can still mess with you, but you are free of their control of your mind. I figure that’s a good start.

– Greg Calise (RIP February 11, 2016)

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