Maria Bethencourt- Today I am 6!

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Maria Bethencourt- Today I am 6!

By Maria Bethencourt

Happy New Earth Birthday to me!

Six years ago today, August 25, 2011, I was standing in the corner of my kitchen about to reach for a glass of water because I was sooooooo thirsty (hehehehe I was about to go radioactive!)

And The Light went through me and I experienced a spontaneous awakening.

I remembered.

I remembered I was a Spiritual Being having a Physical Experience, not a Physical Being having a Spiritual one…and I was soooooo LOVED…and the Love I felt from My Source was incomprehensible and crushing and brought me to my knees in bliss.

I didn’t know anything then…I know even less now, but I have figured some things out by the universal 2by4 that comes out and smacks me when I get off the path…lol

SO. There you go.

So I do know…If I can be standing in the corner of my kitchen and get zapped, then ANYONE can get zapped at any moment.
Miracles happen all the time.

I was “deep asleep” in the matrix and owned high end boutiques…and was a huge athlete and tennis competitor, an exellent unconscious consumer and completely asleep.

Never meditated a day in my Life.

Heard of chakras but thought they made no sense.

Thought chemtrails were pretty lines in the sky and when they crossed, x marks the spot, and I thought it was cool.
Didn’t know about GMO’s.

( When I found out the damage done to my kids by Ramen Noodles alone I cried for a week…)

AND I thought fluoride was good.


scary sh⭐️t right? Lol!

But, none of it mattered, because even though in the last six years I have been through heaven and hell, I am so BLESSED to be here NOW, I am still Standing, and I am Happy.

For real happy and peaceful.

My old self died that day, but a new self was instantly born without physical death and physical birth.

So Today I am 6.

Feel 18 inside.

Look…not 53 on the Outside.

Act…like a child most of the time, adult only when I must.

Live in abundance.

And I am freaky deaky as all get out…with healing gifts that no longer frighten me. (As a child I would have prophetic dreams, but as a strict Catholic family with Vatican connections, growing up in a third world in 1964, my mother told me it was work of the Devil and to STOP IT. So around 4, I stopped telling her of my visions and dreams, and began to shut down my ESP).

I always say to my friends and family, I Am Not That Kinda Angel! 😇

I am so happy to be able to share tlady with you guys!

Thank you for giving me your acceptance and love, support and understanding.

For giving me a place to be me Without judgement of my path.

You Can use me as an excuse to celebrate today too!

Not that we need excuses lol!

The more the merrier!

Love guys!

Here is an interview Michelle Walling of did with Maria Bethencourt:

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