Was Hurricane Irma Steered By Maser Satellites In Weather War Against USA?

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By Dr. Michael Salla

Into the early morning hours of September 11, Hurricane Irma lashed the Tampa Bay region of Florida for nearly four hours with its destructive force.  Not only has Irma caused millions of civilians to flee Southern Florida, but has also led to the mandatory evacuation of military personnel from Tampa’s MacDill Air Force Base, home of US Special Operations Command.

In a series of four previous articles, I showed how Special Operations Command was linked to flying triangle-shaped craft possessing antigravity technology photographed near MacDill as Irma approached. The flying triangles were allowed to be photographed near MacDill in a policy decision influenced by the approach of Irma, either as a policy response, hurricane mitigation effort, and/or to ascertain who was steering the hurricane.

What will be explored in this article is the possibility that Irma’s path had been deliberately steered to take out MacDill and Special Operations Command in a new 911 false flag attack using space based Maser satellites.

Later in this article, I will present a Q and A with secret space program insider, Corey Goode, who will be sharing his information about Irma and the flying triangles. First, I present a brief history lesson on Weather Modification.

The Evolution of Weather Modification Technology

Weather modification technologies date back to the 1940’s, when it was discovered that chemicals could be seeded in the atmosphere to influence the weather. A 1978 US Senate Committee report detailed how the US Congress has been involved in reviewing weather modification technologies as far back as 1947, and how since 1953, six acts of Congress had been passed dealing with the subject matter.

It was in the early 1970’s that it was first found out that high frequency radio waves provided the next major technological evolution in weather modification according to Nick Begich and Jeanne Manning in their 1995 book, Angels Don’t Play This Haarp. They traced the technological developments that led to the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) and its multifaceted uses in weather manipulation and mind control.

While ostensiblly designed as a communications system, powerful radar arrays like Alaska’s HAARP Research Station near Gakona, could be used to bombard the Earth’s ionosphere with extremely low frequency (ELF) radio waves that would heat it up tremendously.

HAARP could be used for weather modification purposes in so far as artificially induced high pressure systems could be created to steer moisture laden air from one area to another:  Dane Wigginton from GeoEngineering Watch describes how this has occurred to create drought in the Western United States:

When the ionosphere is bombarded with the massively powerful RF / microwave transmissions from installations like HAARP, high pressure heat domes can be created and maintained. In the case of the current record shattering high pressure heat dome over the US West, the clockwise spin of upper level air currents around the high pressure zone allow the weather makers to steer cooler air from the Pacific into the center of the country while completely bypassing the West.

HAARP’s ability to create high pressure systems can be used to steer hurricanes in whatever direction the controllers of HAARP desire. Wigington claims multiple HAARP facilities have been used in the generation and/or path taken by recent hurricanes like Harvey and Irma.

How To Exit The Matrix Editor’s note:


I have a close person to me that witnessed one of these triangle ships in daylight in north Sarasota two days before Irma hit (this person’s first UFO sighting) and told me about it. This person said that it was a metallic like ship, triangle shape, that was just floating in the air and suddenly disappeared. He said that he was positive it was metallic because he had worked with metal in a metal fab shop and recognized the sheen. I knew right away it was a government /secret program ship based on this description. When I saw this article, I knew I could corroborate first hand testimony that they are indeed real and that they were in the Tampa/Sarasota area before the hurricane, in plain sight.

As far as weather modification and steering of storms, I was in Sarasota Florida during Hurricane Irma and I watched it’s behavior. It was definitely not “natural”, and was forecasted to be twice as bad as it really was. I tracked what the news was reporting on winds vs. actual readings. The media was lying about the intensity of the actual winds and category. This technology was introduced by Nikola Tesla and used for nefarious purposes.

Here is a clip from the History Channel about how weather modification was used in Vietnam under “project Popeye”:

And finally, the Today Show uses humor and distraction to introduce the several NEW CLOUD TYPES that have come about since geo engineering ramped up:

~ Michelle

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