Exiting The Old Earth Matrix And Aligning To The Crystalline Grid

Filed in Videos by on September 10, 2017
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Enjoy this video episode of Quantum Conversations with Lisa Transcendence Brown who says we are in a high evolutionary phase at the moment, where our DNA is mutating and we are aligning to our energetic selves. Lisa shares on the old Earth Matrix programs that feed off fear or lack and all the false beliefs we’ve acquired. How to exit the old Matrix? Elevate yourself beyond Human and shift to the Soul Level where all realities are the opposite. Lisa says an open heart, and purifying from old dense programs held within our bodies is how we change our world. Are you anchored to the Crystalline Matrix? New Earth is all about our feelings and by paying attention to them, we can transmute and liberate them from bodies and create Heaven on Earth.

By connecting with and merging with your higher self in other dimensions, you will be able to see realities before they occur and make the highest decisions.

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