Why Did I Attract That?! 2 Reasons For a Bad Manifestation

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Why Did I Attract That?! 2 Reasons For a Bad Manifestation

By Andrea Schulman

Once we have really grasped the Law of Attraction, we begin to understand that everything in our realities, be it good or bad, is a result of our own thoughts and feelings.  With this realization, it is natural to question ourselves about how we’ve managed to attract a “bad manifestation” into our lives.

There are a couple of reasons why “bad” things happen to us, but the good news is that they both can have positive ramifications.  Below are the two main causes of bad manifestations, and how to tell which one is to blame.

Reasons for a Bad Manifestation

1. Negative beliefs (particularly unconscious negative beliefs): 

Some of our negative beliefs we are highly aware of (for example, we might be aware that we think our in-laws are nosey or we might be aware that we think our bosses are incompetent).  But some negative beliefs are more covert.  We may be unaware that we have a fear due to something that happened to us at a very young age, or we might not be aware of some of the negative beliefs we’ve picked up from our friends and relatives.

When bad things happen, it can actually be a blessing in disguise because it can help us uncover unconscious negative beliefs that are holding us back.  Once we are aware of our negative thoughts, we can work to transform them.

Figuring out if a bad manifestation is due to negative beliefs is relatively easy.  When something bad happens to you, ask yourself, “how have I been feeling leading up to this ‘bad’ event?” If you’ve been in a bad mood, if you’ve been angry, anxious or sad in the time leading up to your bad news, negative thinking is most likely to be the reason for the bad manifestation.

If this is the case, take some time to sit down and think deeply about the situation at hand in order to uncover any unconscious negative beliefs.  For example,  If you suddenly get a huge, unexpected bill in the mail, ask yourself how you feel about money.  If your boyfriend has left you, ask yourself about how you feel about love.

Sit down with a pen and paper and write down your thoughts about the subject at hand without thinking too much.  Just let them pour out onto the paper, without any rules.  Don’t worry about grammar, spelling or punctuation, just get as many words out as you can.  If you’re not much of a writer, turn on a voice recorder (many people have them on their smart phones today) and let it all out verbally.  When you’re done, read or listen to your thoughts to see if you can identify the negative belief that may have caused the bad manifestation.

Remember, identifying unconscious negative beliefs is a really wonderful thing.  These are thoughts that have likely been holding you back for a very long time, and now that you know what they are you can begin to release them.  Identifying and releasing unconscious negative beliefs will help you become a master conscious creator.

2. It’s the shortest route to get you where you want to be:  

Sometimes, there are no negative beliefs, and in these cases something “bad” happens because it’s the quickest and easiest route to get you to the good things you want out of life.

For example, perhaps you get fired from your job, and you have literally no idea why.  You’ve been in a good place, you’ve had good expectations and things have generally been going well for you.  There’s no energetic reason as to why bad fortune would befall you because your vibration has been running high the whole time.  If this is true of your situation, it is highly likely that the reason you were fired is because there is something you really, really want and losing your job is the quickest way to ensure that you will get it.

Perhaps your dream job is coming available, and the universe wants you ready to take the position.   Perhaps you are supposed to meet your soul mate at the unemployment office.  You just never know.

The moral of the story is, if you’ve been feeling good and riding a positive wave of energy leading up to the event, have faith because things are more than likely going to plan.  The universe can deliver our dreams in unexpected ways, so be open to the possibility of a positive outcome.

So the next time something bad happens to you, take a few moments of introspection to evaluate your feelings and thoughts leading up to the “bad manifestation.” If you can tell that your energy has been low in the recent past, think about the subject more deeply to identify any negative beliefs that may have caused your misfortune.  

If, instead, you’ve been in  a really good place, remember there’s nothing you have to fix.  The universe is trying to get you to the next level, and sometimes change is a bit dramatic, particularly when it is quick.  You might be simply experiencing the growing pains of a sudden breakthrough.  

Breathe and trust that you are headed in the right direction.  You will understand soon how this transition was the best possible thing that could happen to you.

As one final note, regardless of the reason that you received a “bad” manifestation, it is important to be mindful of your reaction.  Part of becoming a Law of Attraction master is in learning how to roll with the punches, and how to see the good in everything that happens to you.  Your reaction can keep the bad manifestations coming one after the next, or it can carry you to a better place than you’ve ever been before.

For this reason, when “bad” things happen, it is wise to start looking for the silver linings.  Remind yourself that you benefit from everything the universe throws you, even when you can’t tell what the benefit is.  Surrender your fate to the universe and go with the flow for the very best outcome.

Stay optimistic, and watch what happens next! 

XO, Andrea

(Law of Attraction Coach & Educator)

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