Energy Portals Are Creating Enhanced Changes of Consciousness

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Energy Portals Are Creating Enhanced Changes of Consciousness

By Paul Dobree-Carey
Polaris AB

Many energy portals have aligned and opened and are now streaming forth the higher frequency encoded transmissions to bring about enhanced changes to the consciousness of our Planet and its many inhabitants. Those who have awakened at this time have felt these energies expanding and flowing through their energetic bodies in readiness for the next stage of expanded awareness and the changes towards crystalline form.

Others are not yet aware of these changes within, having chosen to maintain a continuing existence within the existing Earth templates and archetypes, however ALL will feel that something different is taking place within and around them.

Much has been written about raising vibrations, increasing frequencies and how to achieve this, but what exactly does this mean and why do we need to do it?

We ‘live’ within an individual ‘bubble’ known as a Torus sphere which is created from a conscious awareness of our existence which we experience as reality. The middle of this sphere is our heart center which allows a conscious flow of energy through us and is projected ‘outwards’ onto our sphere. The sphere is composed of a hexagonal grid overlying the Flower of Life pattern, a pattern very familiar to the Ancients with examples found across all cultures, here and beyond.

We receive feedback of this projected energy flow through our five senses which is passed to the brain for processing. Our reality is entirely composed of our perception of this flowing information and all that exists for each person is their own understanding of this as their own ‘individual world’.

Our belief system controls the amount of information we are prepared to accept or reject. To say that one does not believe this, is to demonstrate that the brain has no perception of this to create a coherent understanding. ‘I cannot see it – I cannot feel it – so I don’t believe it. It does not exist in my world therefore everyone else must be wrong’. This is the conclusion of third dimensional existence – where belief only occurs once proved beyond doubt.

Fifth dimensional energies are changing these concepts presenting ‘anomalies’ and personal experiences which are shaking the current beliefs and established proofs that science and controlling bodies would have us believe. Belief is the key to expand awareness beyond the limitations of the Five Senses. The Six Sense is Awareness in the sense of feelings, intuition, prediction, anticipation – all the abilities that operate beyond the animalistic five senses.

Our evolution is now developing through the co-operation of our planetary consciousness, Gaia, to expand the range of frequencies that our sense of awareness perceives and functions within. This will allow higher dimensional awareness to become fully available to us whilst incarnate in a physical body – this was the original divine purpose.

Light and Sound operate particular wave frequencies which our bodies are built to tune into. Our DNA determines this process through continued adaption and the responses and behaviors of our cellular structure. For changes to occur within the physical body and perceive greater frequency awareness, these changes must begin with DNA. This in turn governs the form and substance of our energetic bodies.

New encoded patterns of Light arriving from the Grand Central Sun as higher particular frequencies start to vibrate previously dormant strands of DNA like harp strings, to bring them ‘online’ and operational. Chemical poisoning, crop mutation, water structure reshaping, frequency manipulation, blocking of sun exposure, medicinal addictions, are all attempts at halting this inevitable process. I need not write further on this, of that which cannot ultimately halt this advancement in human kind.

For those attuned to these frequencies having raised their own vibrations sufficiently high will automatically unlock the higher Light Key Codes within their own DNA which will bring about the next stages in Human Evolution. Obviously any internal change in cellular structure will create physical symptoms as feedback of the changes as the body flexes and strains against the restructure process.

Belief, Faith and Trust are words that need to come alive within you to allow their resonances to carry you forward, one step at a time.

The Golden Age is in full flow around you – as You!

With Love and Blessings 

Paul Dobree-Carey

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