Fascinating Afterlife Insights- There Is Life After Death!

Filed in Videos by on September 4, 2017
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Fascinating Afterlife Insights- There Is Life After Death!

What is the purpose of Life? What happens to you when you die? When everything around you becomes confusing and you don’t know where to turn next, you can always remember that we are here for a purpose and we never die, which quells the fears seeded within us.

Author and radio show host Barry Eaton delves deeper into the mysteries of the spirit realm and life between lives, and reveals how they can and do influence our current lives on earth. “Afterlife”, Barry’s first, bestselling book, has been acclaimed all over the world, helping people to cope with their fear of death. The book also introduced Judy, his late partner, who inspired and encouraged him to write. Judy’s soul has since advanced to higher levels and now offers fascinating new details about life on both sides of the veil. “No Goodbyes” reveals new information from advanced spirits in the afterlife who believe that the time has come to let people know the answers to mysteries that have puzzled them for generations.


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